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No, but like-Yes (An EraserJoke Love Story) by author9999
No, but like-Yes (An EraserJoke Shakespeare's Apprentice
"Let's get married!" "No." "We've been dating for quite some time." "Stop telling nonsense." The infamous pro-hero, the beautiful...
MHA  Oneshots/Scenarios by WoolfeyDaAwkwardBean
MHA Oneshots/Scenariosby wOhT iS lOvE ¿
Characters include: Ochaco Uraraka Himiko Toga Nejire Hado Mei Hatsume Hanako Amai (Oc) Ms Joke Kura Tenshi (Oc , coming soon) Shino Haruki (Friends Of, coming soon) Re...
Making You Laugh by dekuxtogaforlife
Making You Laughby dekuxtogaforlife
from asking a million times, Miss Joke has finally got a clear yes from Aizawa, and it's all thanks to the adorable Eri
Drive My Car - Eraserjoke by SHOOTAAIZAWAA
Drive My Car - Eraserjokeby satsuki
UA and Ketsubutsu High have been a part of a progressing rivalry due to the popularity UA gain after the rise of former pro-hero Allmight-a UA graduate-who overshadowed...
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BNHA Girlfriend Scenario's & Preferences  by SpudCatapult_
BNHA Girlfriend Scenario's & SpudCatapult
I can barely find any books with my girls and it's not fair they need more love
Smile for Me by Sarah_B04
Smile for Meby Sarah
Aizawa has always had an odd relationship with Ms.Joke. But what will he do when a series of horrible things happen to her and he's responsible? (smut warning later!) #2...
Use Me Like Everyone Else! by bonnie-boi
Use Me Like Everyone Else!by 𝓶 𝓪 𝓻 𝓲 𝓸
Izuku Midoriya is a troubled young adult. He is a 18 year old who goes around messing up himself. He is constantly being hurt and wronged by others and the world. What...
Serendipity|~|BNHA x Marvel by JayCronix
Serendipity|~|BNHA x Marvelby JayCronix
Serendipity(n.): Finding happiness through a series of events without looking for it. Akari Aizawa is ranked as one of the best top hero costume designers in the world...
I'm too lazy to make a full description so I'll just point things out. -Aizawa and Emi broke up -Emi's pregnant
Shorts and Drabbles About EraserJoke by Lifex6784
Shorts and Drabbles About SkyXmøøn
Just some short stories about these two cause there isn't enough. Go check out my other stories. I don't own the characters or cover. I encourage you to check out the or...
My Hero Academia Incorrect Quotes/Memes by BENkitty123
My Hero Academia Incorrect PrettyBobaKitty♡
basically incorrect quotes from BNHA and memes I found on the internet (this is mainly going to be about the Bakusquad, isn't it?)
Algo mas que una simple risita? (IzukuxMsjoke) by FunnyHood
Algo mas que una simple risita? ( mArsHaLl
Dos almas deprimidas y que tuvieron una mala semana, se encuentran para alegrarse sus vidas mutuamente pero hay un pequeña problema... Ella es 7 años mayor que el...
Aizawa Shota x Male!Reader [LEMON] (DISCONTINUED) by c411m3D4ddy
Aizawa Shota x Male!Reader [LEMON] tHeTearDr0ps
An Aizawa X Male!Reader book. There will be lots of ships(?) Idk let's find out but mostly it's Aizawa x Male reader duh and lots of lemons [insert lenny face] I haven'...
Aika: A Hawksfire Story (Hawks x Carly)  by Calavanda
Aika: A Hawksfire Story (Hawks x {}
{BNHA x OC} When the world of manga comes to life in her eyes, Carly tries her best to blend into the quirky world of My Hero Academia without suspicion of knowing what'...
Small Once Again by LayNizt
Small Once Againby LayNizt
One night, during a night patrol. Emi fought a villain that has a quirk that turn people back to a kid if they inhaled the green smoke. Unfortunately, Emi does not know...
MHA x The Masked Singer x Reader by Sutatorakku
MHA x The Masked Singer x Readerby Sutatorakku
Welcome to my best idea ever. You should PROBABLY read the story context so you know who you are and where you stand in the hero world. Story Context: So what we have he...
Overpowering Encounters by petersentessa
Overpowering Encountersby Tessa Petersen
After Ketsiubestu Academy and Yuuei have a joint practice together, Eraserhead and Ms. Joke catch up with each other. After talking and observing Ms. Joke, Eraserhead no...
One Last Chapter + One-Shots by RedLightning_
One Last Chapter + One-Shotsby Red Lightning_
This is a REBOOT and there was already two already made stories into one. Please read Cherri Hana / Warui Maindo. To understand this story. One Last Chapter This is not...
One Last Chapter  by RedLightning_
One Last Chapter by Red Lightning_
This is not a canon story this is just from my imagination. How will the story of My Hero Academia end? Well here's my version of how it ends. 1# on #EnjiXRei 6/25/20 1...
Shiketsu (BakuDeku).  by DabisBlueFlames22
Shiketsu (BakuDeku). by Jordan.
Izuku got a quirk, a powerful one. Katsuki never bullied Izuku and they saw themselves as equals, best friends...... lovers. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING...