Ulzzang Princess {Kpop FanFic}

Ulzzang Princess {Kpop FanFic}

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✧Girl✧ Full✧ of✧Miracles✧ By GalaxysTwelveStars Updated Feb 20, 2018

Abayomi/Ayo/Yoyo: Spoiled to death, stubborn, and a hopless romantic. Not to mention a diehard kpop fan at heart.

Ever since Yoyo was a little girl, she grew up in a world full of culture distinct to herself. However a growing fascination, inspired by her aesthetic eye of gorgeous Seoul and K-pop aspired her to become more inclined with Korean culture especially Ulzzang fashion.

Not only is she now the first ever foreign girl to become an Ulzzang model, but she is also the heir to her father's treasures as the african princess: Abayomi. Will her unending curiosity and spoiled upbringing lead her into trouble as she runs away after the flight as her birthday gift? Or will she make it even bigger, meeting the many men of her dreams.

WARING: This will have somewhat intimate scenes that may or may not be more detailed depending on the scenario. For mature readers, and will use a lot of terms leaning towards stereotypes but only for the plot of the story aimed at the main character. This is a fan fiction.