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Finding you can change »L.S by jealouslouis_
Finding you can change »L.Sby Z
"Call off the wedding." He hears Louis say after a few minutes of silence. "What?" Harry asks, dumb folded. "I said, call off the wedding."...
Cherry Wine {l.s.} by runwiththethieves
Cherry Wine {l.s.}by reine
"open hand or closed fist would be fine" or the au where Harry used to be abused and Louis is his neighbor.
The professor and babysitter l.s/a.b.o by stephaniekw1234
The professor and babysitter l.s/ Stephanie Kerr-Wiseman
Louis is a alpha single father of his 2 year old son Freddie and his a professor at a college but his last babysitter quit and he needs a new one so he sends out flyers...
Bondage |•| L.S. by twooghosts
Bondage |•| twooghosts
Louis is the leader of a pack of 31000 members. Louis wants an omega. He wants Harry as his omega. (Louis kinda unstable in this) •Alpha Louis •Alpha Liam •Alpha Zayn •...
Our Omega(Zianourry) by shrutimishra500
Our Omega(Zianourry)by shrutimishra500
Harry Styles was not used to be loved. Kicked out of the house for being gay, he lived on the streets for months. He's an omega and have some secrets he hide deep inside...
Happily Ever After || l.s. a/b/o by aprilrose2412
Happily Ever After || l.s. a/b/oby April Rose Williams
Harry Styles, son of the alpha of the Styles Pack, is an omega. Louis Tomlinson, son of the alpha of the Tomlinson Pack, is an alpha. Their families get them engaged whe...
In the Name of Love (Larry Stylinson) by harrys-rings
In the Name of Love (Larry Court
Harry Styles gets dragged into the woods by his best friend, and then they get separated. Harry, terrified and not even wanting to be there in the first place, wanders a...
𝔐𝔄𝓣ℰ𝔖 - ♔   ♕〖Omegaverse〗 by imafookinlosah
𝔐𝔄𝓣ℰ𝔖 - ♔ ♕〖Omegaverse〗by austin moon
Louis Tomlinson: Alpha, Prince of England Harry Styles: Omega, Servant in the royal castle ♔ ♕ ♔ ♕ ♔ ♕ i'm so sorry for the slow updates i'm just trying to make i...
The White Wolf (Zianourry) by Female623
The White Wolf (Zianourry)by Femi
"When the sun goes down, Darkness overtook the world, Born the soul of kindness, To conquer over the evilness, The path is obscure and thorny, Maze is difficult to...
Lou belongs with me l.s by spoooons28
Lou belongs with me l.sby Vas Happenin
Larry AOB based on you belong with me by Taylor Swift.
Sparks fly [L.S.] by appythealpaca
Sparks fly [L.S.]by perks (Taylor's Version)
"And lead me up the staircase Won't you whisper soft and slow I'm captivated by you, baby Like a fireworks show" Drop everything now, and read this one shot wh...
Love Like This by AlexisCook820
Love Like Thisby Love is Love
A royal omega and a royal alpha, forced to wed and mate by their families. But maybe they get along? Maybe not? Their pasts will come back to bite them, but will they fa...
SOMETHING in the RAIN.   [L.S/abo] -ON HOLD by caroline_teresa
SOMETHING in the RAIN. [L.S/abo] Keerthana
Finding his love was a reverie for Harry. Every alpha came across his way and never found the way to his heart. Being a single independent omega, all he wanted was to li...
My Mate (Trial) - Larry Stylinson AU by WriterAttHeart
My Mate (Trial) - Larry A.B.💜
Omega Harry hates alpha due to his past. Alpha Louis hates omegas due to his past. Nothing could go wrong when the two meet and one thing leads to another and someone ge...