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Listen to the wind - [A Mikayuu Fanfic] by animeandswimmingl1
Listen to the wind - [A Mikayuu Fa...by anyanime!!
Mikaela has been in love with Yuu for a while. Yuu, completely oblivious of these feelings that Mika has toward him, happens to be in love with Shinoa. All until Shinoa...
Something like A Tragedy (Modern Mika X Abused Reader) by weallarethesame
Something like A Tragedy (Modern M...by :,)
It's one of the most painful moments of your life when you meet Mikaela Hyakuya, a classmate you'd never spoken to before that day. You're automatically drawn to him; Hi...
Falling for a Predator (Mikaela Hyakuya x Reader fanfic) by ruesspear
Falling for a Predator (Mikaela Hy...by Miss Mom
You're new to the Moon Demon Company. Your first day on the job doesn't go so well. As your team sets out on a job you were attacked by Vampire Nobles and kidnapped. In...
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2) Wings by weallarethesame
Mikaela Hyakuya X Reader: (Book 2)...by :,)
[[[COMPLETED]]] (Sequel to "Mika X Reader: Blood") "Everything you know is wrong, (Name)." He takes hold of your shoulders and shakes you, eyes wide...
𝐒𝐖𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐖𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑, s.hby toria
❝ 'cause it's too cold whoa for you here and now so let me hold whoa both your hands in the holes of my sweater ❞ ━━━ 𝙄𝙉 𝙒𝙃𝙄𝘾𝙃 two lovers fight again...
✔️ || Half-Vampire  by fairyxhime
✔️ || Half-Vampire by Hime
Mika Fanfic || Owari no Seraph (Y/N) (L/N) is an innocent young girl who was captured by the vampires when she was seven and was trapped inside Sanguinem as livestock to...
Krul's Cousin (owari no seraph) (#Wattys2017) by ShadowWitch601
Krul's Cousin (owari no seraph) (#...by EvilFairy
What will happen when Krul's cousin comes to visit after being gone for so long? What will happen when the humans know she is back and now are ready to use her as cursed...
Angel's Sacrifice (Owari No Seraph Various! X Reader) by natalie12899
Angel's Sacrifice (Owari No Seraph...by Natalie Plate
It was an average day for Y/N L/N. Watching anime, school, video games, oh, and more anime. She was just living an average Otaku life with her best friend. Until she and...
'Agent's Family' Ejen Ali by Aliff-Aliya
'Agent's Family' Ejen Aliby Aliff~Aliya
Sambungan Adventure Of Love (Versi Wau) Kehidupan. Cabaran. Kebahgaian. Ali dan rakan-rakan ejennya selepas kejadian pertemuan Boboiboy dan kawan-kawan.
I'll Save You Somehow by Majora-sama
I'll Save You Somehowby Majora-sama
This is a Mika X OC and it follows the pattern of most of my stories with the story following the OC place in this anime's universe. Toshiko Ezakiya lived happily w...
Amortentia by Noire_Blanc
Amortentiaby Noire Blanc
"Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia s...
Possessive♤MikaYuu (discontinued)  by fruitasticc
Possessive♤MikaYuu (discontinued) by josie
A blood-sucking, unknowing manipulator obsessing over his love, Yuichiro. Their relationship is toxic, however their souls are so drawn to each other to where they can n...
(EA) Kenapa Takdir Aku Ditulis Macam Ni? by Nur_hdytn124
(EA) Kenapa Takdir Aku Ditulis Mac...by nadia
mengisahkan tentang Ali,12, yang bahagia dengan keluarga dan rakannya tapi kebahagian itu tidak bertahan lama apabila ibu bapanya mengambil Afiq iaitu musuh Ali sebagai...
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu} by sourmeraki
Eyes like Emeralds {MikaYuu}by sour.meraki
『"What if doesn't work? I know you're the love of my life but... what if you're not my soulmate?" I began to cry, burying my face into his chest. "Don't...
My Sweet Little Lamb(Yandere!Ferid Bathory x Reader) by Major_Otaku
My Sweet Little Lamb(Yandere!Ferid...by 🥖Barlic🧄Gread🥖
Ferid has a new pet. He decides its time to take whats rightfully his, his precious kitten. Her name is Y/n, given to him by none other than Kureto Hiragi. Ferid keeps h...
Mikayuu Oneshots And Short Stories by PinkPastaLover
Mikayuu Oneshots And Short Storiesby lover of pasta
This book is pretty much a creative outlet. It will be completely Mikayuu/Yuumika, and will consist of oneshots and short stories. A lot of them are like mini fanfics wh...
Complicated *Yuumika* by WallyBallyBunnyButt
Complicated *Yuumika*by WallyBallyBunnyButt
A kingdom overthrown by a greedy kings brother and hid away the royal family away deep in the dungeon. Once Yuu's friends get caught by some guards when he gets their wi...
INTO YOU: Chuang 2021 Version (On-Going and Under Editing) by mariangmak
INTO YOU: Chuang 2021 Version (On...by mariangmak
A story of 6 couples who has many differences but quite suitable for each other. A couples who started from being strangers, and ended up being lovers, A couples who che...
Various: Seraph of the End x Reader by Kohakuroll
Various: Seraph of the End x Readerby boop ♥️
X.U. starts playing.. ~ It's time for a new various x reader? Well, don't wait! (ahem, Shinoa's voice may take over) Here comes a bunch of cuties to protect you~ (okay...
Commander Yuu by DamienSa
Commander Yuuby DamienS
Everyone in the imperial demon army talks about this newly amazing General, Yūichirō Ichinose. A 17 year old, who has done many good deeds, everyone admires him. Yūichir...