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Cranial 《Book 1》 by Ace_Stories24
Cranial 《Book 1》by Ace_Stories24
Smii7y (Smitty) unlocks a cold secret. A power unlike no other. Many crave that power and want to use it for themselves. Smii7y finds himself in tough situations but wit...
Krii7y x child reader by Notyourspookiedookie
Krii7y x child readerby Notyourspookiedookie
Ever wonder what if your favorite ship started a family? Well let's follow Smii7y and John journey when one of them adopt a little girl named Y/N. Read to find out it go...
Youtuber Oneshots by forestonsaturn
Youtuber Oneshotsby forestonsaturn
Oneshots of: Blarg Puffer Smii7y Kryoz Pezzy Droid Grizzy Yumi Isaac
Umbra 《Book 2》 by Ace_Stories24
Umbra 《Book 2》by Ace_Stories24
⚠️ This book will have cursing and gore. Art by Runnyunny on deviantart. Pictures aren't by me and credit goes to the photographers. This is book 2 of Crainal, so I high...
Kryoz Oneshots by girlyfan13
Kryoz Oneshotsby girlyfan13
Random one shots of the man himself 💙
Best Friends? (Krii7y) by Jamie_Charles
Best Friends? (Krii7y)by screaminchoherently
How is someone supposed to tell their best friend they love them? How does someone continue on with their day as if someone isn't constantly on their mind? A smile mak...
Paper Hearts || Krii7y by lumos_candour
Paper Hearts || Krii7yby ~LC~
Jaren is your typical nerdy high schooler. Straight As and only enough friends to count on two fingers, he unexpectedly makes a third. But this friend is nothing like hi...
♔ Krii7y Oneshots ♔ ON HIATUS by greykip
♔ Krii7y Oneshots ♔ ON HIATUSby 🍄 chris 🍄
TEMPORARILY ON HIATUS This is a book full of Krii7y oneshots! - Updates every Tuesday!! - - I write fluff, smut, angst, hurt/comfort, etc. - - ❗There will be content...
Enemies | [ KRIIZY ] ✔️  by Lashton_Lames
Enemies | [ KRIIZY ] ✔️ by 공상국민~ 🧉🤍
Completed// 𝔈𝔫𝔢𝔪𝔦𝔢𝔰. 𝔑𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔐𝔬𝔯𝔢, 𝔑𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔏𝔢𝔰𝔰." #1 in Smii7y ❤️
You || Krii7y by lumos_candour
You || Krii7yby ~LC~
Jaren and John are as close as two people can be. That is, until John gets a girlfriend and starts to distance himself from Jaren, who realises he doesn't just miss his...
Incorrect Quotes - SMii7Y+ House by DrColeDeKuiper
Incorrect Quotes - SMii7Y+ Houseby Cole
Requests are Open, give me a incorrect interaction and I'll make it fitting to the group. I absolutely love Incorrect quotes, so I have some for you :) Enjoy!
| Smii7y+ House / Frog House and More | Oneshots by LuckyCat22216
| Smii7y+ House / Frog House and LazyFerret
This book has Fluff and Angst I don't do Smut It includes Bigpuffer, Pezzy, Grizzy, ElasticDroid, Smii7y, Blarg, Kryoz Sorry if the book is bad this is the first One...
Vapour (Krii7y) by HellIsAPerfectPlace
Vapour (Krii7y)by HIAPP
Take a hit and deal with it. // Jaren struggles with his past // \\ John struggles with his present \\ /\ These boys are more alike than they realise /\ ::- But does eve...
My Best Friends Best Friend. (Smii7y X Reader) by Jaelybird
My Best Friends Best Friend. ( J.Bird
(Y/N) met John years ago and they became best friends. One of (Y/N)'s obvious traits is that she is Shy. John tries to help (Y/N) and forces her to Wildcats Fourth Of Ju...
Krii7y OneShots by kyrizz0
Krii7y OneShotsby kyrizz0
i have fallen in love with them and this ship jaren smith is supposedly smittys real name, used to be lukas in the story but i changed it half way into the story oops o...
//Krii7y\\ One Shots by RexEdits09
//Krii7y\\ One Shotsby Rex
Requests are OPEN! Gonna be honest, the first few one-shots aren't great. But because I believe my writing skills have improved since I wrote those, the good content sta...
goodguyfitz (oneshots) by nonchalanc
goodguyfitz (oneshots)by a!
cam oneshots x reader! i refer to you as "YOU" instead of saying "I" because it's easier for me, apologies in advance if you don't like that. ((these...
I'll always protect you no matter what (Vanossgaming x the pregnant reader) by rosetta12344321
I'll always protect you no rosetta12344321
You are eight months pregnant with triplets but you live with an abusive boyfriend who wants your unborn children dead!! So you had no choice but to run away from him an...
online ~ smii7y by mitskilover505
online ~ smii7yby emma
i'm bad at descriptions so just enjoy :)