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Unconditional Love(completed) by ayra6800
Unconditional Love(completed)by Insaan hoon mai
Meera: A sweet and innocent girl, loves to read and write a very bubbly, cute, naughty yet a mature girl.Married to the most feared man in the country Arsh, she got marr...
A Little Tangled Up  by Ufaq_I
A Little Tangled Up by Un Poco Loco 🍉
Previously named as Our Journey
ONE in a Billion by KhawarB
ONE in a Billionby KhawarB
Where a stupid girl decides to set up her bestfriend with a guy, but ends up falling for him. Hoorain Malik, bestfriend of Aria Montgomery, decides to set up Aria, with...
We Tie Until We Die by ZaeemaandEeman
We Tie Until We Dieby xami & emmy
"Tumhare nazdeek friendship or friend kia hai" I asked out of nowhere. They stopped their blabbering for a while and looked at me like a total creepy person. ...
One shots(completed) by ayra6800
One shots(completed)by Insaan hoon mai
Just one shots of the couples from by books,you can suggest any of them.
Meri Kainaat Ho Tum (Completed)✔  by mahidhoomie
Meri Kainaat Ho Tum (Completed)✔ by Mahilicious
(#16 in short story on 13/7/17). (#18 in short story on 14/7/17). (#7 in short story on 15/7/17). (#9 in Short story on 18/7/17). (#11 in short story on 19/7/17). (#14 i...
Two different worlds Two different people Two different personalities All meant to be united!!!!! Shehryaar Asif and Khadeeja are two different people who are bonded...
The Antihero  (SAMPLE) by myloveforwords
The Antihero (SAMPLE)by Ira W
**Only Sample Chapters Available** This book has been published in ebook and paperback format. ‐----‐---------‐...
Through the paths by gibbberishh
Through the pathsby Pikachu
A life changing training period, will Shanila be able to complete it? Hey! If you're interested in youngsters story then you can read it!
TOMB OF BEAUTY #MISSION DESI by quresh_di_kurri
How it feels when some one you love from your whole heart.Leave you because you don't belong from the class like they belong.Because you born in a place where women are...
Yeh Kaisa Ishq Hai by MissMaiya1
Yeh Kaisa Ishq Haiby Maiya
People say Allah has already picked out Mr. Right for you. Allah will only test to where He thinks you can handle it. But then why does He test her to the point where s...
Love Will Find Its Way  by Samiha_Rahman
Love Will Find Its Way by Samiha_Rahman
"He thought she would heal his past scars but she just left him with new ones" Watch the trailer:
Ek Din  by puppypower343
Ek Din by Pogo
"I can't believe that your giving up on us!!!" He screamed throwing his beer bottle across the room, and it shattering. They went quiet. Not able to speak to...
LOVE OF MY LIFE ✔ #humariyaari  by PrincessAmna_3
LOVE OF MY LIFE ✔ #humariyaari by Fariha Hussain
*ranked #27 #200* #2 maya ali out of 16 #3 Waqas Riaz out of 22 stories #3 Atif out of 20 stories #10 hussainasif out of 65 stories #299 regret out of 1.24k stories SAN...