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Magie et Immortalité (Is it Love ? Peter) Tome 2 by Ylanna_Story
Magie et Immortalité (Is it 👑Ÿlånnå👑
Une nouvelle menace s'est posée à Mystery Spell, empêchant encore une fois les Bartholy à vivre sereinement. Cette menace n'est pas terrienne, et souhaite éliminer Ylann...
  • nicolae
  • drogo
  • peter
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Dark Angel by musicqueen92
Dark Angelby Jean Miller
21 year old Stormy Stevenson moves to Mystery Spell to work as the new librarian at the University. When she meets a sexy dark haired vampire named Peter Bartholy she qu...
  • 1492studios
  • isitlove
  • peterbartholy
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Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTION by Lovetwinkle018
Lost Or Found? DROGO FANFICTIONby Masooma Hasan
My own version of "Is it love? Drogo" with same bases but different twists. Hope Smith, a decent girl, volunteer herself as an "Au pair" for "Lo...
  • university
  • vampire
  • love
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SEBASTIAN JONES - Tome 1 - Fanfiction : Is It Love ! by Matloo
SEBASTIAN JONES - Tome 1 - Matloo
Je suis repartie du jeu Is It Love de Claire Zamora pour faire ma propre fanfiction sur le professeur Sebastian Jones. Ava arrive donc à Mystery Spell pour vivre une nou...
  • mystère
  • isitlove
  • sorcière
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Drogo Bartholy (Mein Leben mit Biss) by Story-Junkie88
Drogo Bartholy (Mein Leben mit Miriam S.
Ich knüpfe an dem Spiel / interaktiven Lovestory is it love - Drogo von Studio 1492 an. Meine Geschichte ist frei erfunden, und beginnt am Ende der is it love - Drogo Re...
  • wattys2019
  • vampir
  • magie
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The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It Love  Fan-Fiction by ParadoxicalLux
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It ParadoxicalLux
After a wildfire that took everything away from her, Layla Vanderveer moved into Mystery Spell in hopes of forgetting the pain that continues to haunt her. Layla was gif...
  • peter
  • bartholy
  • drogo
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The Shapeshifters Mate by musicqueen92
The Shapeshifters Mateby Jean Miller
Raven Gold is an immortal shapeshifter and a huge prankster. She moves to Mystery Spell to become a student teacher in Sebastian Jones's Myths and Legends class. She is...
  • shapeshifter
  • mysteryspell
  • 1492
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Is it love? Drogo 2 by julianzasa
Is it love? Drogo 2by julianzasa
La seconda stagione si svolge dopo che il giocatore ha deciso di rimanere temporaneamente a casa di Sarah.
  • isitlovedrogo
  • vampiri
  • magia
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Shadow In the Night  by musicqueen92
Shadow In the Night by Jean Miller
23 year old Jayde Ortega gets sent to Mystery Spell by her brothers Matt and Daryl Ortega to protect her from their old gang. while there she becomes a nanny for the Ba...
  • mysteryspell
  • ortega
  • drogo
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*** Mystery Spell And The Supper National *** by BriannaBartholy
*** Mystery Spell And The Supper BriannaBartholy
Fanfiction!!!!!! Basicly Made Up Story Using Some Of What Happens In New York City In Carter Corporation And Some Of What Happens In Mystery Spell In The Is It Love Book...
  • jakestewart
  • ryancarter
  • thebartholys
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Sortilège d'amour- Sarah [Fanfic Is It Love Peter/Drogo] by Piccolo-pan
Sortilège d'amour- Sarah [Fanfic Piccolo-pan
Mystery Spell. Un village mystérieux avec des personnages mystérieux. C'est ici que je vis depuis deux mois, hébergée par la famille Bartholy. C'est aussi ici que j'ai f...
  • pouvoirs
  • girlxgirl
  • mysteryspell
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Dark Temptation by ViktorsDarkAngel
Dark Temptationby Viktor’sDarkAngel
A Viktor Bartholy fiction based off the Mystery Spell Is It Love games Created by 1492 studios
  • fanfiction
  • viktorbartholy
  • mysteryspell
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My Muse for Eternity  by thewitchsscribe
My Muse for Eternity by The Witch’s Scribe
How could she love him? One such as her? So pure, so beautiful, a light in his dark world. A Muse. One that could last him his eternity. A short Fanfiction of Peter Bart...
  • peter
  • isitlove
  • mysteryspell
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Is it love? Mystery Spell by Lucycharly1234567890
Is it love? Mystery Spellby Lucycharly1234567890
Stell dir vor du landest von heute auf morgen, völlig ungefragt in einer neuen Familie, die keinen großen Hehl draus macht, dass du alles andere als ein willkommener Hau...
  • love
  • isitlovemysteryspell
  • isitlove
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The Amazon of Mystery Spell by NatLedlie
The Amazon of Mystery Spellby Artistically Austistic
Elektra Price looks to be a normal 28 year old, working for the police department as a consultant, studying Forensic Science. Little does the sleeping town of Mystery Sp...
  • isitlove
  • ludwigeberwald
  • mysteryspell
Is it love Peter? by ptitetigresse
Is it love Peter?by ptitetigresse
Kim Cardona a 19 ans lorsqu'un accident tragique survient: Sa famille a été tuée à cause d'un accident d'avion. Brisée au plus profond de son âme, elle décide alors de...
  • mystères
  • loups-garou
  • mysteryspell
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Magie, mystère et secret IIL - 1 by Licornalecture
Magie, mystère et secret IIL - 1by Licornalecture
J'ai 19 ans, j'habite à Mystery Spell. Enfin, je crois. En faite j'en sais rien, c'est ce qu'ont m'a dit. Je sais pas comment je m'appelle ni où je me trouve.
  • vampire
  • isitlove
  • hybride
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Wenn Sie dich Tod sehen wollen (It Is Love) by LadyLuching
Wenn Sie dich Tod sehen wollen ( LadyLuching
Leise und geräuschlos fällt der Schnee zu Boden, die Nacht ist kalt und klar. Keine Menschenseele ist zu sehen, die Straßen des Dorfes werden vom Mondlicht überflutet. M...
  • bartholy
  • mysteryspell
  • sebastian
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Fascination by AyameSohma752
Fascinationby Yuki Jewelry
Elle le sait depuis le début, cet homme la fascine. /Ni prénom, ni physique imposé, afin que chaque lectrices se sentent concerné par cette histoire./
  • jones
  • isitlove
  • banshee
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is it love? sebastian by ShakiraAlfonso
is it love? sebastianby Shakira Alfonso
e uguale a quella del gioco tranne per il nome della protagonista e il gufo 2 pubblicazioni a settimana
  • avventura
  • vampiri
  • sebastianjones
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