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My boyfriend is a killer | VegasPete AU by TastelessMocha
My boyfriend is a killer | certifiedho
❝Why do you keep pushing me away?❞ ❝Because you keep on getting close.❞ Pete built up a wall. A wall that separates him from the world. A wall that keeps him from gettin...
Where in the world does everyone want him dead then Love Rescue him A story of Kinn&Porsche rescue each other and find love through hate. Just close your eyes, ready to...
birthmark  by Swathysreekutty
birthmark by writing_with_my_heart
[ Completed] Porsche is a highschool boy whose loved by their parents but has no friends and always bullied by everyone in school because of his birthmark . he never fig...
Inhumane k.p (DISCONTINUED) by whosmickey
Inhumane k.p (DISCONTINUED)by m🧸
" He doesn't talk much does he?" " Sadly no, he became mute his sophomore year. He was and still is being bullied because of his dyslexia and stuttering...
external  by tylerperrybxtch
external by Heavenly✨
its about Keith , you'll love it .💜
VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLETED) by lightlessboy
VegasPete: Elusive Target ( Darknessboy
First rule: trust no one. "Main and minor family never trusted each other, but this time it seems different, it feels like we have reached a breaking point..."
Floor 03 (The Parody) by P0mn12
Floor 03 (The Parody)by Ratfeetlmao
Inspired by Mamorus au lol, characters dont belong to me.. Its my mid attempt to do COMEDY with a SERIOUS plot11!! Boi and His furry friendo experience wacky stuff in a...
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KimChay: Restart by annabellfiegel911
KimChay: Restartby Kims_Strand_Of_Hair
This story continues after what we saw in the ending of KP. KimChay legit is my comfort ship, so to ease the pain of Kim breaking my bby Chay's heart I shall gaslight my...
external 2 by tylerperrybxtch
external 2by Heavenly✨
- improved , but short version of 'cravingz'
kp smut by KabboSanyal
kp smutby Kabbo Sanyal
This is all my imagination. The characters credit doesn't belong to me. Enjoy
Highschool Love ( VegasPete ) by kim081330_Xkitty
Highschool Love ( VegasPete )by kim081330_Xkitty
Pete is a cute highschool boy that everyone adore and Vegas is a bad boy that everyone want to be with . What will happen if they met each other ? Will they fall in love...
B. F. O. F. (Kaiju Paradise story) by zGrass
B. F. O. F. (Kaiju Paradise story)by Grass
It's a kaiju paradise story (i dont own game) that came into my kind some day and mostly do this for fun. Making it x/reader for yourself is okay. No lemons and gays. In...
HATE LOVE STORY Ft.Preeran✔️ by JessInkspiration
HATE LOVE STORY Ft.Preeran✔️by Jess
This story revolves around Karan and Peeta who study in Mumbai University.. Their story starts with HATE and gradually that HATRED turns into LOVE Stay connected.❤❤
"The new normal" (Kaiju Paradise story) by KP_Enjoyer
"The new normal" (Kaiju Paradise Someone Anonymous
A Kaiju Paradise story I felt like making. (Actual story related stuff now) A human who has just transfurred now has to get used to his soon to be new life.
Fragments of Forgiveness by smoakfairchild
Fragments of Forgivenessby smoakisin
Chay, consumed by an agonizing mix of betrayal and hurt, confronts Kimhan, whose past actions have left a haunting mark. Amidst the chaos and pain, will they find their...
Unbreakable bond.Kinnporsche[Omegaverse] by ZahraIslam017
Unbreakable bond.Kinnporsche[ Zahra Islam (Ibshika)
Kinn recently lost his love of his life.How will kinn take revenge for his love? Is it possible that Porsche is alive? Join kinn as he explores the mystery behind porsch...
The fated Devils (Stockholm syndrome 2) by Thissbabyslayy
The fated Devils (Stockholm Kqueen
Tw! SA! Trafficking! Voilence! Smut! Leaving the Underground boxing, Pete enters the Mafia world. In a hope to be able to give his Grandma a better life. In a hope to li...
Opposites in Love [ COMPLETE ] by mitskihater2
Opposites in Love [ COMPLETE ]by INACTIVE
A nightcrawler quietly stumbles upon somebody in the middle of blackout, slowly each fall in love. Forever soulmates, slaying whoever says they can't be with eachother.
Daddy Daycare k.p (DISCONTINUED) by whosmickey
Daddy Daycare k.p (DISCONTINUED)by m🧸
" Keith why do you take care of these BeBe kids messing up my house." " First off this is MY house, I'm the only one paying bills up in our dau...