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The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki Fanfiction) by Saraez_1243
The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki F...by Thanks for the data breach, W...
You can't spell Slaughter without Laughter! When you had found out that you were the 13th Diary user, a player in a game of life or death, you had no intentions of losin...
Smut Stories by Hina_Wings
Smut Storiesby ⊱ Hina ⊰
Code Geass the rise of communism  by WriterFreemanHL
Code Geass the rise of communism by WriterFreeman
Stalin and mao and he other communist leaders the war against the axis but with a portal that the soviet instead teleported them to another dimension. As they teleport t...
the transgender hero by Aquas_life_of_ships
the transgender heroby Snow_loves_ships123
says it all in the title also this is an au where badgerclops and adorabat were already at pure heart and took mao mao in (and he never lost his tail and keeps the green)
Mao Mao in love~ by SomeGirl_101
Mao Mao in love~by A.SURESH Prihashini
Mao Mao seems to be acting weird lately...he always gets flustered when Badgerclops is around!Adorabat meets Tanya Keys on a random day,and the two girls try very hard t...
Yui's Little Sister (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Leah-Marie12
Yui's Little Sister (Diabolik Love...by Leah-Marie12
Yui and her little sister Mao have been told by their father to live with his distant relative the Sakamaki's. If you watched Diabolik Lovers you understand how it goes...
Um, I can explain!!! by luckynalu
Um, I can explain!!!by Lucy Taylor
What if latias and Satoshi 'hanging' out more than the movie showed and Satoshi had a secret he was keeping from all his companions and family. This story takes place du...
Disgaea |×| Video Gamin' Delight |×| Mao by HatterReloaded
Disgaea |×| Video Gamin' Delight |...by Hatter
Drabble series. MaoxOc
Disgaea Characters x Reader [CLOSED FOR NOW] by MagicalRaiRai
Disgaea Characters x Reader [CLOSE...by RaiRai
Grrr... The old book started to bug so I re-open that book! Disgaea is one of my favourite game series. OKAY Changed my mind Female Laharl is fine! Male Laharl is still...
Mao Mao's Valentine's 2020 ♡ by threeandthirteen
Mao Mao's Valentine's 2020 ♡by NeverOn MyMind
Here will be the collection of editions to the Mao Mao Valentine's Day event this year! art by mocha.maomao
The Black Death by Deathlynightshade08
The Black Deathby LilCrapicornAss
Fate. Is this fate? Destiny. Is this destiny? What is fate and destiny? Whatever this is, this is reality. But...I wish this was just a mere dream.
Blood & Incense  [Reituki] by Shoxx_Machine
Blood & Incense [Reituki]by ~♡Lee_Ha♡~
Takanori Matsumoto's village and parents were destroyed right before his eyes at a young age. All hope was lost for him until he is rescued and adopted by a clan of ninj...
Oneshots [Nanbaka] by Magnoliarcheru
Oneshots [Nanbaka]by Magnolia Arch
-request open One shots and Lemons ;) You can request anything you like. You can choose a character and if you wan't you can tell me what kind of AU you want it to be. O...
miomao oneshot by citrusloser
miomao oneshotby citrusloser
Yes, you read it, a miomao oneshot if you're uncultured swine Mio Mao is a show about these two cats (one is white, one is orange/red/i dunno) that go on these adventure...
SHREK X MAO ZEDONG X THE LORAX X D...by shrekxmaoshipper
Sal takes a trip to Theadville, Scandinavia after being in crippling debt. He decides to make snuggies! And he finds a few new friends on the way! [completed]