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south park: Kyle x Cartman by love_southpark
south park: Kyle x Cartmanby love_southpark
I've been writing this story since 2014 and the first 4 chapters aren't really anything special but it does get better in chapter 5 and up, I'd say. A fan-fiction about...
Seven - Kyman by BeePocket
Seven - Kymanby Bee
Eric and Kyle were forced to spend seven minutes in a closet together, everything changes when Cartman admits something seemingly small. Stan isn't fond of the new dyn...
South park oneshots by SpacemanParker
South park oneshotsby Jack Broflovski
A bunch of gay ass oneshots basically. So far it contains: Bunny, Creek, Kyman, Style, Stylenny, Stutters, Jyle, Tyde, Cryle, Kyutters, Jimtim, Twenny, Steek...
Fatasseo and Jewliet by pixelated_nerd
Fatasseo and Jewlietby You're bootyful <3
*Kyle x Cartman fic* When Cartman gets the role of the dashing Romeo for the next South Park play, no one is willing to play the part of the fair maiden Juliet. So who h...
South Park Kyman - University AU by Tacoblook
South Park Kyman - University AUby Tacoblook
Kyle has entered to university, he can't wait to make new friends here, but what happens when one of his childhood friends is in the same class as his own ? This fanfict...
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman} by cloud_drizzle
Just a Small Crush.. Right? {Kyman}by cloud_drizzle
Eric Cartman has secretly had a crush on Kyle Broflovski for longer than he can remember, but what happens when that secret starts to come out? (This is the first time I...
He Loves Me Not by Kyman_is_my_religion
He Loves Me Notby Kyman is the shit
Kyle broflovski hears the news of Eric Cartman and Heidi Turners new relationship, He's immediately disgusted by it but he doesn't know why until he begins coughing out...
What I have to do to get to you {kyman} by teslarudisill
What I have to do to get to you { CinnamonSakura
Kyle and Cartman have hated eachother since forever, but when Kyle's family is taken away, will he find a newfound love for Cartman?
The Kyle Game by Gingeveeva
The Kyle Gameby Ginger
Cartman, Kenny and Stan one day realize that they all share the same feelings for their friend Kyle. Someone overhears their conversation and decides to make it game. Th...
South Park: Decent to Madness by chiriart227
South Park: Decent to Madnessby Dark Fanfictions
Red Roses (A Kyman Story) by legendary_bebe
Red Roses (A Kyman Story)by meme queen
He looked over at me and he smirked, that was when he grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me to him and our lips met. My eyes were wide open and he looked at me. "D...
Is this love? (Kyman) (DISCONTINUED) by Kay_writes833
Is this love? (Kyman) ( Kay
Stan and Kyle start to fall out of love, Cartman finds this as a chance to get what was originally his. I'm not a huge Kyman shipper, so I am sorry if this book is bad
South Park oneshots~! by xXGayLordCraigXx
South Park oneshots~!by A Nobody
A bunch of South Park, character X character oneshots~!
It was one night. (Kyman) by multifandompark
It was one night. (Kyman)by Mitchie's stories
What happens after you wake up next to your rival after a fun drunk night?
South Park sin by lemonmint60
South Park sinby lemonmint60
It's book about sin/smut/whatever you call it. Request are open. Feel free to suggest.
How an accident turned into a good thing (Kyman) by teslarudisill
How an accident turned into a CinnamonSakura
After a week of dating, Kyle is very jealous of Cartman and Heidi. Kyle makes a choice that changes his and Cartman's relationship forever. This story is much longer tha...
South Park Next Generation  by YaoiOtakuQueen
South Park Next Generation by Izumi Nii is story about South Park next generation. Warnings? There are two cartmans! Also... I don't know how to do a summary for a story that says everything...
South Park ship rating by KennyTheSlut
South Park ship ratingby Kenny McWhoredick
Rate your ships in the comments and I'll rate it as well
City on the Edge of Forever  by NotEnoughNames
City on the Edge of Forever by Marie
Just another Kyman fic. 🤷‍♀️ * I finished this story but I may do some side stories relating to it in the future. Thank you so so much for reading. 💜
South Park Yaoi by MidnightNoises
South Park Yaoiby A Nobody
Just a bunch a cute One-Shots!! Requests are welcome :-) I mainly do BoyxBoy Disclaimer: I do not own South Park or any of the characters involved. The images are not mi...