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Monsters and Demons (Bill x Reader) by arieldisneyfreak
Monsters and Demons (Bill x Reader)by arieldisneyfreak
The last time you visited the mysterious Gravity Falls was when you were five, and now you're fifteen. Ten years you haven't been to Gravity Falls but you haven't forgot...
Crazier things have happened - Stanford X reader by catnips_shift
Crazier things have happened - Tori
This was requested°- You're a 18 year old girl (or change your age if you like just wanted it to be ✨legal✨) ,best friends with Mabel Pines. You visit her at her Grunkle...
A Demon's Love (Bill Cipher x Reader) by LunerPhoenix
A Demon's Love (Bill Cipher x Pheonix
Ever since Weirdmageddon Bill had lost half of his powers which makes him a half demon so he chooses to hang around the Pines until a girl named Y/n comes to town thanks...
Monster Hunters (Gravity Falls Dipper x Reader) by IvBeauty
Monster Hunters (Gravity Falls Sparkly Jumpsuit ✨
For the first time in forever, Dipper and Mabel Pines have been sent to Gravity Falls to live with their great uncle. A weird old man who owns a tourist trap. He seemed...
The Boy In The Shack (Dipper x Male! Reader).𝐎𝐍 𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐃 by yikesitsduckie
The Boy In The Shack (Dipper x Duckie
My name is (Y/N) Northwest, I'm on a bus to Oregon to my cousin Pacifica's in a desperate attempt by my parents to 'fix' me. Why do they need to fix me? Because a little...
Nightmares Into Reality (Sequel to M.A.D.) (Bill x Reader) by arieldisneyfreak
Nightmares Into Reality (Sequel arieldisneyfreak
"If it was a dream, I would've made it a reality." "It was more like a nightmare." ~~~ Senior year is finally over, you have finally finished high sc...
My Name is Bill Cipher by Charis_14
My Name is Bill Cipherby LumaLynne
When teenage boy Bill Cipher wakes up without a clue of where he is, who he is, or what he is, he's got a bit of a problem. His blurry memories begin to piece together a...
A Different Mabel  by Tophatauthor
A Different Mabel by Tophatauthor
You never get to truly appreciate something until it's taken from you. You also never get to appreciate it if you've never had it in the first place. So when a sickly ch...
Bitter sweet (bill cipher x male reader) by mxrsoo
Bitter sweet (bill cipher x male mxrsoo
my 15th time re-watching gravity falls and Bill still being the sassy funny triangle he is. Anyways welcome, Bill has a triangle with a top hat but has the ability to tu...
Under Pressure: A Gravity Falls Story by American_Idiot7
Under Pressure: A Gravity Falls Geekstodamus
In a time of uncertainty, distrust, lies and conspiracy, can this unlikely match make it under pressure? General (yet obvious) disclaimer: I do not own Gravity Falls. Al...
My Demon: Bill Cipher - ∆Bill X Reader∆ by Ruddiger_Happiness
My Demon: Bill Cipher - ∆Bill X 🦝Ruddiger
Hello there, I have a small(ish) obsession with Gravity Falls, and I might have a crush on a certain one eyed, yellow demon. If you're like me and have a crush on Bill C...
Mable's diary (based on gravity falls) by Non-Bunnary538
Mable's diary (based on gravity Non-Bunnary538
this is a fan fiction of what I think Mable's diary would be like. hope you enjoy. they are some key events and key theories in here so I hope you enjoy it!
Dreamers | !HUMAN! Bill Cipher X Reader by briizydawn
Dreamers | !HUMAN! Bill Cipher X BriizyDawn
Y/n is the older half-sister of Mabel and Dipper Pines. Her mom forces her to go with her siblings to stay with their great-uncle Stanford after her step-dad told them a...
Gravity Falls High by toodrunktofunction
Gravity Falls Highby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It had been three years since we last stepped foot in Gravity Falls. I don't know why but our parents never took us back. I missed everyone back there. Especially Wendy...
[read description before reading!!] bound to you ; bill cipher x reader by thevoiceinmyheart
[read description before love yourself.
‼️[on hold, old and mostly unedited. a re-written version is now up on my page and will be updated regularly. name; connected]‼️ It's been almost 3 years. Gravity Falls...
Monster Falls by neonmarshie
Monster Fallsby mak
A glimmering river. A dreaded curse. What happens when Dipper Pines decides to visit it? this isn't billdip. that ship is predatory and disgusting so don't associate m...
Cipher's Pawn by warriors010
Cipher's Pawnby dutch bro #2™
"In Cipher's game, he needs a pawn. Be sure to know what side you're on." ~~~~~~~~ Dipper's always been a little, what's the word...paranoid about the superna...
Attitude Adjustment (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic) (A Willdip Story) by InkyFalls023
Attitude Adjustment (A Gravity William
(Old Story) Mabel and Dipper Gleeful can't believe it when Will finally gets a back bone, his temper rises, he talks back, hes changes to never before seen colors! Will...
Age is just a number by wendy__pines
Age is just a numberby Wendip
Looking for Wendip? (And a little Dipcifica?) Look no further! This fanfic starts right before Wendy tells Dipper she's too old for him. However, after she does say that...
Bill Cipher x Reader ...Bill? by Tigers117
Bill Cipher x Reader ...Bill?by Tiger117
Prologue: For 200 years... 200 years he left you there to rot! You finally broke free from that literal hell! All those days! All those nights with him telling you lie...