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No Words Can Explain | WangXian FanFic by yoonhyori
No Words Can Explain | WangXian Fa...by Astoria Chalamet
Lan Wangji, a happy-go-lucky boy came to visit Yunmeng for his and Jiang Yanli's engagement party. But what happens when he bumped onto a mute servant named Wei Wuxian? ...
Devil From Heaven (YiZhan/WangXian) by nanaaa02_
Devil From Heaven (YiZhan/WangXian)by 娜娜
Wei Wuxian always thought that his older sister is dead. He was hopeless not until he meet Lan WangJi from Gusu Lan Sect. Lan WangJi is cold guy with "Hanguang Jun...
Oneshots (The Untamed/ Mo Dao Zu Shi) by arielbluecastle
Oneshots (The Untamed/ Mo Dao Zu S...by Ariel
Fan-written stories based on the novel "Mo Dao Zu Shi (= Grandmaster of the Demonic Cultivation)" written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu and the novel's live action, The...
Someone Like You  by LuvLaws
Someone Like You by LuvLaws
"Dr. Wei." His voice is soft as he greets me in his baritone voice. "Mr. Lan." Giving him my dimple smile I enquire, "To what do I owe this ple...
Knight In Shadows by LuvLaws
Knight In Shadowsby LuvLaws
Dear Ge, In this lonely world when often tears dry up and only despair exists, close your eyes and light up a prayer. I'll be there. When darkness surrounds you and yo...
Hurt and Love//MDZS Story// by mxtx_lover_143
Hurt and Love//MDZS Story//by _anime_lover_
This is the new version of Hurt and Love //MDZS Story// the original of this story is in my old account Everyone blamed Wei Wuxian (Mo Xuanyu) and Banish him from the c...
The Lone Immortal Cultivator by jiwookim_
The Lone Immortal Cultivatorby 김 지우
Wei Ling or better known as Wei Wu Juan is The Lone Immortal Cultivator. She lives in immortal world and the most powerful cultivator in immortal world but needs to go t...
Our Future // Wangxian// ON-HOLD by CYN_001
Our Future // Wangxian// ON-HOLDby CYN_001
The Juniors went back to the past to show people what can happen in order for them all to change their future... What will change? Will they be able to make a new versio...
If You Fall / WangXian by wangxian-
If You Fall / WangXianby kayla
Discontinued. (Read on my AO3 if you prefer: GuangyaosDimples). Lan WangJi catches Wei WuXian before he falls from the cliff during the Nightless City Bloodbath. When th...
NIÑO DE POCOS AÑOS [Lan Zhan x JinLing | OMEGAVERSE] by Moon_95
NIÑO DE POCOS AÑOS [Lan Zhan x Jin...by Yulianne Byun
Tras la muerte de Jin GuangYao, Jin Ling se convirtió en el nuevo líder del clan Jin y aunque llevaba un par de años haciendo un excelente papel, lo cierto era que el he...
Possessive Yibo [YIZHAN] by ViridianThana
Possessive Yibo [YIZHAN]by Sum-air-uh🌿
Two years relationship with Wang Yibo is so much toxic. Xiao Zhan admitted that he loves Yibo but he also love his freedom. He doesn't want bodyguards that keeps followi...
WANGXIAN|| Back To The Past Lan Zhan~ by Xenxianly2
WANGXIAN|| Back To The Past Lan Zh...by Xenxian
... In this story Lan Zhan always wakes up with no Wei Ying, he feels depressed and his heart aches thinking about him, he misses him.. Lan Zhan meets Nie Huaisung and t...
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The WangXian Family by nanaaa02_
The WangXian Familyby 娜娜
Just typical WangXian family story! :-)
jαr σf hαppínєss αnd sαdnєss🌙 by Guailos
jαr σf hαppínєss αnd sαdnєss🌙by Rain & Mo 🍃
No matter how many more times I die and live...I will always find you. Short Story~ -Rain
Blood Swords(WangXian) by wizardsannie
Blood Swords(WangXian)by Annie Kim
"Friendship is anchored with trust and...love." Welcome to my first fanfic in this account! This will be completely different from the Novel, Web series or the...
A balanced addition [Mdzs/The Untamed FF] by moonrabbi7
A balanced addition [Mdzs/The Unta...by Moon Rabbit
We readers get to join the story as Wei Yingyue. An Original Character written by me. Further details about Wei Yingyue shall be revealed as the story goes. The original...
Goddess | GDC by MaMaPotatoButterfly
Goddess | GDCby RoyalPotatoHighness
I do not own ANY of the characters except for one. The OC is Xiao Mei-Yin. She died when she was a baby but her mother prayed for her soul to be brought back. But, it h...
The Untamed: Trail of the Askewed by DorkyGlaciers
The Untamed: Trail of the Askewedby DorkyGlaciers
After the death of her father, He Bing became the adoptive sister of the Nie Brothers and was rumored to be rude, merciless, and easily angered though she lives more as...
𝐑𝐈𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐑𝐘 by wuxianxianz
𝐑𝐈𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐑𝐘by peenho🥜
"so close, yet so different." in which Wei Wuxian, the schools delinquent falls in love with Hanguang Jun, the schools 'it' boy. DISCONTINUED
Win You Back by __sushisenpai
Win You Backby ☁ ʟɪᴀɴ ʜᴜᴀ 💮
Xiao Zhan love Wang Yibo but Wang Yibo is just too stupid to realize his feelings and keep telling himself that he don't love him. But he realized it then when Xiao Zhan...