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With Your Help||CORBRINA|| by damnlucaya
With Your Help||CORBRINA||by damnlucaya
When Bradley leaves Sabrina in times when she needed him the most, Corey steps up to the plate and helps Sabrina.
Girl Meets World by ljubicababi
Girl Meets Worldby Ljubica Babic
High school
She's Having My Baby by anoddvariety
She's Having My Babyby anoddvariety
Maya has made a life-changing mistake. Now there's no going back. The last thing she wants is to turn out just like her own mother, but right now it looks like that's wh...
GMW- One shots (Markle) by _Lovely_Reads
GMW- One shots (Markle)by Xo.Liyaa
This is just a series of one shots between Maya and Farkle ❤️❤️
Girl Meets The Big Secret by FanFicsbyKay
Girl Meets The Big Secretby Kay
Four years prior, Riley Matthews confided in the last person she could think of with her biggest secret Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux. Now the two could not be torn a...
Hart and Minkus By Quanisha Pool  by QuanishaPool
Hart and Minkus By Quanisha Pool by rucas _ love _ endgame
Farkle has always loved Riley and Maya equally but what happens when he is there to comfort Maya and they have a moment and he starts to realize that he loves Maya More
infidelity | maya + farkle  by mayaisms
infidelity | maya + farkle by liz
"don't worry; i won't tell your girlfriend about that time you said i was a better fuck." "this is why i don't give you compliments anymore." | lower...
Adventure's in Babysitting by jassinski2505
Adventure's in Babysittingby Jasmin H
This is a story i wanted to do since i watched 'Adventures in Babysitting', i thought what would happen if when maya was 14 she moved away and became 'jenny'? Of cause h...
Its not A triangle. It was all clear from the start. by gmhbshortstack
Its not A triangle. It was all gmhbshortstack
6 friends. Feelings. Love. Reality vs Fantasy. They all have different feelings towards each other. They don't know how they feel. There just mindless teenagers. Until...
Scandal {LUCAYA} by cherrythispop
Scandal {LUCAYA}by cherrythispop
Maya & Lucas had a little too much fun after babysitting one night. What happens when Rucas is supposed to be the "it" couple and word spills out about Lucaya...
Girl meets world: im only Human. by ShelbyRea98
Girl meets world: im only :3
mayas world isnt so great and it keeps getting worse and worse... she feels shes all alone and at the mercy of the waves... or is she? WARNING:HAS SOME INNAPROPRIATE...
A markle and rucas fanfiction Love Lies, Lovee and lust by DiamondQueenMyonni
A markle and rucas fanfiction DiamondQueenMyonni
All four friends had there life set on goals but what happens when secrets come out and things get shattered what happened to them
Let Me Know {m.h & you} by girlmeetstory
Let Me Know {m.h & you}by Maya
What if it was you on the subway instead of lucas? What if in seventh grade, you became part of the gang. But what if... What if someone falls for you? It's pretty lon...
Howl x reader/oc Once, many years ago a young boy was roaming in a field he came to many nights before when shooting stars reigned through the sky. He followed where th...
Faya Love Story by corbrinameetsworld
Faya Love Storyby Corbrina and Markle
Farkle has feelings for Maya, everybody knows that. But the real question is...does Maya feel the same way? And if she does...will it last? Will drama and life break the...
Losing Hope (Markle) by bowtie-scarf-plaid
Losing Hope (Markle)by Trina
Maya is bullied and the result is that she loses all hope in a good future for herself. She tries to deal with it on her own, but her friends notice that something is wr...
jealousy by queenstaysqueen
jealousyby queenstaysqueen
after farkle blurts out how riley still likes lucas maya is left alone feeling like no one cares about her feelings soon farkle realizes he only blurted it out because h...
The One Week || M.H. + F.M. [Markle] by spacecorbrina
The One Week || M.H. + F.M. [ spacecorbrina
Farkle Minkus has always had a huge crush on his best friend, Maya Hart. Maya, on the other hand, only sees him as a friend. Basically, it was one sided: Farkle had the...
Remembering Maya by ms_sarcastic
Remembering Mayaby ms_sarcastic
Maya's been gone too long and things aren't the same. Can the gang bring back to old Maya or is she gone for good? SEQUEL TO LETTERS TO MAYA