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Want - B.E. by zcchick
Want - zcchick
"i've always wanted a girlfriend." "good thing i fell for you" "yeah, literally" "shut up"
MEMESSS by whotfisfr33nzy
hi these are stan twitter or just regular memes i'll give u 20$ if u read it nig nog
No Fap November  by SailingShipFangirl
No Fap November by S.S. Fangirl
A story following my adventure of No Fap November. If you know me irl please don't read this and allow me some small form of dignity.
soggy by cheuriibee
soggyby sam 🌻
You've been friends with Charlie for quite a few years. You remember back in college when he would nonstop brag about being a virgin, almost came in a play, and more. Yo...
Cr1tikal x reader by DiscountSushi
Cr1tikal x readerby DiscountSushi
This is completely satire so please don't attack me, I'm just making May-Mays.
Rodrick Heffely x reader 🤭🤪🥴 by PandogCenr
Rodrick Heffely x reader 🤭🤪🥴by Phinks is hot ✨
This is a story about you and Rodrick getting together lmao or is it keep reading to find out 🗿
for her? | BE by bilsmommy
for her? | BEby bils mommy <3
Screams. High pitched ones. 1 2 3 What happens when all you're dreams come true? Are you willing to risk it all for your "fans"? For her? | Uprising singing se...
Da Dey Me Lowst A Kiddyket by fluffycalummm
Da Dey Me Lowst A Kiddyketby Calum's Bæ (aka Ern)
Weed diz storay abt Kaylem Hud nd May nd dur kiddyket
The Throating Chronicles: (Book 1) The Saga of Peter Babythroat. by caIamari
The Throating Chronicles: (Book 1) caIamari
Peter Valentino was just a regular guy. That is until he accidentally swallowed a baby! follow Peter on his quest for babies to consume...
The moldy fic  by anon-gay
The moldy fic by Anon uwu
Spongebob and his lucky partner have a wild experience the night after their wedding.
I'm happy you're okay now(rewriting in process) by radipadi
I'm happy you're okay now( mnv
youre on a camping trip with five of the volleyball boys. it's a love hate relationship at first, what happens when sunas nightmares become reality? this needs to be re...
Getting wet by Deep-Fried-Dreams
Getting wetby andre
Thales finds out what the world is made of. And it's pretty moist.
My Grace by MTeresaClayton
Voyeurism and erotica - unintentional observation of an exquisite woman, fresh from her shower, in a soft repose upon her bed sleeping... for mature readers.
Sky and Tiolo ♥️  by Brookesy9021
Sky and Tiolo ♥️ by Brookesy9021
Sky and tiolo are lost in the woods, will they ever escape??
Jeck x Reader Smutty Smut by Wrenn_Potato
Jeck x Reader Smutty Smutby wrenn
water fic by trashy_love
water ficby Just trash
my kink for water ;)
Real music x reader  by moistmouth
Real music x reader by moistmouth
Real music cheats on her boyfriend white cock emoji to explore your moist mouth and you lick her bum with your hairy tongue