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Maybe one day by randymyqueen
Maybe one dayby randymyqueen
Louis is a very gentle alpha, he wants nothing more then to meet his omega and take care of them. Harry and Marcel are two very sweet omegas who lost trust in alphas a...
Finding you can change »L.S by jealouslouis_
Finding you can change »L.Sby Z
"Call off the wedding." He hears Louis say after a few minutes of silence. "What?" Harry asks, dumb folded. "I said, call off the wedding."...
Our Omega(Zianourry) by shrutimishra500
Our Omega(Zianourry)by shrutimishra500
Harry Styles was not used to be loved. Kicked out of the house for being gay, he lived on the streets for months. He's an omega and have some secrets he hide deep inside...
Eclipse ☀︎︎ ☾︎ - larry stylinson by vintagestylinson
Eclipse ☀︎︎ ☾︎ - larry stylinsonby larry stylinson
If one of them is the sun then the other is the moon. If one is day then the other is night. If one is rain other is a rainbow. They were opposites yet needed each other...
Cherry Wine {l.s.} by runwiththethieves
Cherry Wine {l.s.}by reine
"open hand or closed fist would be fine" or the au where Harry used to be abused and Louis is his neighbor.
Love Like This by AlexisCook820
Love Like Thisby Love is Love
A royal omega and a royal alpha, forced to wed and mate by their families. But maybe they get along? Maybe not? Their pasts will come back to bite them, but will they fa...
Polaris || l.s. by saturnlarry
Polaris || 🪐
Harry's heart was dead set on freedom. It was not a recent thing, he had been itching to get away from the confines of the responsibilities he had as the prince of Eonsh...
First and four-most by crew_six
First and four-mostby crew_six
Harry finds himself overwhelmed way more often then he should at the young age of 16. As much as he loves the spotlight and being an idol sometimes he needs to relinquis...
Lou belongs with me l.s by spoooons28
Lou belongs with me l.sby Vas Happenin
Larry AOB based on you belong with me by Taylor Swift.
When You Chose One You Lose One by gillkid6
When You Chose One You Lose Oneby gillkid6
Liam was tired of all of the lads favoring Niall over him. They did it before Niall got pregnant and it only got worse when NIall got pregnant. But none of the lads knew...
Puzzle Pieces by Borntoziam
Puzzle Piecesby ZaynZlay
Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall were four Alphas in a relationship they had everything one could dream of they were all ceo's of a huge company, a massive house the only th...
босс  мафии by WhoIsDenisse
босс мафииby Les
Jefe de la mafia Louis
18 (One-Shot Book) by i_loved_you_first28
18 (One-Shot Book)by i_loved_you_first28
SarahxMira Collab One-shot book These are some Larry Stylinson One-shots . . . BoyxBoy Larry Stylinson
La vie En Rose by lavenderhuee
La vie En Roseby Emory
I am not someone to be loved you should stay away from this flith of my life you are too pure for this alpha, te omega cried as he placed his head on the broad chest whi...