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the complete future from the alternate dimension by rianne322008
the complete future from the Jan rianne
mdzs life's from another dimesion it means characters will see the future but that future they see is their future ....the future without jfm,yzy,jzx,jyl and other peopl...
The unexpected event by rianne322008
The unexpected eventby Jan rianne
they were in class then there was a boy "hi!" they looked at the child "who are you?"
Back in the Past by fallensnowplake
Back in the Pastby ❄️Ying❄️
In where Wei Wuxian was thrown back in the past letting him restart his life. Will he end up with the same fate or would he be able to change it?
The Untamed Meme Book by TheUntamedMeme
The Untamed Meme Bookby The Untamed Memes
The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series adapted from the xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Z...
The Omega master of Demonic cultivation by Nonsenseffwriter
The Omega master of Demonic Vampire
The novel Modaozushi taking place in Omegaverse with few modifications in original story. There will be alphas, omegas and betas in the story. well that's what I have t...
My Bunny | WangXian by Wyb0508_
My Bunny | WangXianby Xiǎo tùzǐ
Wei WuXian "reincarnates" as a black bunny or has a second chance in life (once he finds his body). I do not own that cover photo - just a fanart I found onli...
My Omega (Wangxian)Hiatus by fallensnowplake
My Omega (Wangxian)Hiatusby ❄️Ying❄️
Wei Wuxian, the most precious pearl of Yunmeng, the adoptive son of Sect leader Jiang, was the most beautiful person that anyone could have seen. He was an omega living...
WangXian Short Story by Moyi77
WangXian Short Storyby Moyi77
An english translation of WangXian fan fiction that i wrote in chinese. The story is about Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian returning to Cloud Recesses after 3 years of traveli...
Seeking Solace by AerDraki
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me. Chapter 9 is...
Don't Leave Me Again  by AdriMrtnz29
Don't Leave Me Again by AdriMrtnz
PROMPT- MDZS FF Wei Wuxian gets injured while protecting the juniors from a never before encountered evil creature in which Wei Wuxian uses all his spiritual energy to t...
the truth untold by ekajoyyy
the truth untoldby Yehet Ohorat
"Don't touch anything!" Sizhui warned them but he was a little too late. Jingyi already pushed a random button which has the word Wangxian (2) beside it. "...
Wei Ying's destroyed heart (Complete) Edited by Belladonna01234
Wei Ying's destroyed heart ( Belladonna01234
I changed what happened at the temple .... so yes ... bad guy wins and Wei Ying looses .... everything. Wei Ying is thrown away not just by everyone he has ever known...
My little rabbit [SLOW UPDATE] by HoneyAloner05
My little rabbit [SLOW UPDATE]by Yang Seolhee
Wei Wuxian left this two little rabbit with Lan Zhan in hope Lan Zhan never forget about him. Characters belongs to Mo dao zushi and the untamed. but the fanfic is all...
WangXian Collections by jheybitches
WangXian Collectionsby Park Elrose
My collections of Wangxian short stories and one-shots!
Immortal of the Burial Mounds by KamekoEND
Immortal of the Burial Moundsby KamekoEND
There was a folk-tale about one immortal cultivator. He was the one who sealed Burial Mounds so that the demons and evil spirits that live there wouldn't see the sun of...
[MDZS] The Dragon and the Fox by EthromaValkarino
[MDZS] The Dragon and the Foxby Ethroma Valkarino
Just a cute epic adventure between Nine-tailed Fox Wei Ying and Dragon Lan Zhan
10,000 years of loving you by rianne322008
10,000 years of loving youby Jan rianne
wei wuxian destroyed the stylan tiger amulet only to see ... " where am i?"
The Results of 'Everyday means Everyday' by takarinm
The Results of 'Everyday means i love wangxian
Miracles happen, and Wei Wuxian happens to have lots of it.
The Future by Rezi144
The Futureby Rezi144
When the world itself calls for them, when their cores burn, they know they must listen. (Basically a take on watching the future/memories type of fic because there simp...
I'm Fine by Hiyori_174
I'm Fineby ひより (晴)
魔道祖师 mo dao zu shi fanfiction Wei Wuxian, who is an orphan adopted by the Jiang family. He grows up with Jiang Cheng and his family. But, he is too kind. He sacrifice...