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don't treat me bad | duff mckagan by appetiteforduff_
don't treat me bad | duff mckaganby appetiteforduff_
Louise is the bassist for the #1 all female glam metal band. They're on top of the world, yet Guns N' Roses is slowly dying down. When Louise becomes the songwriter and...
Damaged Goods by thesmokingguns
Damaged Goodsby thesmokingguns
Duff stumbles into a laundromat after a night of partying. He needs to rest and figures if he just closes his eyes for a minute...when he wakes up he finds he's not alon...
Duff McKagan by maddiemueller_
Duff McKaganby Madi
"I'm not drunk or high if that's what you're asking. Yesterday I was thinking about a 'long term relationship' and I remembered that moment on you're balcony me and...
Patience by itssoizzyy
Patienceby veruca salt
Taylor Isbell, the twin sister of Guns N' Roses guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, is in town. The green eyed, vodka loving, punk rock, bass player falls head over heels for the...
Guns N' Roses Imagines  by death_by_stereo
Guns N' Roses Imagines by Aiyana Bella
....... read the motherfucking title.
Love Bites by loveandsqualor
Love Bitesby loveandsqualor
HR: #1 in Guns N' Roses (21 Oct 2019), #1 in Axl, #1 in Groupie, #1 in Hard Rock Charlotte has always been a pro in looking for trouble - being arrested, losing all her...
Dance for Me? Little Dancer. [A Duff Mckagan Fan Fiction]  by warpeddreams
Dance for Me? Little Dancer. [A warpeddreams
Skyelar Johnson, or Skye for short, and her best friend, Alexa Thompson were at the Whiskey a Go Go one night, just trying to have a good time. That's when they saw the...
This I Love by itssoizzyy
This I Loveby veruca salt
SEQUEL TO PATIENCE. It's been two years since Taylor Isbell has left LA, and her troubled lover, Duff McKagan. Taylor returns home to sunny Los Angeles, and along the...
Sweet Daughter O' Mine (Axl Rose fanfiction) by 80s_Lover666
Sweet Daughter O' Mine (Axl Rose 80s_Lover666
So this is a story me and @Lizziedoo22 are writing together. The premises of this is that Axl becomes the first member of Gn'R to become a father, to a girl named Anna R...
$ Steven x Duff One Shots $ by loverbabyfighter
$ Steven x Duff One Shots $by loverbabyfighter
Collection of one shots about Steven and Duff from Guns N Roses cause I'm a die hard fan and this ship means more to me than I'd like to admit. Plus there's not enough...
Guns N' Roses: The Book Of Dumb Shit by StarfishAndCoffee-
Guns N' Roses: The Book Of Dumb ✨Thotness✨
probably just gonna be me uploading pictures tbh. doing this because I can't write an actual plot struggle is real ⚠⚠⚠WARNING: Little innocent people of the inter...
You Ain't The First by hizzyduffily
You Ain't The Firstby hizzyduffily
Harley Young, the rebellious and brooding bad girl of the L.A scene, and Sabrina Gray, the tender shy girl with the patience and kindness of a saint, are best friends th...
"I Love You"- Saul Hudson  by gunsandvodka
"I Love You"- Saul Hudson by Tin
This is a fanfiction about Saul Hudson (aka Slash). It was written by @1yourdaddy and me.The story is based on the lyrics of the song "I love you" by Duff Mck...
Duff McKagan by gunsandvodka
Duff McKaganby Tin
This is a giraffe appreciation post Enjoy 😉😂
PATIENCE ☆Jon Bon Jovi+DUFF MCKAGAN☆ Fanfiction by in_these_arms
PATIENCE ☆Jon Bon Jovi+DUFF rock_fan_
You're reading a 80s fan fiction... Maria... van Halen's lil sister had a crush on GNR's crazy wild bassist duff mckagan but what will happen when she fall in love with...
What I Regret by Slaxl19
What I Regretby Slaxl19
Duff reflects on his past relationship with a certain dark-haired rhythm guitarist. (This is way out of my comfort zone, I nice!)
Written In Smoke// duff mckagan by lonesome80s
Written In Smoke// duff mckaganby ✩
"Becky, you're hurt. Let me drive you home." "No, McKagan. I already told you I never want to see you again." ...... Rebecca Meritt, ex-girlfriend of...
This I Love (Axl x steven) by voilentmoon
This I Love (Axl x steven)by mz. hyde
The love story of Steven Adler and Axl Rose.
You Could Be Mine by nickoliflower
You Could Be Mineby Nicko
Saul Hudson, aka Slash, finds himself in a rock band. Girls fall at his feet but all he wants is that special person, but he knows he can't have him.