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H. Hyunjin AmBw ff//Brown Sugar🍂 by Bangtansholywater
H. Hyunjin AmBw ff//Brown Sugar🍂by Kookiescloud Ch
"STRAY KIDS IS COMING TO GERMANY?!?!" "Y/N!!! THEY ARE KEEP LOOKING INTO OUR DIRECTION OMG!!!" "Excuse me miss. They want you to come...
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Trainee Days |AMBW•FANFIC| by GalaxysTwelveStars
Trainee Days |AMBW•FANFIC|by ✧Girl✧ Full✧ of✧Miracles✧
"Just because you're famous, doesn't mean problems will disappear. Even if people see, they still won't care" -Trainee Girl This story takes place in the eyes...
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Pirate Queen In Wonderland {ATEEZ}  by sanniesdimpless
Pirate Queen In Wonderland {ATEEZ} by luna
~ Ateez 9th member ~ Feel free to request scenarios or anything you would like to see! ♡
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Kpop AMBW Imagines by jxnanaaaa
Kpop AMBW Imaginesby sof.ia
The title says it all
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kpop imagines, reactions, scenarios etc by nICEmyguy69
kpop imagines, reactions, nICEmyguy69
A bunch of kpop related stories Contains Smut, Ambw, angst, fluff etc
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Namjoon my boss ( ambw) kpop bts by kmaluvkpop
Namjoon my boss ( ambw) kpop btsby Kmaluvkpop
(Y/n) comes to Korea for the most famous buissness and highly serious but her boss aka namjoon abuses her because she did something bad beca when she met him she...
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instagram | multifandom ambw story by vxalone
instagram | multifandom ambw storyby vxalone
an instagram story of a black girl mai carter and her group of friends who love to share their lives on instagram. read till the end to see who she ends up with !
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The mute - taehyung and sik k x reader ( khiphop ambw ) by kmaluvkpop
The mute - taehyung and sik k x Kmaluvkpop
This book was inspired by @Hobiserinity book called mute -rm(rapmonster)ambw Sik k is a mute well he doesn't speak much and you may think he's mute he goes to y/n scho...
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secret admirer ambw taehyung by Ambwfanfics123
secret admirer ambw taehyungby skyliarambw
when skyliar gets a unknow text saying I love you things start to go bad
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Ulzzang Princess {Kpop FanFic} by GalaxysTwelveStars
Ulzzang Princess {Kpop FanFic}by ✧Girl✧ Full✧ of✧Miracles✧
Abayomi/Ayo/Yoyo: Spoiled to death, stubborn, and a hopless romantic. Not to mention a diehard kpop fan at heart. Ever since Yoyo was a little girl, she grew up in a wor...
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🌸🍒💋"Secret Girl Crush"👊🏿|AMBW&AWBW by EternalExoticof12
🌸🍒💋"Secret Girl Crush"👊🏿| EXOticOT12'skiss
💔🔓It's hard being a girl 👄💅🏼👀
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Kpop Ambw Imagines  by joonie_exp
Kpop Ambw Imagines by Kay🥰
May include Fluff, Angst, Smut Mostly bts😂 but I do write for other groups
G dragon x ambw reader (also x shinee taemin) by kmaluvkpop
G dragon x ambw reader (also x Kmaluvkpop
G dragon has a girlfriend which is your name they are in a good relationship but... when they fight its physical hmm but can taemin be the cause will they break up read...
★ pops!  ★ by jaemminz
★ pops! ★by 𝐊𝐀𝐓𝐙.
Sleepless nights, joyful mornings, and nothing but happy times. Just a book filled with EXO as fathers and learning and growing along with their children ?? *in editing*
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Taehyung au ambw gang by kmaluvkpop
Taehyung au ambw gangby Kmaluvkpop
(Y/n) is walking through an alley at night when she comes across a killing when she is noticed she is taken to a mansion surrounded by land so she couldn't get out she i...
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Too far away ‟SHINee Lee Taemin AMBW"(이태민) COMPLETED by Kgirlofcolor
Too far away ‟SHINee Lee Taemin XxBANGTANXoXEXODUSxX
A story of two teens in love, who desperately want to see each other,feel each other, and be with each other. But the only thing is....there's an ocean dividing them. ...
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(방탄소년단)BTS BANGTAN(방탄) SCENARIOS(대본) IMAGINES(상상하다) by Kgirlofcolor
I decided not to turn this into a smut for various now it's a scenario/imagines/ whatever tf you request Last Updated: 10-21-16
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BTS AMBW IMAGINESby hoseok have my kids
Your regular bts ambw imagines...
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Coffee(jhope ambw) by Kelice08
Coffee(jhope ambw)by Kelice08
👩🏽‍💻(asian men and black women)=ambw Jhope likes chocolate and he likes coffee when he meets "chocolate" at a coffee shop he's happy he's one of those...he...
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