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Maybe it's LOVE! (KRISHO!) by II_Charlotte_II
Maybe it's LOVE! (KRISHO!)by Weishen V!
A story based on Kris and Suho from EXO! This is for my love for KrisHo! I adore them when they were together and I still will adore them. Haven't found a plot for much...
  • bxb
  • wonkyu
  • kris
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Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU] by KpopDaydreams
Sudden Danger (Kaisoo)[GANGAU]by 🐻8812🐧
Kyungsoo leads one of Seoul's most feared gangs. However, he keeps his gang pretty lowkey at the same time. Considering they still attend school and only a select few kn...
  • xiuchen
  • romance
  • 2jae
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New Family { KrisHo } by disastrous_mistake
New Family { KrisHo }by disastrous_mistake
New Fanfiction! This one will be a Kris and Suho one but also with little Kyungsoo!^.^ Kris and Suho will be recently married and soon there will be a cute little addit...
  • kpop
  • exo-k
  • exo
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"Seoul" BBH | PCY by -FullOfHobi-
"Seoul" BBH | PCYby Baby Boy Enthusiast
A sequel to the story "Havana" Inspired by the song "Seoul" by Wangel Cover by: @Channiesmile, thank you!
  • taoxing
  • chanyeol
  • exo
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Go against the rules by April_girl02
Go against the rulesby April_girl02
Park Chanyeol- A Korean vampire who loves spending time watching the colours and curls fill his arm from his Soul Mate. Byun Baekhyun- A lonely teenager who finds comfo...
  • baekyeol
  • exo
  • kaisoo
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Obertura en el Cielo Milagro en la Tierra by lizzie1040
Obertura en el Cielo Milagro en Guerrera de la Esperanza
Esta historia transcurre después del la ultima Guerra Santa contra los Señores de Oscuridad, tras la derrota de Loki y de las almas de los otros 12 Señores de Oscuridad...
  • santa
  • krisho
  • cosmos
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BxB Kpop Smuts 😉💦 by Jjong_Heenim
BxB Kpop Smuts 😉💦by Jjong_Heenim
This is a BxB Kpop smut but I will do GxG and GxM If you do request but just not 2 people from different groups, for example Lisa and Jungkook.
  • krisho
  • exo
  • bts
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» The War « | zyx ; osh | by wu_lfxing
» The War « | zyx ; osh |by 夢想 (on hiatus)
Luhan who is in love with Sehun do anything just for his love even though he could kill his best friend or what and Yixing want to live peacefully but be a Prince Consor...
  • sebaek
  • krisho
  • wattys2018
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OH MY FAMILY by nunaa04
OH MY FAMILYby nunaa04
Buku keempat dari series Oh My Baby, Oh My Wifey dan Oh My Papa. Setelah kepergian Jongin dari hidupnya, akankah Sehun akan bangkit dari koma dan kembali pada Jongin dan...
  • jonghun
  • krisho
  • hunkai
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OH MY PAPA by nunaa04
OH MY PAPAby nunaa04
Series ketiga dari Oh My Baby dan Oh My Wifey. Masih bercerita tentang keseruan keluarga bungsu Wu. Shixun tumbuh menjadi anak tampan, setampan papa dan Papa yang sepert...
  • sehun
  • sohee
  • family
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Dragon's Little Bunny by KrisHo_100_World
Dragon's Little Bunnyby ♡ĶříşHö_100_Ľěãđēř_Wõŕľđ♡
Title - Dragon's Little Bunny Paring - Krisho Rating - NC-17 Warnings - Yaoi, Violence Genre - Romance , School life Forward Wu Yifan is a scary gangster leader of the...
  • krisho
  • romance
Years Later [Krisho] by Payne-Clifford
Years Later [Krisho]by ✨PARK MINHA✨
Krisho with a bit of Sulay. Enjoy. Just a FYI there will be mentions of mpreg, cheating and there will be some badly written smut. You have been warned. ~ ©May2016
  • krisho
  • chansoo
  • sulay
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Good Parents (KrisHo) by weareone_inamillion
Good Parents (KrisHo)by Ale Wu ☆
"¡Ahora a la venta el sensacional 'Manual para ser buenos padres y no serlo antes de los treinta' por el famoso escritor Eric Moon, consiga su copia ya mismo!"...
  • chenmin
  • sehun
  • kailu
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Unexpected Love《Omegaverse》 by sehungotjams
Unexpected Love《Omegaverse》by sehungotjams
Chanyeol--Alfa Baekhyun--Omega
  • krisho
  • chenmin
  • chanbaek
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The Other Side [EXO] by minseokay
The Other Side [EXO]by .
[EXO] When tragedy strikes Korean boy band EXO, the remaining eleven are lost without their guiding leader. As the members are on the brink of collapsing, the only one w...
  • wattys2015
  • krisho
  • sliceoflife
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De vuelta a Ti... ➤ KrisHo. by linuxlinuxy
De vuelta a Ti... ➤ linuxlinuxy
En donde Kim JunMyeon intentara salir a delante con un niño de seis años y Kris deseara mas que nada...recuperar el amor de su familia.
  • yifan
  • drama
  • kimjunmyeon
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My cute Little Bunny|| Krisho Texting by RedRobinTheBestRobin
My cute Little Bunny|| Krisho an aro ace in outerspace
Dragon: When am ı finally going to be able to call you mine? Krisho texting~
  • kimjunmyeon
  • wuyifan
  • kris
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wedding stories (EXO) by Ren19497
wedding stories (EXO)by Ren19497
This work of fiction is originally posted by Ochie94 in ao3 ( and aff (
  • krishun
  • krisho
  • kairis
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one shots + exo by niniwp
one shots + exoby ☆ nini ☆
Just as the title says. Smut, fluff, angst, it's all here. I take requests of all kinds! Only ones I'll reject are mpreg and things that are a little too extreme, but fe...
  • angst
  • exo
  • krisho
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THE PARENT TRAP by nunaa04
Jongdae - Baekhyun, kembar terpisah. Efek perceraian tidak sah kedua orang tua. Dipertemukan oleh takdir di usia 17 tahun. Menyadari jika mereka bersaudara, keduanya mem...
  • kris
  • krishogs
  • exo
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