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Not From Your World(Mech-X4: Season 1) by -babyroses-
Not From Your World(Mech-X4: 𝑡𝑎𝑚𝑚𝑖 :)
Veronica Dublin(Caldera) is a normal 14 year old girl living on Earth. Well, is being an alien girl from another planet, considered normal? Eh, well, to her it's not. Ve...
Regret - Ryan Walker (Slow burn) - Mech-X4 fan fiction : Season 1 (EDITED✅) by AddyKay23
Regret - Ryan Walker (Slow burn) randomxfandoms
A 150 ft tall robot comes into the lives of five teenagers, four average High schoolers, One who's practically invisible compared to his star older brother, the smartest...
Mech-x4 x-reader by Blake7234
Mech-x4 x-readerby Blake
Ryan is a boy with the power to control technology, but when he meets a new girl at school with a power of her own, what will the Mech-x4 team do to keep her safe?
Mech-X5 (Ryan Walker x Reader)  by IheartTMNT
Mech-X5 (Ryan Walker x Reader) by I_heart_TMNT
Ryan Walker didn't know he had the power to control electronics with his mind until he awoken Mech x5. Mia didn't know how she got the power of her eyes changing color d...
Mech-X4 Ryan turns by Mech-x4fan
Mech-X4 Ryan turnsby KJ
After the battle between Ryan and Seth, Ryan starts to act weird. He starts being mean to his friends and brother, plus he keeps getting headache and make power surges...
Captive by wolfaline
Captiveby Wolf on a Line
Principal Grey finally knows who pilots the Mech-x4. What will she do now? What will she do when she finally gets her hands on the pilot? (P.S. This story takes place af...
Polarize (A Mech-X4 Fanfic) by Notrandomatall
Polarize (A Mech-X4 Fanfic)by Notra
The world is ending, and this time it isn't Seth Harper's fault.
A MECH-X4 Story: Rescue  by CleTheWriter
A MECH-X4 Story: Rescue by C. C. Hall
This takes place after episode 6 (Let's survive in the woods). Mark has been taken and it is up to Ryan and crew to get him back.
Mech-X4: Captured by friends by taco2525
Mech-X4: Captured by friendsby taco2525
This fan fic is like a different story line of "versus the thirty". Ryan and the team head to a mysterious village to meet Ryans birth parents. What they don't...
Legacy (MechX4 fanfic) by destani413
Legacy (MechX4 fanfic)by Oliver
(Spoilers for the end of the series) With Traeger destroyed and the robot burned to ashes from reentering the atmosphere the original team stranded on a satellite in spa...
New In Town (Mech X4 S1) by MFgirls
New In Town (Mech X4 S1)by MFgirls
Ever since MechX4 started the boys thought they could defeat every monster there is. But when the monsters get stronger they need all the help they can get. what will ha...
MECH-X 5 + The flash by katlover1201
MECH-X 5 + The flashby branice
First ever story hope you like it.
Mech-X4 (New Girl) by McKinzieCollins_
Mech-X4 (New Girl)by McKinzie Collins
Mack Collin is the new girl at Bay City, but there is something about her something she doesn't even know. Will Ryan, Mark, Harris, and Spyder find out about it?
Mech-X6 by purple_peaches4
Mech-X6by Jaya Jones
Brooklyn is Mark's Best friend and crush. Sydney is Brooklyn little sister and Ryan's crush. Both have secrets neither one will tell but as time goes by those secrets wi...
Versus The Captor by SaylorS0
Versus The Captorby Sava
After saving Mackenzie's father, the team gets notified about other technopaths being held captive by a woman of whom Ryan has met. With Leo part of the mission, the gro...
The Monster Inside Me (Mech-X4 FanFic) by thechemist04
The Monster Inside Me (Mech-X4 Kayla K
Everyday I wake up because I have to. Everyday something goes wrong because I make it. And everyday my family loves me a little less because of my behavior. But today fe...
Robots, Monsters, Boogers, and Crazy Bionic Toddlers by LabRatsWhore
Robots, Monsters, Boogers, and Breana Davenport
Mark Walker's new girlfriend is a single mom. (Mech-X4 Mark/OC One-Shot Series)
Mech-X4 Fan Fiction: New Man In Town. by NovelQueen2019
Mech-X4 Fan Fiction: New Man In Grace Elizabeth Martin
I Don't own any of the names or the TV Series, @ Copy-Write.
Another One? [Mech-x4 x reader] by Alexzora
Another One? [Mech-x4 x reader]by Alexzora
Okay so I had this idea to make a mech-x4 story for a little while now and so now I'm making it I have not watched season 3 yet so we're going after season 2 here. There...