Jasmine Meets the World (Book 1)  (#WATTYS2018) by katelyngil
Jasmine Meets the World (Book 1) katelyn
Jasmine Matthews is the little sister of Cory Matthews, Eric Matthews, Morgan Matthews,and Joshua Matthews. Instead of living with Amy and Alan, she lives with Cory, Top...
  • rileymatthews
  • corymatthews
  • farkleminkus
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BAD ➸ Farkle Minkus[COMPLETED] by cocoa-beans
BAD ➸ Farkle Minkus[COMPLETED]by underoos
"I'm not like the others, Farkle, I'm not good." "But you're not bad either." p.s. this is a really crappy book, don't hate. [girl meets world] [seas...
  • gmw
  • girlmeetsworld
  • fanfiction
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Girl Meets The Hunter's Sister by lovefaithgrace
Girl Meets The Hunter's Sisterby alyssa 💗
Amzie Paige Hunter is Shawn and Jack Hunter's little sister. Shawn travels for work and Jack's a successful businessman. Amzie lives with Cory and Topanga, and loves it...
  • lorengray
  • farkleminkus
  • sabrinacarpenter
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THE SEA & THE SUN ( BEVERLY MARSH. ) by -brxvehearts
❝ I LOVE YOU LIKE THE SUN LOVES THE MOON. ❞ ( it 2017 chapter 1 ) ( beverly marsh x fem!oc ) ( cover by @fIowerboys )
  • stanleyuris
  • mikehanlon
  • richietozier
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Stuck in the middle by MaskedYouth
Stuck in the middleby Maskedyouth
All Camila's life she's been in love with Lauren Jauregui. What happens when Camz gets fed up with all the cheating? There's always someone to bring her out of the dumps...
  • lara
  • laurinah
  • rowbrina
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Blue Cause → The Originals  by sispookyspider
Blue Cause → The Originals by 𝖊𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖞
❝ I've been searching over a thousand years for you, and you're a great disappointment ❞ In which Klaus Mikaelson has a daughter he never knew existed. THE ORIGINAL...
  • fanfiction
  • theoriginals
  • klausmikaelson
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Behind the Camera | Rowbrina by thedreamticket
Behind the Camera | Rowbrinaby thedreamticket
Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter look like best friends...on the outside. Behind the camera, they absolutely hate each other. They put on a show for the world, but...
  • romance
  • rowbrina
  • humor
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Temptation by LucayalovesHarts
Temptationby LucayasAlmostLove
temp·ta·tion tem(p)ˈtāSH(ə)n/Submit noun noun: temptation; plural noun: temptations a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. "he resisted the...
  • peybrina
  • gmw
  • rileymatthews
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Sleigh Bells by lucaya_dream
Sleigh Bellsby Alex
Maya, Lucas, Riley, Farkle, and Zay spend their Christmas alone together in a secluded cabin in snowy Washington. One cabin, five teens, three weeks. Who knows what coul...
  • lucaya
  • rowanblanchard
  • mayahart
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Captivating  by _meggg_
Captivating by Meg
Lucas has been dating Riley for a few years but what happens when he starts to realize there is someone else who he feels "captivated" by?
  • fanfiction
  • rangerrick
  • maya
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Little Skies ⇢ Girl Meets World  by hoggiewxrts
Little Skies ⇢ Girl Meets World by J.J.
❝ Isn't that-❞ ❝ Yes sir, that's Little Skies.❞ [FARKLE MINKUS] [GIRL MEETS WORLD] [SEASONS 2-3]
  • corymatthews
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • lucasfriar
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Step Sisters {Rowbrina} by longlivebrabrina
Step Sisters {Rowbrina}by longlivebrabrina
Rowan and Sabrina; A lot closer then step sisters should be
  • rowanblanchard
  • rowbrina
  • sabrinacarpenter
Criminal by sabrinadiaries
Criminalby ❤
Lucas Dylan Friar x Maya Penelope Hart Read to find out
  • ziley
  • raya
  • rowanblanchard
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revenge ✔ by sabrinadiaries
revenge ✔by ❤
Maya Hart has moved back to England two years later after moving because of her traumatising experience from high school. She was bullied, abused and made fun of. Over t...
  • gmw
  • rilaya
  • lucaya
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moondust ✵ finn wolfhard by wcnderlqnds
moondust ✵ finn wolfhardby 𝐤𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐲
you're so confusing!
  • noahschnapp
  • joekeery
  • gatenmatarazzo
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━━ quiet ones! ( wolfhard ) by coffeewithmira
━━ quiet ones! ( wolfhard )by angel baby.
❛ the stars would be so proud to know their atoms created someone like you! ❜ ( social media ) ( oc x finn wolfhard )
  • teenlove
  • actress
  • sadiesink
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Mariquita by Jayproductions
Mariquitaby Jay
MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING! Please refrain from reading this if you're easily triggered.. (Camren)
  • lgbt
  • fanfiction
  • rowanblanchard
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Just A Kiss (Rilaya) by multigmw
Just A Kiss (Rilaya)by multigmw
Have you ever wondered what Girl Meets World would be like if Maya and Riley discovered that they had feelings for each other? In this Rilaya fanfiction Riley and Maya g...
  • rilaya
  • rowanblanchard
  • disneychannel
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Elevator ➵ J.M. by 1hopeless_romantic
Elevator ➵ ♡
Amber Thompson and Jonah Marais cross paths again in a random elevator, in a random city, during a random time, but their ending isn't quite so random. "Love you ca...
  • elevator
  • danielseavey
  • fan
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Daddies princess by joliyah1227
Daddies princessby Joliyah Norman
What if the boys wasn't famous? What if they were just five normal boyfriends? What happens when they kidnapped Riley Matthews, and make her their baby?
  • ageplay
  • onedirection
  • forcedageplay
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