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MORE THAN THAT. Death Note [L X READER] by Chocolaaaattttteeee
MORE THAN THAT. Death Note [L X RE...by WhoSaysImGae?
[y/n], a girl of age [insert your age] sat there on a stone cold bench, trying to get rid of her bizarre thoughts. She was adopted at the age of 4 and was NOT living a f...
I Don't Like Bullies || L Lawliet x Reader by Grace_Space
I Don't Like Bullies || L Lawliet...by Grace_Space
Winner of DeathNoteAwards Golden Apple section, Highest Ranking: #1 in Deathnote [COMPLETED] ACTION PACKED in the later chapters --- (Y/N) Lives in the Kanto region of J...
Abnormal (L x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Abnormal (L x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
'A' is the best undercover agent/cop in the world, known for her unique and useful set of skills. Nothing is known about her beside her gender, there is no record of the...
L LAWLIET X READER // ONE SHOT COL...by The Cosmic Kitty
Various one shots about the worlds greatest detective. ((Mostly written upon requests)) RANKED NUMBER 1 IN #RYUZAKI NUMBER 30 IN #DEATHNOTE Status: Ongoing
The World's Greatest Detective [ L x Reader ] by Electropop777
The World's Greatest Detective [ L...by Excelsior
You are the world's greatest detective, even above L. Your abilities were only reserved if the world was to have another World War so, as a hobby, you are the top pop Id...
Switched [L x Reader AU] • Death Note by adventuretimefanitc
Switched [L x Reader AU] • Death N...by Eyebags
What if Ryuzaki and Hedeki Ryuga weren't just aliases? What if there was more than one person occupying the mind of the worlds greatest detective? This is an AU in whic...
Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Reader)[COMPLETED] by kissing_kasanoda
Apple Pies Tell No Lies (Ryuk x Re...by Era Hatter
"Tell me, Ryuk, what were you before you became a shinigami?" Five months after the death of Light Yagami. Ryuk is bored and wants apples until you come along...
L x Depressed! reader by MauzoraxX
L x Depressed! readerby MauzoraxX
Hi there reader! ( well if anyone even reads this... ) This is my first fanfic and i'm not sure if i'm doing everything right... I need to get used to wattpad... like fa...
Death Note. (L x Reader x Light) by LinkThePokemon
Death Note. (L x Reader x Light)by LinkThePokemon
I do not own Death Note, the characters or you. I do not own the Naruto, Black Butler or any other anime's I may have made references to. I only own Shizuka and I think...
Case File: L Lawliet • L Lawliet x Reader by adventuretimefanitc
Case File: L Lawliet • L Lawliet x...by Eyebags
[Book 1/?] [unedited] You had known L since he arrived at the orphanage thanks to Mr Wammy telling you to make friends with him and show him around. But something about...
What if...? by xSuperPhAnimeTrashx
What if...?by Light Imagay
I have just handcuffed Light to me. No one seems to be happy about this. But what if he is Kira? What if he isn't. When L and light are handcuffed together for the Kira...
L x Chubby Reader by sisitheone
L x Chubby Readerby sisitheone
WARNING// This may include feederism, weight gain, and lemons. Although I don't know yet because I'm writing this randomly. If you guys have any ideas or requests for ne...
His Assistant (L Lawliet x Reader) by The_Walking_Star
His Assistant (L Lawliet x Reader)by 𝐸𝓁𝓁𝒾𝑒 <𝟥
L... "The Worlds Most Mysterious Detective" You've heard about him on televisions, articles, and even from the public ...But you'd never imagine you would be h...
Death Note: Life Note by IAmLLawliet
Death Note: Life Noteby Alice May
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Life Note was dropped in the human world while Kira was killing all the criminals? Have you wondered what would happen if i...
Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios/One Shots! (Death Note Wattys/Golden Apple 2016) by VioletFluff
Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios/One...by Violet
Includes L, Light, Matt, Mello, Near and Matsuda! ~Taking requests! ~I personally made all these scenarios so be sure to give credit and ask me if you want to use/post a...
Watchful (L Lawliet x Reader) by MyNameIsUndisclosed
Watchful (L Lawliet x Reader)by Little.sunshine
A 5 part fan fiction about your time under surveillance by L, due to suspicions of you being partnered with Kira. [Mild sexual content] [No smut/lemon]
Criminal Mentality || L x Reader x Light by phyeron-
Criminal Mentality || L x Reader x...by 𝐑𝐎.
There was hope before, just a tiny flicker in the darkness. A star shining brightly despite the horror, the pain, the cruelty. With my little wide eyes, I tried reaching...
Death Note: The Raven [Reader x L Lawliet] by LinkThePokemon
Death Note: The Raven [Reader x L...by LinkThePokemon
I do not own Death Note, the characters or you. I do not own Sword Art Online or any other anime references I may have made. All rights go to their respectful owners. I...
Light and Dark (Lawlight)  by pumpkinjimin
Light and Dark (Lawlight) by パークジミン
What if Light wasn't Kira? What if he was framed? // When 17 year-old Light Yagami, an aspiring detective, gets asked by his father, Soichiro Yagami, chief of the NPA, t...
Reader X Various by winibie
Reader X Variousby Jessica
So this is just going to be a bunch of one-shot x reader stories, so feel free to read any of them. I do not own any of these characters. So far have- -Ulquiorra X Reade...