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Deep Connections - Levi x Reader by crumbee
Deep Connections - Levi x Readerby ~ c r u m b s ~
Y/N has always strived to be her very best, In hope to make her parents proud. But starts to strive harder when her town, Shiganshina falls. She decides to join the trai...
Flying on Her Wings  (Attack on Titan) by _Rainy_Melody
Flying on Her Wings (Attack on ~Rainy~
She's lived outside the walls all her life. When the humans ventured outside Wall Maria, she protected them, and watched over them to the best of her ability. She s...
The Captain's Daughter by MBDanchou
The Captain's Daughterby MB Danchou
When you are captured and brought up from the Underground to the world above, you are reunited with your father who said he would keep his promise of coming to rescue yo...
Phobia - A Levi x Original Character Story by crumbee
Phobia - A Levi x Original ~ c r u m b s ~
phobia /ˈfəʊbɪə/ noun an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. *** Eve Hamilton has a fear of touch. She immediately becomes defensive when anyone touc...
Meeting the Higher-ups by MBDanchou
Meeting the Higher-upsby MB Danchou
LevixReader in modern world (Technically a LevixOC because I named the "reader" Emma) The summer has just started & you're happy that you're able to spend a lo...
Genius(Levi X Reader!Genius) And AOT Fanfiction by Xythe_Phantasma
Genius(Levi X Reader!Genius) And Just Al Ice
She joined in as a trainee soldier after the fall of wall Maria with her friends. She only wanted to be with them aside from the fact that there's another reason why she...
Coming Home (Levi/Reader) by wond3rland
Coming Home (Levi/Reader)by wond3rland
Levi finally comes home to you after a long time away at an expedition
Aot Truth Or Dare  by XxXWolfiaXxX
Aot Truth Or Dare by XxXAnime_Girl2345XxX
Hey Guys!! This is for the 100 followers that I recieved and the date is " FEBRUARY 8,2017" and everyone could leave either nice dares or evil dares .....or ju...
The New Cadet (RivEtra) by Squairie_no_Sekai
The New Cadet (RivEtra)by Squairie_no_Sekai
This is an Attack on Titan based fan fiction told in the point of view of Petra Ral who at this time has just been premoted to squad Levi. i trialed this on my instagram...
Gaining Freedom Through Loss(Attack on Titan OC Fanfic) by Rugby2002
Gaining Freedom Through Loss( Ethna
I've been abandoned by two families that always cared for me in my life time. I'm not sure if I can ever be part of another family again. I would shatter if I lost anoth...
"Just a Mistake!" {LeviHan} by Luna_Yakamoto
"Just a Mistake!" {LeviHan}by Luna_Yakamoto
An experiment has gone wrong, and Hanji Zoe had to pay for it. Only Levi Ackerman can hide Hanji's mistake, and is the only one who is allowed to love her.
From the outside (Eren x reader) by Aemtha
From the outside (Eren x reader)by Zero/Aemtha
She was sent in a mission. A mission based from a vision. To exterminate what is supposedly against the survival of humanity. If not capable of killing, bring them back...
Soft Spot [Levi X Reader by XiaoliaLayton
Soft Spot [Levi X Readerby ♥Jasper the friendly ghost♥
Captain always had a soft spot for you. You would watch him beat Eren, and yell at everyone. But when it came to you he never yelled once. You began falling slowly in lo...
Alight in the night sky [S N K] by mashmato
Alight in the night sky [S N K]by ASHLEIGH
"I'm your sister." Ria Tanjis has had her fair share of unfortunate and horrific accidents, as many soldiers in the Recon Corps have. Plagued with the memories...
break the rules  ♕  [levi x reader] by silkteddies
break the rules ♕ [levi x reader]by reverse flash
❝why do you keep breaking the rules?❞ ❝because I want to be in your office, sir.❞ [ levi x reader AU ]
Attack on Titan: 101st Cadet Corp (Alexander's POV) [UNDER SOME CHANGES] by kiri_is_best_boii
Attack on Titan: 101st Cadet Gin_Ibushi_Is_Alpha
A made up story of what the 101st Cadet Corp was like. Two best friends, Alexander Ackerman and Marie Barr, join the Cadet Corp in hopes of being a Scout. Along the way...
Attack on Titian: The 101st Cadet Corp (Under Editing) by -Magicial_Sherlock-
Attack on Titian: The 101st -Magicial_Sherlock-
A made up story on what the 101st Cadet Corp was like, two best friends Marie Barr and Alexander Ackerman join the cadet Corp in hopes of being a scout. On the way they...
Dawn of the Antecedent {Prequel to Thorned Memories} by _MyDomain
Dawn of the Antecedent {Prequel Ƙυмσяι
All stories have their beginnings, but not all end in fairy tales. Whether this is one of those is up for interpretation, but it does not change the fact that this is ho...
With My Life  [Levi x Reader] by HiddenAlias
With My Life [Levi x Reader]by xXCamrynXx
In a titan infested world you begin your journey as a child to honor your family. You want to prove that you can make it in the real world and succeed. Yet, plans are al...