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From Close To Distant To Love | MiTzu by EveMT05
From Close To Distant To Love | Mi...by Eve
Another fanfic story on MiTzu (Mina x Tzuyu) Find out about the story if you're curious! This includes other ships too~! (Dahmo, 2yeon)
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Memories (Michaeng / Completed) by S7ven-
Memories (Michaeng / Completed)by S7ven
Michaeng. Michaeng. Michaeng. Lol This story includes detailed matured content, brace yourselves. I'll appreciate any reactions or comments :)
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Heroes Don't  Exist.| BNHA| by akatsukislut
Heroes Don't Exist.| BNHA|by Chibi
Book I "There's no such thing as a hero. As far as I'm concerned, You shouldn't need some bullshit label to do the right thing." || Greetings, the names Izanam...
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What Is Love? ✅ by Kazuken17
What Is Love? ✅by CrossingWorld
9 girls want to know what it feel like to be loved. Coincidently, you are their dorm neighbour which is recently moved from your country and you get the attention of 9 g...
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[IMAGINES] Twice X Fem! Reader by Girl_Stuff_xox
[IMAGINES] Twice X Fem! Readerby 𝔾𝕚𝕣𝕝𝕫
Twice member x you Includes: •If/How Twice... •Twice Reactions •Twice Snapchat •Twice imagine Highest Rank: (Yuri)#8 (Twice)#15 (Nayeon)#1 (Sana)#5 (Momo)#19 (twicexyou)...
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Will You Still Love Me? - Chou Tzuyu <<Hiatus>> by aresbluelight
Will You Still Love Me? - Chou Tzu...by Emry
You had a past with Chou Tzuyu what happeneds when you see her later in the future
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Twice Mina - BODYGUARD (MINAxFEMALE READER) by kimyoonnn
Twice Mina - BODYGUARD (MINAxFEMAL...by kimyoonn
Y/n is a popular girl in her school..She popular because of her beauty,tomboy look(?),smart and nice body.. But there is a thing that student in her school dont like her...
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i Wish... | Mina X Reader  by Dubungie
i Wish... | Mina X Reader by 나 연
Y/n, who stayed single for like a million of years already. Made a wish, that she regret cause fuck -- Mina x Fem!Reader
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Days To Heaven || Myoui Mina (FF) by sanatified_
Days To Heaven || Myoui Mina (FF)by -
"Having sex with my student worth my free time." Myoui Mina x Reader (Male/Female) || R-16 program. Achievements: #2 - Chaeyoung 09/22/19
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Awkward Energy - MinaDeku by QuirkQuartz
Awkward Energy - MinaDekuby QuirkQuartz
The only reason Midoriya got to talking with Ashido was because his bandages needed reapplying. Still, this small hand of fate was all that was needed to spark a friends...
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𝕸𝖞 𝕽𝖎𝖛𝖆𝖑'𝖘 by The_Ultimate_Twice
𝕸𝖞 𝕽𝖎𝖛𝖆𝖑'𝖘by strxwberri.mylk
"I-I love you--Scratch that we all love you" In which Twice love's to bully Kim Y/N
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muted; twice x fem!reader by chaeyoungsplant
muted; twice x fem!readerby on hiatus :(
Kang Y/N, a girl whom muted herself due to disliking her own voice and not wanting to talk. She woke up in a school bus full of teenagers, she doesn't remember anything...
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sister-in-law [michaeng] by delustify
sister-in-law [michaeng]by [rest]
mina seems to have blurry, broken memories about her past with her eventual sister-in-law. [completed] ©delustify 2018
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Twice Oneshots - (TWICE X FEMALE READER) by kimyoonnn
Twice Oneshots - (TWICE X FEMALE R...by kimyoonn
Twice X Female Reader
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Stuck On You [Completed] by PengCub324423
Stuck On You [Completed]by PengCub324423
When your own eyes felt like they have their own minds and it automatically look on specific one person. It just kept on looking on her and felt like nothing else matter.
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I'm In Love With My Best Friend Book 1(MiTzu) by EveMT05
I'm In Love With My Best Friend Bo...by Eve
I can't help but to fall for my best friend. She's too pretty after not able to see her for such a long time! This is another Mitzu fanfic plus it's a genderbender! Enjo...
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Waste it on me • Tododeku • by mult1cult1
Waste it on me • Tododeku •by DK™️
-COMPLETED- shouto thinks that love is a waste of his time. no one ever showed love to him, not even his family. so he didn't thinks that someone else would give him lov...
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i love loving you; twice x fem!reader by chaeyoungsplant
i love loving you; twice x fem!rea...by on hiatus :(
Park Y/N, A Demon, Yes a Demon. Her punishment is by going to the human world. Will she be more happy in the human world? Maybe fall in love. She shrugged. ... please...
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Save That Spot For Me (Nayeon x Reader) by KimHDWazzup
Save That Spot For Me (Nayeon x Re...by N.HD
It's hard when you love someone that doesn't love you back, waiting for the right time that never came. Will i ever be with her? (On going) (Start: 22 July, 2019) Ps. My...
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fan page [dahmo] by delustify
fan page [dahmo]by [rest]
momo stumbles upon a fan page dedicated to her. [completed] ©delustify 2018
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