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Your forever is all that i need {kellic} by oliviasykess
Your forever is all that i need { Ashley Sykess
After vic changes schools he thinks he finally found his mate, since he's 19 he has to find his luna before he replaces his father as the alpha of the pack when he's 21...
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Another Cinderella Story |Kellic| by Gabisnotfab
Another Cinderella Story |Kellic|by Weirdo
Kellin has always been treated poorly by their stepmother and step sisters. But, when they sneak out to go to the ball and meet the prince, Victor, everything changes. I...
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Love like War [ kellic / Koli ] by KoliQuentes420
Love like War [ kellic / Koli ]by Kittrellix
This is the second book, the first is a Fransykes called OCD In the first book it was in Oli and Josh's pov and Kellin was a side character that was pretty mysterious. n...
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A Whole New World (Kellic) - boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
A Whole New World (Kellic) - collidewiththemadnss
After being taken away from his severely neglectful parents, Kellin Quinn is put into foster care with little knowledge or experience of the world outside his abusive ho...
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Sweetest Sin || Kellic/ Kustin ✔ by kelliclashton
Sweetest Sin || Kellic/ Kustin ✔by kelliclashton
In which Kellin finds peace in Vic's violence. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be warned
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Toxic Valentine (Kellic) - boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Toxic Valentine (Kellic) - boyxboyby collidewiththemadnss
Recently after Vic had gotten out of an abusive relationship, he meets Kellin, a college student majoring in fine arts, who had just moved into town. Vic learns pretty q...
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Champagne, Flowers & Chocolate - Kellic - Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Champagne, Flowers & Chocolate - collidewiththemadnss
Kellin, a hypersexual 18 year old meets the man of his dreams. The only problem being, it's his 26 year old widower therapist. How long will Vic keep up his professiona...
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The Stray || Kellic ✔ by kelliclashton
The Stray || Kellic ✔by kelliclashton
In which the schools outcast and the schools class president get paired up for a project
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Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboyby collidewiththemadnss
Kellin Quinn had a traumatic upbringing and since has had a hard time staying out of his head. He is sickened by what he loves, and despite trying so hard to heal, he co...
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One shots || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
One shots || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
The title says it all. There will be fluff, probably some smut too. Warnings will be in the beginning of each chapter.
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Hotels are cheap (ddlb) Kellic by joshler-ships-kellic
Hotels are cheap (ddlb) Kellicby jalex lives with austlan
Kellic fanfiction (Ddlb) Kellins got a big secret. And an even bigger one then that.
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With Heaven Above You, There's Hell Over Me (Kellic) - BoyxBoy by collidewiththemadnss
With Heaven Above You, There's collidewiththemadnss
What happens when you're falling apart and your human punching bag is the only one who can save you from yourself? Vic's life is slowly crumbling and Kellin's fell apart...
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Suicide ↠ Kellic by treepowers
Suicide ↠ Kellicby treepowers
"I used to hate my life, hate myself, hate everything around me until I met this one boy who changed my life." |completed July 10th 2016|
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And Now I'm Nothing → Kellic by patrickstuhmpz
And Now I'm Nothing → Kellicby life ruiner
(boyxboy) That one where the popular guy gets dared to ask out the outcast.
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Bad Is The New Good || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
Bad Is The New Good || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Inspired by Orange is the new black! When Kellin Quinn is sent to prison for a crime he committed years ago, he's utterly terrified of his new company. When he gets to s...
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I Love You. (But Not Really)  by victurdfuentits
I Love You. (But Not Really) by A Vic Enthusiast
Vic Fuentes can't help that he'd do anything for his best friend, Kellin. Even if it meant pretending to date him so that he could earn a little extra money. Which is ho...
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I Want You (In The Most Unromantic Way) *Book One* (kellic) by thelucywhocouldfly
I Want You (In The Most Lucy
Kellin Quinn: noun: - new boy. Vic Fuentes: noun: - cool, confused, cute boy. What happens when Vic is forced to show the new kid around?
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All for Copeland *Kellic*✅ by dobrikaesthetic
All for Copeland *Kellic*✅by ♓️
Kellin Quinn and his wife Katelynne need a babysitter for their 12 month old (1 year) daughter Copeland. 17 year old Vic takes the job. At first everything is fine unt...
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Impossible Body Type (A Kellic) by Driftwood_Heart
Impossible Body Type (A Kellic)by Ginger Princess 👑
Imagine waking up everyday and hating your own reflection, hating the skin you were born in. Kellin deals with this on a daily basis. He's got a rocky past and brain tha...
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Hurt (Kellic) by JustThePlanets
Hurt (Kellic)by Ray ✨
your words hurt more than any hit ever could (abuse/transphobia tw)
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