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Motivated to be lazy by pl_obsidian
Motivated to be lazyby Ya hallo
Ayanokouji X Ichinose Adopted by the Sakayanagi family at a young age. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka wants nothing more than to do nothing. While those around him are frustrated w...
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x Fem!OC [Reincarnated in COTE] by Kiyone-Chan
He Will Be Mine | Ayanokouji x AyanoChibi
Miura Yumiko is a girl who never was a able to fall in love with anyone. No one ever excited her. She's a girl capable of great feats and very intellectual. She read the...
COTE : Transfering To Class B [Hiatus]  by LuciFer_Nava
COTE : Transfering To Class B [ LuciFer ¬
Literally What The Title Says! Ayanokouji Transfering To Class B. There might be some Kiyo-Nami Moments too.... Read The Fic, If you find it Interesting... ( WARNING...
Cote: That time i got expelled and becomes a Sensei by Quin-X
Cote: That time i got expelled Quin-X
This book is from my What-if's, The story starts during the class poll exam where the Class-C students would need to expel someone, but instead of Yamauchi they expelle...
[Welcome to the Perfection Class] - The Power of the Three Leaders by Oboroten2345
[Welcome to the Perfection Class] Oboroten2345
What would happen if the leader of Class A, Class C, and Class D were crammed into the same class? Will they be able to work together, and will they be able to create a...
The Odd One Out by AnimePhysicist
The Odd One Outby Anime Physicist
In this timeline, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, masterpiece of the White Room, attends Tokyo Advanced Nurturing High School in hopes of living the peaceful life of a normal high...
COTE: A new start (Kiyo x OC) by Tossiap
COTE: A new start (Kiyo x OC)by Tossiap
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and his girlfriend escaped from the place they both grew up and enrolled at Advanced Nurturing High School, which even the people who wants to take t...
Random COTE reaction ( On Hold) by BERSAFIE
Random COTE reaction ( On Hold)by Bersafie
This is not a normal reaction fanfic I added some things so basically its my au Timeline y1 vol 3 after island exam
COTE - Who the hell said it by Argutos
COTE - Who the hell said itby Shin-kun
Yeah they got summoned by a god and they guess who the hell said it the characters are not mine Credits to Syougo Kinugasa Before Volume 3 Year 2
Classroom Of the elite-your typical cliche reaction. Oh, and Oneshots too by MightyAsmodeus
Classroom Of the elite-your BigFrog
Its just as the title said. A typical cliche COTE reaction fic with all the years+Horikita Manabu and Tachibana senpai+teachers,tsukishiro,Papayanagi,Ayanopapa(maybe) Ma...
White room : The Reaction by Aisuru_Hana13
White room : The Reactionby 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓪~ 𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷
The students of Advance Nurturing High school are suddenly teleported into an unknown location,sort of like a theater, where they see an unknown person in front of them...
Ahh mou. This is my pov by Kushi312
Ahh mou. This is my povby Kushi
The cote story but from the perspective of best girl. Karuizawa Kei. Note that I may change somethings so please do not kill me as we don't know the entire story from he...
Classroom of the Elite: Prepared by derpycote
Classroom of the Elite: Preparedby derp
After sucessfully passing the first year of his peaceful high school life, a new challenge arose, the second year. After dealing with Hosen and his plan to expel him, hi...
Transfer: Class C by w0rkinpr0gress
Transfer: Class Cby me
This'll be my first CoTE fic, and it'll be taking place after the events of y2v1. As the name suggests, Ayanokouji will be transferring into class C and it'll be focused...
A Man On A Mission || Classroom Of The Elite  [Completed] by AnkitFTW
A Man On A Mission || Classroom AnkitFTW
" You are being admitted to Class-D, the worst Class of your year. " " If you successfully reach Class-A, you will get freedom for your lifetime " &q...
COTE one-shots by KingpinRisette
COTE one-shotsby Kazuma Narukami
This happened just because there's so many random stories on my head driving me crazy so I decided to write it. I hope you enjoy. I do not own any of You-zitsu character...
MASTERPIECE by Ayanokoji-Kyun
MASTERPIECEby Ayanokoji-Kyun
Ayanokoji decides to utilize his abilities instead of holding back. He concludes that to have a normal experiece of a high school life, he needs to reach A Class. He bec...
The Whiteroom Elites || COTE : Class W [DISCONTINUED] by AnkitFTW
The Whiteroom Elites || COTE : AnkitFTW
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and 4 other White Room Students of the 4th Generation, on the orders of his father , The Head of The White Room are joining ANHS to test themselves...
Kiyotaka in Class B by Xeraph007
Kiyotaka in Class Bby Xeraph
This fic is something other than any ordinary fanfic about Classroom of the Elite... Be warned. Dives deeper into Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Ichinose Honami's selves far di...
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!) by FictionalAuthor14
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!)by FictionalAuthor14
It's been 3 years since they graduated from class A.After overcoming different obstacles,they married in secret and now the time has come for a School Reunion. What are...