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The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston Family #3) by greenwriter
The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston Janelle Ruiz
[Highest ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction] In a land not so far away, there lives a place that lives in the past... THE LADY WHO SINNED... Lady Belinda Kat...
  • wattys2016
  • historicalromance
  • submit2sourcebooks
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Love At School  by AprilJackson18
Love At School by AprilJackson18
Same as the other hy- point
  • april
  • etc
  • mckenzie
The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Mikaelson Love Story) by mrsmikaelson10
The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Elizabeth
Tyler Lockwood isn't an only child. His twin sister Mckenzie Lockwood has shared every memory with him since childhood. Would Mckenzie's love life change that? Will thei...
  • klaus
  • mckenzie
  • tyler
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My Dragon Mates by WriterKittie
My Dragon Matesby Kittie
This is story my friend and I are writing. It's based off of a writing prompt I made up. I really don't have a description for this you're just gonna have...
  • zeus
  • mer
  • supernatural
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Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) by JupitersGirl
Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale)by Jupiter
(This is a sequel to Red Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) Please read that before you read this. Thankyou.) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
  • orange
  • werewolves
  • scott
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Married to the Beast // Brock Lesnar ●COMPLETE● by wwepurplevixen
Married to the Beast // Brock wwepurplevixen
**SEQUEL TO BEAST MODE** "I don't care if the world is against us" "I love you and I know why you complete me" SONGS FOR BOOK: ELLIE GOULDING - ARMY...
  • marriage
  • stonecold
  • lana
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The Last Day Of School (GROWN UPS 2//BRADEN HIGGINS) by craycraytay2
The Last Day Of School (GROWN CrayCrayTay2
It is the last day of school and Cora Feder can't wait to spend it with her family and friends. Her world takes an interesting turn when she meets Braden Higgins and sta...
  • lamansoff
  • higgins
  • summer
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Jangles by laughterandjynx
Janglesby Tiffany
(COMPLETED) Ashlyn is less than pleased when she finds out that she is shipped to the small beach town of Jangles, Florida to live with her brother for the summer. What...
  • puppy-dog
  • clemens
  • elijah
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save me by U_n_r_e_a_l
save meby sasha
Unlike any other bully, Macki's bully is trying to save her from the abuse
  • angst
  • mckenzie
  • macki
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Fight For Freedom (Book Four of the Ascension) by thedoctorcried
Fight For Freedom (Book Four of thedoctorcried
Now the Eleventh Doctor is in the TARDIS, things have changed for McKenzie. While getting used to her husband's new body, she must also protect her children and the new...
  • wanda
  • angel
  • clint
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Driarwood Academy (Spy School Book 1) by NorthStarsWifey
Driarwood Academy (Spy School M.M. Perryman
Driarwood is not your average academy school. This school specializes in teaching its students how to be above average spies. Come along on McKenzies journey with this s...
  • aboveaverage
  • 18andoveronly
  • trent
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You by AkmaliaFatiraa
Youby Fatira Akmalia
Mengapa kamu selalu bisa datang lalu pergi untuk yang kesekian kalinya, dan mengapa aku selalu bisa menerima, bahkan kembali menaruh harapan kepada kamu yang nyatanya ki...
  • remaja
  • love
  • mckenzie
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My Humanity (Elena Gilbert) by SiredtoElena
My Humanity (Elena Gilbert)by SiredtoElena
"You, are my humanity Elena". McKenzie Salvatore. The other Salvatore. Stefan's twin sister. When Kenzie comes back to town poor Elena Gilbert doesn't know wha...
  • ninadobrev
  • gxg
  • shelleyhennig
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That's What I'm Looking For (Joey Stamper/Anthem Lights Fanfiction) ON HOLD by blakeleighwood
That's What I'm Looking For ( TaylorBWood
COVER CREDITS TO @LiannaYoung McKenzie was just a normal child before her parents died, she went to school, made good grades, had friends, and did things every other kid...
  • joey
  • jackenzie
  • anthem
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Grown Ups 2 : Greg Felder by beacontodiaries
Grown Ups 2 : Greg Felderby Dylan×2 Joseph Nathaniel Dani...
After 3 years a lot has changed the boys growing into young men and the girls growing into young women the adults, on the other hand, haven't changed that much if anythi...
  • zendaya
  • higgins
  • grownups2
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Thumbelina ➺ Grown Ups by iWitchy
Thumbelina ➺ Grown Upsby Witchy
"Well, I must get off this lily pad, but... that's impossible." [COMING SOON] [Grown Ups] [Greg Feder]
  • gregfeder
  • lake
  • lamansoff
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The Complicated Crush (Jay Cartwright x OC) (The Inbetweeners) by violet_baudelaire
The Complicated Crush (Jay violet_baudelaire
"It's a shame your mum didn't pass her fit genes on to your sister," Jay laughed. "Her name suits her, doesn't it? She really is a plain Jane." I fel...
  • jay
  • cartwright
  • jane
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Grown Ups : Greg Felder by beacontodiaries
Grown Ups : Greg Felderby Dylan×2 Joseph Nathaniel Dani...
The Fab Five and their children go to New England to bury coach buzzer and the 1978 lake house to spread his ashes. Sasha and Greg become friends quickly but she wants m...
  • slowburn
  • zendaya
  • gregfeder
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His Secret by its_McKenzie8
His Secretby McKenzie
McKenzie(20) and her boyfriend Zak Bagans(25) had been dating for about 6 years, and were traveling to go see McKenzie's best friend Jami. When they got there, Zak was k...
  • zak
  • love
  • paranormal
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Well This Was Unplanned...(NeverShoutNever/The Ready Set fanfic)EDITING by MusicIsLife_13
Well This Was Unplanned...( McKenzie
Rylee isn't much of a NeverShoutNever fan when her sister drags her to a concert. But when she unexpectedly meets the main man, Christofer Drew Ingle, will that change...
  • von
  • ingle
  • nevershoutnever
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