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Is It Love? Stories - Peter by isitlove
Is It Love? Stories - Peterby Is It Love?
Many mysteries surround the Bartholy brothers and you will soon discover that the whole town of Mystery Spell is prey to odd incidents. Many are those who have ominous s...
Is It Love? Stories - Drogo by isitlove
Is It Love? Stories - Drogoby Is It Love?
You have decided to move to Mystery Spell to follow the exciting and esoteric course of its unusual university. Engaged as an au pair for the Bartholy family, you are in...
Other Worlds by suzy2092
Other Worldsby suzy2092
What happens when an average stay at home single mom gets thrown into Claire Zamoras world of the supernatural? Mystery Spell has no idea what hit them thats what.(I do...
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It Love  Fan-Fiction by ParadoxicalLux
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It ParadoxicalLux
After a wildfire that took everything away from her, Layla Vanderveer moved into Mystery Spell in hopes of forgetting the pain that continues to haunt her. Layla was gif...
*** Mystery Spell And The Supper National *** by BriannaBartholy
*** Mystery Spell And The Supper BriannaBartholy
Fanfiction!!!!!! Basicly Made Up Story Using Some Of What Happens In New York City In Carter Corporation And Some Of What Happens In Mystery Spell In The Is It Love Book...
Dark Temptation by ViktorsDarkAngel
Dark Temptationby Viktor’sDarkAngel
A Viktor Bartholy fiction based off the Mystery Spell Is It Love games Created by 1492 studios
Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTION by Lovetwinkle018
Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTIONby Dream Lover
My own version of "Is it love? Drogo" with same bases but different twists. Hope Smith, a decent girl, volunteer herself as an "Au pair" for "Lo...
A Bartholy Abduction (Halloween Crossover Special) by THEKCJ
A Bartholy Abduction (Halloween TheKCJ
In this Halloween crossover special, the Bartholys cross paths with one mystery Carter Corp. character in a less-than-ideal situation. Nothing is what it seems: smoke a...
The Bartholy Ballet (A Short Story) by THEKCJ
The Bartholy Ballet (A Short Story)by TheKCJ
The Bartholys have endured centuries of challenges and changes, but can they handle an evening with the youngest Bartholy? (This is the short story behind an art piece...
Is it Love?Peter by KawaiiWaffles1
Is it Love?Peterby KawaiiWaffles
You are a 19 year old girl who had traveled to the quiet and mysterious town of Mystery spell, you're an au pair for the Bartholy family so you can study in the college...
Fighting The Dark by NoctisVes
Fighting The Darkby Noctis Vespertilio
[Peter Bartholy IsItLove x DMC Spinoff] Trying to leave her past behind and start fresh, Rachael moved across the country to college, working for a family as a nanny. Mu...
Is It Love? Stories -  Conrad by isitlove
Is It Love? Stories - Conradby Is It Love?
From New York to Mystery Spell, you are hiding from Conrad, but your burning desire to find this Original vampire is stronger than you think... Dark magic, astral trave...
Sortilège d'amour- Sarah [Fanfic Is It Love Peter/Drogo] by Piccolo-pan
Sortilège d'amour- Sarah [Fanfic Piccolo-pan
Mystery Spell. Un village mystérieux avec des personnages mystérieux. C'est ici que je vis depuis deux mois, hébergée par la famille Bartholy. C'est aussi ici que j'ai f...
In His Eyes by Rapunzelkh
In His Eyesby Rapunzelkh
A very short narrative about a young lady meeting Peter Bartholy for the first time. Inspiration from Is It Love? Mystery Spell, Peter by Claire Zamora, Ubisoft, and 149...
Is It Love? Stories - Mystery Spell by isitlove
Is It Love? Stories - Mystery Spellby Is It Love?
Welcome to the Mystery Spell campus where vampires, werewolves and a host of mystical creatures lurk in the darkness... Embody a female character and live interactive lo...