Back to love by Rosie_80
Back to loveby Rosie80
A cheated wife. A widow cop. A new hope for both.
  • policeofficer
  • loss
  • money
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Not Good At Smiling  by Ollinak
Not Good At Smiling by ines nakouri
"She adjusted in her seat to grab the pack of cigarette from her pucket . she lighted it up , straing at him blankly. time is torture , time is scary , time is slip...
  • moon
  • time
  • romance
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Mr. Arrogant by ItsAnaHere
Mr. Arrogantby Ana
He stood tall in a fine Armani suit. His thick dark hair laid freely on top of his head. The air seemed to escape my lungs. His deep emerald eyes seemed to pierce rig...
  • love
  • young
  • comedy-romance
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Playing the CEO (preview) by petrovana
Playing the CEO (preview)by petrovana
To succeed in the dog eat dog world, you have to okay dirty. There's no room for mistake, excuses, weakness, or even love. When you want something, you take it. No matte...
  • money
  • love
  • player
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Things Happen For A Reason by miss_scorpioflame
Things Happen For A Reasonby Jen
Fiction Based
  • webcam
  • money
  • anxiety
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Away From Home by itslovely23
Away From Homeby itslovely23
Copyrights © 2015 by itslovely23 All rights reserved [Revised] Dimitri shouted. "No! I won't marry her, father." He didn't desire to marry the girl, why couldn...
  • secrets
  • lovestory
  • billionaire
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BETRAYED by psychos_on_fire
BETRAYEDby psychos_on_fire
Book 2 Dylan, Skylar, and Wyatt live with their parents Blake and Lana, in new York. They go to a school with all of their friends where there isn't very many new kids...
  • bitch
  • kid
  • school
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My singer by honeylemon67
My singerby honeylemon67
They were together They helped each other from a broken place Until destruction broke them apart Now they meet again With a new lover and with a heart that is still pick...
  • badboy
  • pop
  • romance
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Behind the Skateboard by wdw_baby
Behind the Skateboardby Diddy Lee
16 years of friendship gets awkward between Ryan and Ashley when she catches for his older brother.
  • jackavery
  • corbina
  • love
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Kings and Queens by wonderingflower
Kings and Queensby Camila ♡
"Bitter are the wars between lovers." Emilia Taylor had done everything she could to get away from the school's hierarchy. After everything that had happened...
  • projectrichkids
  • drama
  • kingsandqueens
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Daddy's Angel by Maja_Eline
Daddy's Angelby Eline
"No hugo not now." "Just say the word angel." About 20 seconds went by, I tried to say it but I couldn't. "I thought so" He gets this devil...
  • demons
  • 18
  • hot
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Petty Problems by taylorthe2nd
Petty Problemsby Justreadit
Ever been in the same class with a certain rich girl who's first name starts with a vowel? What if every day she said something so ridiculous you wanted to write it on W...
  • money
  • rich
  • whining
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A ray of sun in the sky by zaffreruby
A ray of sun in the skyby Sadie
It's their last year of high school, and Raylyn Evriskon, daughter of the CEO of Halogen Glass and Armani supermodel, can't wait to get out of there. Can't wait to say a...
  • jock
  • threats
  • blonde
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Do you dare? ─a roleplay by Quraa-
Do you dare? ─a roleplayby ⚡️ 9:44
Your looking for your one and only.
  • money
  • romance
  • baddies
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Desire by MrsHuncho
Desireby Cαяι
×||Book 1||×
  • music
  • takeoff
  • cardib
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Twisted. by jandersonmagna jandersonmagna
Tiara at the age of ten, with her younger sister Tiffany, were opening presents under a Christmas tree one December. Their mother and father were smiling. It was like ev...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • privatejet
  • money
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There For Ya | G Herbo And Bibby by MijahHerbo17
There For Ya | G Herbo And Bibbyby princessmijah
Hi I'm November Monique Nward
  • love
  • lilbibby
  • money
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Stuck in between  by Tree_15
Stuck in between by hello welcome
Lydia Queen was born in a wealthy family.What happens if she get stuck in between guys?Who would she pick?
  • romance
  • money
  • stephenjames
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Age Nuning But Number by LenoraWalker
Age Nuning But Numberby Lenora Walker
I'm Shante Williams I'm 16 years old I live in Brooklyn New York with my parents both of my parents are attorneys I miss the guy just moving next door he's 21 years old...
  • love
  • money
  • sexy
Redlyfe by adrianna_thegoat
Redlyfeby adrianna edwards
What happens when you go to a club and you run into this rude, aggressive and mean stud but also shes apart of your rival gang? Timma (Tee) is very popular in her high...
  • dirtymoney
  • socialmedia
  • love
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