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Dead in His Tracks by ChelseaRamsey5
Dead in His Tracksby Chelsea Ramsey
Knox Striker was a free man. His life was simple. Bikes, brothers, and his dog. He managed to make it to 28 with no real issues except for a few close calls with the law...
Shaded ✔️ by sun-child1998
Shaded ✔️by jules
Scarlett was born into a life she never wanted. Her parents died when she was just a kid and after that she was raised by the Sons of Shadows MC, her father's club, and...
Lone Wolf *The Animals MC book one* by AngelBlueDawn
Lone Wolf *The Animals MC book one*by Angel
Morgan is a single mother, trying to make ends meet and care for her daughter. Wolf is the leader of the Animals MC, He's only ever been alone and he likes it that way...
Loving Judas (Disciples MC) book 1. by AngelBlueDawn
Loving Judas (Disciples MC) book Angel
Book one in the Disciples MC trilogy. Alice never expected her parents to be murdered in front of her by bikers while on vacation, she never expected to be rescued by a...
Tethered Road {ON HOLD} by keyleehargis
Tethered Road {ON HOLD}by Keylee Hargis
In a big city in Florida, it isn't unusual to have your normal MCs hanging around. Men riding around like a pack of wolves with their classic leather jackets. But what i...
His Queen (Hells Angels MC #1) by ms_misschief
His Queen (Hells Angels MC #1)by ms_misschief
Juno was kidnapped and abused for five months. She was kidnapped by filthy and scary looking bikers. Why? She has no idea. All she wants is to get out. How would she re...
Twisted Vengeance:Hades Sinners MC by 1004_CourtneyKaeigh
Twisted Vengeance:Hades Sinners MCby Courtney
Lacey's a spitfire bartender. Hyde's a biker with a reputation for violence. Naturally, their two worlds collide.
Casual Moths // Angel Reyes by redlipswritings
Casual Moths // Angel Reyesby Jo
#1 in Angel Reyes - 31.07.2020 Callie Cordell is a lot of things: A single mother. An older sister. The owner of her own little flower shop in Santo Padre. However, Cal...
The biker by Thebitesize01
The bikerby Jasmine
Her name was Rebal. She saw life differently because her dad was a drunk who didn't give a damn if she came home or not. She loved tattoo's she was coved in them. When a...
Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Soldiers MC) SAMPLE  by Meganfall
Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #1 ~ 4/5/18** Trinity's dad was savagely executed by his own motorcycle club, and she was witness to it all. Now on the run, she hid...
Haven [Sons of Anarchy] by luckandillusions
Haven [Sons of Anarchy]by Brea Ingram
Charming, California is not the quaint small town that it's name suggests. In this town everyone has skeletons in their closets. Just when Hanna Donnelly thinks she foun...
Lucy by Theuntoldstoryteller
Lucyby May
Lucy just moved out of her parental home and is super excited to move into her new house. But not everything is rainbows and sunshine for Lucy. What happens when your al...
Beat Me Black and Blue - Andley by RachelPurdy121
Beat Me Black and Blue - Andleyby RachelPurdy121
Andy Biersack is a frightened 16 year old that's too weak to defend himself against his much larger, much older boyfriend Vincent and his gang of biker friends that beat...
Razor (Brotherhood MC) by jhoncrow
Razor (Brotherhood MC)by jhoncrow
She didn't know that night would end with her pregnant. "Hey babe want to get out of here" the said. His voice is deep and sexy, he wore a leather jacket with...
The Jokers MC by QueenBananas
The Jokers MCby Rebecca
The Jokers MC are very known in Kitty's small town.They ride around wearing scary joker masks and Ray bands,scaring anyone that comes in their way.But are these big bad...
It Ain't No Secret I'm A Sinner, I Never Claimed To Be No Saint... by GypsyFaithGilbert
It Ain't No Secret I'm A Sinner, GypsyFaithGilbert
BG when he was twenty and falling for a preachers daughter named Georgia . And BG is surprised that Georgia doesn't see his bad boy attitude and knows the real him; tha...
Bad Reputation  by Flame_Brain_
Bad Reputation by KK
Hell's Hounds series (Book 1) New town, new school, new people. Just not quite the people Luna was used to. You see, the town was notoriously known for its gang activit...
Rebel Without A Cause by dreamshadexx
Rebel Without A Causeby Samantha Nicole
"I wanna be a part of your world" I whispered as I inched forward wrapping my fingers around the collar of his serpent jacket Sweet Pea stood there not botheri...
Delicate Virago  by Finable
Delicate Virago by Valkyrie
For most people, life is a breeze. Their future is handed to them on a silver platter without even having to lift a finger for it. But for River Jackson, that isn't the...
Bad Reputation(Rewriting) by kitmarah
Bad Reputation(Rewriting)by kitmarah
Adam 'Jett' Jenkins joined the Deimos Riders as soon as his family got custody of him. At fifteen he spent a year in a group home until his older brother Steel could tak...