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Broken Record by infinity-authoress
Broken Recordby infinity-authoress
"Y'know that story you hear almost every day? Yeah. I probably should have listened to it better." Makana Birch was brought into this world because of that sto...
Teen Beach(remake) by R-poole
Teen Beach(remake)by Laguna lance piper
What if Tanner had a sister. What if that sister fell for Lela's brother while Lela falls for tanner. What if Brady, Mack, Cheechee, and Rascal ruin that. How can Brady...
This is What Makes Us Girls  by screamforsenpai
This is What Makes Us Girls by Taylor
Lela is the most popular girl in school. Mack's life changes when fate brings them together one night.
The biker girl and her biker boyfriend by Kerris927
The biker girl and her biker boyfr...by KerrisJSM 🎸🛹☠️
Ok so in the first one maddie Brady and Mack got sucked into wet side story and maddie and butchy fell in love but maddie Mack and Brady had to go back home so what happ...
Teen Beach 2 I Butchy x Reader by fangirlshipper2019
Teen Beach 2 I Butchy x Readerby fangirlshipper2019
I had this story on my other account that I forgot the password to so I'm just going to continue it here! That account was @Faker108 so yeah.. You're Mack and Brady's be...
It Was Fate by foxdog
It Was Fateby foxdog
I know when Mack and Brady prevented Lela and Tanner from falling into one another's arms they thought they had messed everything up. But what if it really was their fat...
My Destiny by Sellybelly411
My Destinyby Olivia
What if instead of Brady, it was Mack that caught Lela? Will the brunette change her 'tude and be more open to things...more specifically girls around her? Or will she h...
The girl who fell for the biker by Reader_Girl3
The girl who fell for the bikerby Reader6
After the movie is saved they return to there lives in the movie. But what happens when a girl starts to take an intrest in a certain biker.
Mack's Older Sister (A BUTCHY Fan-Fic / TBM) by SomeoneCares22
Mack's Older Sister (A BUTCHY Fan...by SomeoneCares22
Hi! My name is Maddy! I am now used to the nickname Mads now. I am 18 years old. I am two months older than Mack. She acts way more grown up than me though. I love to r...
Ask Giggles by SurferChick55
Ask Gigglesby Giggles
Ask me questions! *giggles*
Teen beach movie life 2(Discontinued) by prettypopulargirl110
Teen beach movie life 2(Discontinu...by prettypopulargirl110
It's been two years since Emmy moved to at side story world and the bikers and surfers made up. She is still together with Butchy and madly in love she told him a year a...
Queen of the Beach by StoryTimeNathalie
Queen of the Beachby frozensnows
It has been 3 years since Lela Phillips and Tanner Clayton found out that they were going to get married, 2 years since Lela found out she was pregnant, and 1 year since...
Vampire The Masquerade: Short by clevenger
Vampire The Masquerade: Shortby Chris S Clevenger
Vampire. The Bloodsucking monsters who have returned form the dead to seek out blood from the living. Well that is what man thinks of them anyways. The truth is a bit da...