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The Music Freaks: Moments With You Oneshots BOOK 2 by Clarizzidashpie
The Music Freaks: Moments With 💜Dashpie🧡
"Today I will share... "Another moment with you..." Season 2 of the Music Freaks is here might as well make a Book: 2 right? Since I am slow, I will only...
Sweater weather | The next step| ON HOLD by PevensieDreams
Sweater weather | The next step| ೄྀ࿐︎Tiger.ೄྀ࿐︎
WHERE : Beverly Rays, a famous singer ,auditions for a spot in A-troupe after being inspired by her cousin, Giselle. However she is a member at another studio close by a...
Our Place || Muke by kelliclashton2
Our Place || Mukeby kelliclashton2
Everyone knew Luke's family was disgustingly wealthy. He never flaunted it but he knew people whispered about him regardless of his humbleness. People tried to avoid him...
Filius chaos (Updated Version) by secrecia0207
Filius chaos (Updated Version)by secrecia0207
This may be your typical Percy Jackson fanfic. Before you start reading, be warned. The myths listed in this book are for the purpose of the plot only and may be inspire...
Percy Jackson, the embodiment of hope. by Megadude16
Percy Jackson, the embodiment of Diceman
Percy's life went to hell. His friends hate him, his family has died, and his attempts at living a different life have failed. So, when he gets the choice to leave, he t...
The Music Freaks [Dump Book] |  season 1  |🌟 by ilovethemusicfreaks
The Music Freaks [Dump Book] | Always😻
yeah I'm just gonna dump tmf stuff cause I have nothing to do lol. enjoy and try not to argue with my opinions👍
The Owl house: Luke noceda (AU)  by Shadow_Ninja51
The Owl house: Luke noceda (AU) by Shadow_Ninja51
A 15 year old boy named Luke stumbles upon a portal leading him to a magical realm where he befriends a rebellious witch named Eda, and a tiny warrior,named King and des...
Star Wars: Rescuing Hope by IvySkywalker
Star Wars: Rescuing Hopeby Ivy
Sequel to Star Wars: A New Change. This book takes place about 5 years after the end of the previous book. Anakin and Ivy are still trying to figure out life with the Je...
🌅 TMF Dump Book 🌌 (Lander) by Evaarchheart
🌅 TMF Dump Book 🌌 (Lander)by . ^ 𝓐𝓻𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓮 ^ .
Hey guys! Wow I posted? That's something 😅 Basically I wanted to make a TMF dump book to just dump all of my TMF hyperfixation things on, and I thought my fellow TMF b...
°~Teenage Fantasy~° by Itz_Grxcie
°~Teenage Fantasy~°by °•Gracie•°
this story is about a 15-year-old brunette girl named Amelia Peterson. she's recently transferred to a new school called Rosemeadow high-school. her and her brother (Luk...
Lander- I won't let them hurt you by Avipoppy
Lander- I won't let them hurt youby Avipoppy
Luke has had a hard life of pain, but when Zander comes into his life everything ...changes. When things get worse, Zander needs to help any means necessary. ...
sins of the father: Walking dead telltale OC story  by Noaholly1
sins of the father: Walking dead Olly1
be strong be a man be the boss be firm be ruthless put people in their place these were all things Jack Carver was taught by his father after the world ended, but thin...
A pirate's life for me  by yourpalstyx
A pirate's life for me by yourpalstyx
(pjo pirate AU) Three blond siblings annabeth, William,and Jason enjoy a fine afternoon of tea in the palace grounds. Until they are interrupted by the guards ushering t...
Dreamscape by ElainaSanchez
Dreamscapeby Softball_Queen#42
Sang gets trapped in Alternate Dimension. The only way for her to get out is to accept what her heart already knows. Will she be able to get out? Will the boys be able t...
The Story of Us by Crystalxxxxx88888
The Story of Usby Crystalxxxxx88888
Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. Two juniors of Sea Side High who know nothing about each other, yet are fated to change each other's lives. After Sally's death, Paul...
TWDG Beyond The Soul Clementine X Male Reader by Birchwoodpython
TWDG Beyond The Soul Clementine Birchwoodpython 2001
Y/N L/N was only a 9 year old boy who was........ "special" and by that I mean he becomes something nobody would ever expect beyond his own soul. While in this...
Obey Me! Child Y/N by Diana6662598
Obey Me! Child Y/Nby Diana6662598
In the exchange program, the exchange students are supposed to be from high school to college level, but an 8 year old child (y/n / MC) is chosen for the exchange progra...
Player Next Door: Book 3 in the series by BabyInACorner
Player Next Door: Book 3 in the Natalie
Placeholder for the real thing. I'm going to need a lot more coffee for this one
𝗟𝗬𝗡𝗡 𝗞𝗘𝗡𝗢𝗕𝗜 | luke skywalker  by lexiswrites
LUKE SKYWALKER FAN FIC "𝐢'𝐦 𝐧𝐨 𝐣𝐞𝐝𝐢" the former force student, lynn kenobi, is summoned by her adoptive father to accompany him on a mission. but there...
!LOUDHOUSE GENDER-BEND! ✮oneshots✮ by hsfhsgehhaghahw
!LOUDHOUSE GENDER-BEND! ✮oneshots✮by ★
✮bonnie mcbride, you are linka's best friend. although, you are 2 years older than linka, but is in the same grade as her.✮ ✮each chapters are one-shots of the FOUR OLDE...