✔️ || Half-Vampire

✔️ || Half-Vampire

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Mika Fanfic || Owari no Seraph

(Y/N) (L/N) is an innocent young girl who was captured by the vampires when she was seven and was trapped inside Sanguinem as livestock to the vampires. She was known for her blood, beauty and voice throughout Sanguinem and was the favourite of all vampire nobles including the Vampire Queen- Krul Tepes. She was then turned into a vampire against her will by Krul and became her property. (Y/N) then felt disgusted ever since she was turned into one of them and lost hope...until she met two boys.

*I do not own Owari no Seraph and only own the storyline. Special thanks to @AnimeWolf20 for the cover

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Status : Completed
Started : 19 Dec 2016
Ended : 25 Nov 2018
Edited : 23-24 Jun 2019