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What You Left Behind by the_other_granger
What You Left Behindby ♥ Luna ♥
Elodie Monet Hamilton is 90% sure she likes girls, her dad is dead and her mom just doesn't understand. Sometimes Elodie wonders if she will ever be happy again. She fe...
What are the benefits of running? by truerevo
What are the benefits of running?by truerevo
India is currently witnessing nearly two million heart attacks a year, and a majority of the victims are young adults. This is an alarming figure! Researchers find that...
Yellow Evening Gowns by JAMIMAYO
Yellow Evening Gownsby JAMIMAYO
Wearing an evening gown can make any woman young or old feel as though she were a princess. Choosing the right evening gown is not always easy, but here are some things...
The simulation by Ripka_stuff
The simulationby Т1000 Youtube
A story about a boy who thinks the object he holds can understand what he feels, so he decides to give the objects all of his memories and the knowledge that the memorie...
Latest and Stylish Haircuts by MelissaRover
Latest and Stylish Haircutsby Your Hairstyler
Choose the right haircut for your face with Yourhairstylers. Here you see a Haircut For Curly Hairs, Freezy hairs and many more for all type of hairs and for both men an...
The Stolen Hunter by KshipraSawant
The Stolen Hunterby Kshipra Sawant
Lure was just your average for-hire researcher under the employment of the I.F.A (Intergalactic Federation of Allies)... not. And once the I.F.A accidentally digs up his...
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A Letter To Myself for Someone Else by christoddpher
A Letter To Myself for Someone Elseby chris
I stayed up really late one night thinking. i came up with this, wrote it down on a paper, mailed it to myself, then typed it up
Feed My Thoughts by AmbersEatingCake
Feed My Thoughtsby AmbersEatingCake
Join the revolution! Abolish mediocre plots and generic characters. Save our stories! Written by AmbersEatingCake, and co-written by Yzabella_Pen, Feed My Thoughts is ou...
Invisible Links [On Hold For Now] by Inkyvision
Invisible Links [On Hold For Now]by Ava Lexine (My Pen Name)
A witness to a murder. A corpse. And a teenager's creative mind. They gather to tell their part of the story. Each completing their part, oblivious to another's existen...
Top 8 Winter Wear Hacks: How to Stylised Yourself in Winter? by urbanindia
Top 8 Winter Wear Hacks: How to Urban India
Say goodbye to your winter chills! Urban India brings you Indian ethnic winter wear for women. Pick it up to your favourite attire & groom yourself in winter