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And Then There Were Three by ScarlettWriter91
And Then There Were Threeby ScarlettWriter91
This will be a continuation of As Potter is to Snape. You might want to read that first. It's VERY AU! Basically, Snape and Lupin were both adopted by Albus and Minerva...
The Course of True Love by MinasDaughter
The Course of True Loveby MinasDaughter
CN: Mentions of abuse, unhappy homes, self harm ...never did run smooth. After a year as Albus Dumbledore's assistant, Minerva McGonagall finally becomes a teacher in he...
MMAD One Shots by PartnerShippers
MMAD One Shotsby K&P
In our minds Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall were something more than just best friends. What if they had thousands of memories and a whole story together? What...
Minerva's Boys by magical-moon
Minerva's Boysby magical-moon
When Albus is called into work he suggests Minerva take their three hyper boys to Hogwarts and explore. Takes place during the Marauders Era.
Magic in the Air by AdivineMMADness
Magic in the Airby Amber
"When he glances at me it's as if every ounce of eupnea is being taken from my lungs sailing away into the sky like a free bird. Everytime he holds my face in bet...
My Dreams come true by maggiesmithsdaughter
My Dreams come trueby Mini Maggie
A short story set a year after my first fanfiction "Rainy Night". "A winter afternoon with the Dumbledores in front of the fireplace." -Minerva & Alb...
Dumbledore & McGonagall a love story (by skrewtkeeper) by Rawanandomar
Dumbledore & McGonagall a love Rawanandomar
This is a love story for Minerva Mcgonagall and Albus Dum
1945 by Squibstress
1945by Squibstress
"You've come to me. I always knew you would." February 13, 1945. The day Albus Dumbledore has dreaded for decades has come. To keep the Wizarding world free...
 @mmad2424  by HannaGamming2005
@mmad2424 by HannaGamming
I can't text you on watt pad so if you want to text me you will have to use this
One to Keep an Eye On | Epithalamium #0.72 | Minerva McGonagall by Squibstress
One to Keep an Eye On | Squibstress
Young Minerva has her first Transfiguration class. It does not go as Albus expects. ******** BOOK 0.72 OF THE EPITHALAMIUM SERIES (reading Book 0.5 not required to enjoy...
Lions Learn by CatThatLovesToWrite
Lions Learnby Elladora Mcgonagall
Elladora Arawn Mcgonagall was a gryffindor with great resemblance to her aunt, Minerva Mcgonagall. Not even to mention she was one of the respected witches of modern tim...
Bonnie Wee Thing | Epithalamium #0.5 | Minerva McGonagall by Squibstress
Bonnie Wee Thing | Epithalamium Squibstress
A witch is born. She's surprisingly opinionated for a baby. A very short story in which Minerva McGonagall demonstrates a peculiar proclivity for getting her way. *****...
~' Meet Me at Dawn '~ by Catpucciinoo
~' Meet Me at Dawn '~by ★❝ rєαllч just α mσnstєr? ❞★
A TomTord fanfic- some hints of EddMatt, too! Tord and Tom have been able to Tolerate one another since all 4 Friends have moved in. But, Tom being the curious Boy he is...
To Be Worthy (He Deserved Better)  by the_mmad_ness
To Be Worthy (He Deserved Better) by the_mmadness
After over twenty years of being in a secret relationship with Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall decides she's tired of living a partial truth. She does not know, how...
Where No One Else dares to Venture by ChairBeanBag
Where No One Else dares to Ventureby Hailey Evans
When Severus Snape embarks on a journey to find cookies, he dosen't expect to find something truly unappetizing.
From Jupiter's Head | Epithalamium #0.75 | Minerva McGonagall by Squibstress
From Jupiter's Head | Squibstress
Thorfinn McGonagall observes his daughter as she grows up, and realises he has a very unusual witch on his hands. ******** BOOK 0.75 OF THE EPITHALAMIUM SERIES (reading...
Alice in Neverland  by ramdomness56
Alice in Neverland by Summer
in a dream Alice is getting called back to Wonderland. She wakes up and sees the tiny mouse from her dream and follows it to a a secret room in her house. in that secret...
Throughout the Ages by RawanandZyad
Throughout the Agesby RawanandZyad
This is the love story between Albus Dumbeldore and Minerva Mcgonagall through each book in the Harry Potter series. (I know Dumbeldore is gay but I always felt that he...