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Lola's Request by eternal_chi
Lola's Requestby Camz C4
It started as just a simple date... Only for seven months... To please someone they both love... They never meant to fall... But falling with each other was inevitable...
EndGame by Siegfried2020
EndGameby Siegfried2020
Are we really meant to be? O baka naman ipinagtagpo pero hindi itinadhana?
Mark (Repost) by essential_groceries
Mark (Repost)by essential_groceries
What's left unsaid, says it all. FICTION.
Snaps by JaxTindley
Snapsby Jax Tindley
Still all about my favorite couple 💚💚
Falling For You In Cape May by PagesInBetween
Falling For You In Cape Mayby TheNextChapter
Different worlds, Different circumstances, Fate brought them together, But will they remain there?
Cold Feet (COMPLETED) by ANNwithnoE
Cold Feet (COMPLETED)by ANNwithnoE
Three years ago, Andrea "Dei" Mendoza is stricken with wedding jitters and backs out of her wedding to Richard Faulkerson, Jr., a mere three days before the bi...
Payb Takes 4-ever (COMPLETED) by magicheart21
Payb Takes 4-ever (COMPLETED)by Deng Delgado
Highest Rank: #1 in FanFiction MAICHARD AU Payb Takes Book 4
Another Beginning by PagesInBetween
Another Beginningby TheNextChapter
• First there was Alden and Maine • • And then came Enzo and Katie • • They became Alden and Maine again • • And then came Enzo and Katie •
Catharsis by wandermagz
Catharsisby wandermagz
Collection of Maichard AU one-shots and short stories that will put the HAROT in your CHAROT. Proceed with caution. May or may not contain mature contents. Depends on yo...
MY PRETEND WIFE by tita-faye
Richard was a self confessed playboy while Maine was your regular girl. In spite of their differences they have managed to become good friends. Their world suddenly turn...
When Universe Works by -rubyjane14
When Universe Worksby jinxx
Nicomaine Dei Mendoza, a highest paid model in New York, invited to be one of the judges in the Ms. Universe pageant and got to see the businessman Richard Faulkerson Jr...
The Bachelor: Reality Love(COMPLETED) by mysticprincess888
The Bachelor: Reality Love( mysticprincess888
"One comes from a nasty break up. and isolated herself from the real world." "One who wants to get his share of the family's fortune, and he has to obey h...
Falling For You...Over and Over Again by PagesInBetween
Falling For You...Over and Over TheNextChapter
Two hearts brought together by fate. Two hearts that fell deeply in love. Two hearts now tied together. Two hearts that will forever beat as one.
Alden Richard Faulkerson is a successful architect, the quintessential office hunk who breaks women's hearts because............. Surprise! He's gay. Nicomaine Dei Mend...
Rhyme & Rhythm : A One - Shot Collection by faulkerfan
Rhyme & Rhythm : A One - Shot Belle
A collection of imagined situations between Alden and Maine off camera. Destiny, serendipity, kismet. A rhyme to a verse and a rhythm to a rhyme. *** All events are fict...
To Love You Was The Greatest Thing I Do [ COMPLETED ] by lovejinjoo
To Love You Was The Greatest DarkCharm
hope you enjoy.... just a fanfic. I am just a beginner with still more to learn but I hope everyone enjoy reading it!!. Pero taglish po sya slight..... :)
Mendoza x Faulkerson: One Shots by deijayplkrsn
Mendoza x Faulkerson: One Shotsby dyey
MaiChard one shots depends on the ganaps and in random characters
And For Ever More by Silent_Shipper
And For Ever Moreby SS.
A MaiChard AU about falling in love for the first time. Jumping off from this one-shot:
Moments: Random Maichard One-shots by thirdyisagirl
Moments: Random Maichard One-shotsby kach
Every once in a while, a random story idea pops into my head that doesn't fit in any of my other stories. From now on, this is where those random stories will go. (cover...
Voice Next Door by alwaysces
Voice Next Doorby Ces
It started when he heard her beautiful voice.