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The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston Family Book 3) by greenwriter
The Lady Who Sinned (Haverston J.D. Ruiz
[Highest ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction] A terrible sacrifice turns into a scandal that causes one woman to live everything behind, only to return for vengeance...
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Saving Sabine by littleLo
Saving Sabineby Laura
Sabine Winchester has always had a too sensible head on her shoulders. Her unsuccessful seasons in London result in her being called things like 'boring' and 'dull'. Her...
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Red Eyes {Teen Wolf/Derek Hale} by Jupiteramalthea
Red Eyes {Teen Wolf/Derek Hale}by Jupiter
McKenzie McCall. Dark brown hair. Green eyes. Scott McCall's little sister, by 12 minutes. Will she, Scott and Stiles get into trouble? More trouble than usual? What hap...
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My Dragon Mates by WriterKittie
My Dragon Matesby Kittie
This is story my friend and I are writing. It's based off of a writing prompt I made up. I really don't have a description for this you're just gonna have...
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Jangles by laughterandjynx
Janglesby Tiffany Huynh
(COMPLETED) Ashlyn is less than pleased when she finds out that she is shipped to the small beach town of Jangles, Florida to live with her brother for the summer. What...
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The Nova Pandora (male reader x Freezing Harem) by Swagmaster4209
The Nova Pandora (male reader x Swagmaster4209
You are a 15-year-old teen that when you were a baby had a little snafu with a nova and gained these mysterious powers.You're recruited into A genetics academy.Mainly be...
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The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Mikaelson Love Story) by mrsmikaelson10
The Lockwood Sister(Klaus Elizabeth
Tyler Lockwood isn't an only child. His twin sister Mckenzie Lockwood has shared every memory with him since childhood. Would Mckenzie's love life change that? Will thei...
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The Last Day Of School (GROWN UPS 2//BRADEN HIGGINS) by craycraytay2
The Last Day Of School (GROWN CrayCrayTay2
It is the last day of school and Cora Feder can't wait to spend it with her family and friends. Her world takes an interesting turn when she meets Braden Higgins and sta...
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Sally (Book 1) by daishacristina21
Sally (Book 1)by Cristina & Dai'Sha
"Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You...
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Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) by Jupiteramalthea
Orange Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale)by Jupiter
(This is a sequel to Red Eyes (Teen Wolf/Derek Hale) Please read that before you read this. Thankyou.) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
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The Little Sister by zoeyr2015
The Little Sisterby zoeyr2015
Jake Fromm is having a little sister.
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Lost Our Minds (Book Five of the Ascension) by thedoctorcried
Lost Our Minds (Book Five of the Sophie Esmé
The Angel is alive and well, and the Doctor is at her side once more. Things are looking good, but will they last? There's a family waiting on Earth for their beloved An...
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The Complicated Crush (Jay Cartwright x OC) (The Inbetweeners) by violet_baudelaire
The Complicated Crush (Jay violet_baudelaire
"It's a shame your mum didn't pass her fit genes on to your sister," Jay laughed. "Her name suits her, doesn't it? She really is a plain Jane." I fel...
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Adopted by lili Reinhart & Cole sprouse  by kchelse
Adopted by lili Reinhart & Cole kchelse
2 kids one was a 16 year old girl and a 10 month old baby boy and are in need for a family and they do but by how READ TO FIND OUT :)
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Fight For Freedom (Book Four of the Ascension) by thedoctorcried
Fight For Freedom (Book Four of Sophie Esmé
✅ completed Now the Eleventh Doctor is in the TARDIS, things have changed for McKenzie. While getting used to her husband's new body, she must also protect her children...
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Mckenzie Zenia Narcissa Malfoy: The Unkown Sister of Draco Malfoy by AW3313
Mckenzie Zenia Narcissa Malfoy: AW
Draco Malfoy had a Twin sister.. Named Mckenzie Zenia Narcissa Malfoy. Mckenzie meets a certain Gryffiindor and falls undeniably in love with him. I do not own most of...
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The O. C.: Ryan's Story by tpkfanfiction
The O. C.: Ryan's Storyby tpkfanfiction
Ryan Atwood has returned to The O.C. 10 years later, now a successful architect, strangely, on the anniversary of Marissa Cooper's death, where family and friends are ce...
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Prince of Darkness by Laura_the_Explorer
Prince of Darknessby Laura
Abele McKenzie is a Christian with a secret: she doesn’t believe in God. But with the whole world following one religion, how can she afford to be different? When handso...
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Together We Run (Book Three of the Ascension) by thedoctorcried
Together We Run (Book Three of Sophie Esmé
Completed ✅ The Doctor and McKenzie Di Angelo have fought valiantly: fighting old friends and new enemies in a battle to keep their beloved Earth safe - and all the whi...
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Grown Ups by Hope_For_Pawz
Grown Upsby Hope_For_Pawz
Grown Ups, but with my own OC Calista 'Callie' Feder!
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