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Mollycoddle My Wife[Layho] by Kakshu
Mollycoddle My Wife[Layho]by HAVT
Suho obeyed his so-called family's decision and married himself off. Thinking that, when this transaction was over, he can live his own life happily ever after. But, lit...
My Sweet Suffering  by JunbunnyofYixing
My Sweet Suffering by A multistan
A LayHo story...... My first story let's see how it goes 😅
You're Still In My Memories!!! by LeeHyun101
You're Still In My Memories!!!by Stella May
"" ကျနော် ခင်ဗျားကို မုန်းတယ် ကျန်းရီရှင်း.... ဘာမှမသိတဲ့သားကိုလည်း စိတ်ဒါဏ်ရာမပေးချင်ဘူး... ခင်ဗျားလည်းခင်ဗျားဘဝနဲ့ခင်ဗျား နေပါ ခင်ဗျားမှာ တာဝန်ယူစောင့်ရှောက်...
My Senior Crush by LeeHyun101
My Senior Crushby Stella May
Senior တစ်ယောက်ကို မြင်မြင်ချင်းမှာဘဲ စိတ်ဝင်စားသွားတဲ့ juniorလေးတစ်ယောက်... Senior ရဲ့ attention ကိုရဖို့ သူ့ကိုသတိထားမိဖို့ ဘယ်လိုကြိုးစားပြီး နောက်ဆုံး senior ကိုအရဲစ...
Can't Take My Eyes Off You[Layho][Complete] by Kakshu
Can't Take My Eyes Off You[Layho][ HAVT
It was a pleasant Atmoshpear in Lui Kingdom. People are enjoying their min time with their families. Among them a Zhang Yixing and Zhang Junmyeon. Showing their love an...
Adopting An Alpha Bunny[Sulay] by Kakshu
Adopting An Alpha Bunny[Sulay]by HAVT
The omega school tyrant, legendarily known as "Xing Ge", Zhang Yixing's heat is approaching. He thought he had no other choice but to seek out an alpha strong...
El Filo de tu Katana (KrisTao) (EXO) by TintasDeSangre
El Filo de tu Katana (KrisTao) ( Küyen♥
Wu Yi Fan es un principe de terrible caracter. Húang Zi Tao es un joven dueño de una finca superpoderosa. China se ve lleno de revoluciones y el Imperio Ming peligra, e...
De chicos listos y de...¿unicornios? | SuLay by Ataraxia_Wu
De chicos listos y de...¿ Dandangie✾
Junmyeon es inteligente. El mejor de la clase. Yixing es... - ¡Hyung!, ¿te gusta mi cuerno? -¿Q-Qué? ••• Pareja principal: SuLay Mención de KaiSoo, KrisHun & ChanBaek Lo...
🌏🤍My Little World🤍🌏 {Completed } by LoeyTulip
🌏🤍My Little World🤍🌏 { Tulip🌷
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ကမ္ဘာငယ်လေး chansoo
Exo's secret maid (Slow Update) by kmlclrVirus
Exo's secret maid (Slow Update)by virus-chan
This is a boy x boy story of HunHan , KaiSoo, ChanBaek, TaoRis, ChenMin, and LayHo :3 A story of a secret match maker maid slowly enticing them with her sweet little w...
Sweet And Creamy  by Kakshu
Sweet And Creamy by HAVT
What will your reaction when your crush come to you're café out of blue. Suho : Hyyyuunngggg did you see that! Xiumin : Yeah~ Lay : Hey like to hangout with me! Suho *s...
My world (a Sulay ff) by galaxykarime
My world (a Sulay ff)by Karime
Greenville high school is your average high school. There are the regular cliques that you see every day. But the most famous person is Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing is...
This Is Love -Layho SuLay- by LisethOrtiz8
This Is Love -Layho SuLay-by El amor de tu vida
Esta es la historia de una relación que se volvió complicada con el tiempo, aunque siempre hacen lo posible por estar bien, ellos definitivamente se aman. . . No solo en...
EXO FF OTP : A Pain in Love  [COMPLETED] by Kpopisheartue
EXO FF OTP : A Pain in Love [ Parbs ♥
❝When you never felt pain, it isn't real, If it hurts it is because you love him.❞ ➤Highest rank #9 in Kristao - 05/19/18 #4 in Layho - 05/19/18 #28 in Selu - 05/19/18 ...
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EXO OTP ONESHOT♡ by JunbunnyofYixing
EXO OTP ONESHOT♡by A multistan
This is book consisting oneshots of exo ships(ofc b×b). If you have some ideas , you can suggest 😊.
Sulay For A Purpose! by Kakshu
Sulay For A Purpose!by HAVT
Again! My 3rd Sulay random Shit!-! So, Its like whenever Im alone I just edit sulay images or add dialogue, and from this ,this whole book is mess off. Images are not m...
4:00 AM by LIFEtheRanger
4:00 AMby LIFEtheRanger
Junmyeon hates the night shift with every fiber of his being. But Yixing... He's a different story
¡Hey, coreano! ¿Nos casamos? » SuLay/LayHo by -sooxing11
¡Hey, coreano! ¿Nos casamos? » dumb
"Kim Junmyeon está harto de las constantes insinuaciones y propuestas por parte de su vecino chino, Zhang Yixing. Y para el colmo, el raro chico tiene las agallas d...
Él quiere [LayHo] by Themuzaa
Él quiere [LayHo]by 玉 (JADE)
"El pequeño Zhang Yi Xing quiere muchas cosas, la que más le interesa es ser Kim JunMyeon". ∟Creado para: Tender love ; SeshatSociety
Cuddles or What? [SuLay]✔️ by kokopopfluff
Cuddles or What? [SuLay]✔️by ◁◁◀面粉▶▷▷
A SuLay oneshot. One thing always lead to another. Like how high school senior Junmyeon was forced to go to a party of another senior. Meeting the hot owner of the house...