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DuckTales: Denial by DogsFurLife
DuckTales: Denialby DogsFurLife
(Still takes place in my AU.) Takes place after "DuckTales: F.O.W.L times" Louie has recently started to form a crush on Webby but he refuses to tell anyone, a...
Family is Everything by Stories4Life786
Family is Everythingby Stories4Life786
Lately Louie hasn't been feeling like part of the family. He has been feeling left out. Until Uncle Gladstone invites only him to his penthouse. No scratch that, and WEB...
A Night to Remember (Disc.) by lucidlywriting
A Night to Remember (Disc.)by cidly
It all started at a sleepover. Webby, Lena and the triplets were 14 and were all playing truth or dare. Webby had been asked by Lena, and webby answered " truth &qu...
The Secret Of Louie Duck by skye4everyandever
The Secret Of Louie Duckby Who said I can't do this?
I know I ship two of the triplets (Dewey and Louie) from Ducktales with Webby Vanderquack but I feel like Louie is the one most fitting for the roll. There were once th...
The Adorable Stories of Webby and Louie by SpellFloo8896
The Adorable Stories of Webby and...by SpellFloo8896
These two friends are just cute together :) **ONGOING** The cover belongs to the-EVIL-bunny23 on DeviantArt.
Ducktales: Dance of Dreams by DominicCaruso36924
Ducktales: Dance of Dreamsby LA Devotee
When Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby are given a mysterious invitation to a dance, it's up to them to figure out who had sent it and why. At the same time, Louie has his ow...
Random thoughts of Louie by AnwynB03
Random thoughts of Louieby AnwynB03
(Language warning) Just a series of random things I've written from Lou's perspective. He's got a lot on his mind (Cover's my lock screen, and was drawn by dawnbuneary...
Tangled (Ducktales AU) by skye4everyandever
Tangled (Ducktales AU)by Who said I can't do this?
My small version of Tangled. Has Loubby in it. Webbigail, also known as Webby, has always known as her tower as the only home she has known. Her aunt Magica kept her th...
Lena's Ulitmatum  - A Weblena Story by ChibiGals
Lena's Ulitmatum - A Weblena Storyby LouieDuckLover
Everything was changing so fast for Lena, she and all her friend's are all around sixteen now, and getting use to her new life with her adoptive family the Saberwings...
Point Of View. A Louie x Webby (Or Loubby)  story by DuckTalesComicMaker
Point Of View. A Louie x Webby (Or...by DuckTalesComicMaker
Louie finds himself with a HUGE crush on Webby. But, we'll, should he confess? Should she confess? Will Webby love Louie back? Stay tuned......
The Wild Side of Love (A Loubby Story)  by ChibiGals
The Wild Side of Love (A Loubby St...by LouieDuckLover
With Louie and Webby finally together, things seemed to be perfect for Louie, but then, his old flame from collage shows up determind to take back what's hers, even if i...
Better together- Loubby     ( completed) by Loubbylover
Better together- Loubby ( comp...by Louie duck
My first fanfic. I'm not quite sure how to describe the book but plz just read it. They're 16 and are going through hell. People almost die. Self harm. A newly found ro...
Remembering what's real. Loubby by Loubbylover
Remembering what's real. Loubbyby Louie duck
This is a sequel to Better together- loubby. After Webby loses all memories of her love for louie but remembers a old love. The gang goes to extreme measures to help her...
Seasons || Louie and Webby by EriKawaiiBunny
Seasons || Louie and Webbyby EriKawaiiBunny
storyline - webby (mysterious girl) always sits in the bench and louie always passes her and talks to her :)
accidental kiss by louie-duck
accidental kissby louie duck
It's loubby don't judge me cover art by mikeyfangirl811
Opposites Attract (discontinued) by kykyaddy
Opposites Attract (discontinued)by ky :)
All I have to say is, thanks! I'm glad you came along pArTneR. •cover was made by meee•
The Life and Times of Louie Duck - Book 2  by ChibiGals
The Life and Times of Louie Duck...by LouieDuckLover
With the aftermath of what happened with Soran still fresh in their minds; Hope and Garret, took it upon themselves to start recruiting the Supernatural before F.O.W.L c...
A book of Ducktales one-shots by EriKawaiiBunny
A book of Ducktales one-shotsby EriKawaiiBunny
I had nothing better to do so....... here you go!🤗 **I'm such a sad person😅 **I am making poems in this too! *i made the cover myself. however i dont own the pics and...
A Soul of my Own by ChibiGals
A Soul of my Ownby LouieDuckLover
Webby was meant for so much more. She just didn't realize how special she really was, until a boy named Dewey came into her life...