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Shintaro Kisaragi x Reader (Kagerou Project) by pizzawolf9
Shintaro Kisaragi x Reader (Kagero...by Chasoba-chan
One shots between Shintaro and reader. Fluff!!! :3 And some angst....aya-NO! Kagepro belongs to Jin, as does it characters. The cover art and any illustrations here are...
Hold on to Me {ShinAya fanfic} by oheymjuls
Hold on to Me {ShinAya fanfic}by hakdog
It was the start of the school year. A transferee, Shintaro Kisaragi, couldn't care less on making friends. He transfered so he could followed his first love, Ene. Until...
Once Again Daze (Kagepro x Knb x HQ Fanfic) by -idxris
Once Again Daze (Kagepro x Knb x H...by - aris. ♡♡
『 We'll meet again some day. 』 After the events of Summertime Record, the Mekakushi Dan find themselves in a new world, with new identities, and a set of older brothers...
transparent answer; akira kurusu by hwaellee
transparent answer; akira kurusuby mitochondria is the powerhous...
the story of a boy's regret. non persona au [angst] [complete]
Anime Zodiacs by NatyZoom
Anime Zodiacsby Naty Zoom
It's really what the title says ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Memes de Kagerou Project by sungsoftie
Memes de Kagerou Projectby me mudé eeeeee
Lee el título :) SPOILERS ALV !!! ES RECOMENDABLE HABER LEÍDO EL MANGA Y VISTO EL ANIME |#341 en Humor el 21/1/17| waah gracias :3 |#199 en Humor el 22/1/17| OH MAI...
Abstract Eyes (Konoha / Kuroha X Reader - Kagerou Project) by asthrequel
Abstract Eyes (Konoha / Kuroha X R...by Shi
Previously #1 in Kagerou Project Fan fiction ♥ At the basin of sakura trees atop the isolated mountain peacefully rested the residence of the family who possessed the a...
seventy [shinaya one shots] by sharaaarrru-
seventy [shinaya one shots]by I like chocolates. :)
Collection of one-shots since I got so many ideas right now. — Chapter 23 - Between; Shintaro's too much of a dork beside Ayano which is probably the 342th reason why sh...
My Only Hero by Sofissy
My Only Heroby Sofissy
In a series of continuous nightmares, Alfred could only watch Arthur fall into the hands of death. Is this truly the end of their story? ((Yes, KagePro inspired. Yes, ne...
Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project/Kagerou Days One Shots by Samantha-chan
Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project...by Samantha-Chan
One shot stories of the Mekakushi Dan. 2015-2019 ***Open for recommendations!*** comment wherever you want or DM me. THERE'S A LOT OF KAGEPRO IN THIS BOOK, MY GIFT TO TH...
My Tough Love by Rosseta_shiro
My Tough Loveby Rosseta_shiro
-Ayano Tateyama -Shintaro Kisaragi Ayano Tateyama is the most cheerful girl that Shintaro Kisaragi've ever met. And also Shintaro's childhood friend. Shintaro love Ayano...
El verdadero objetivo by Trekumy
El verdadero objetivoby Trekumy
Saeru, tenía claro lo que buscaba... Disclaimer: Ni los personajes ni los entornos, ni la serie me pertenecen, son propiedad intelectual de Jin, y la imagen de portada...
Stuck In Mekakucity Actors Fan-fic by Crimsuhn
Stuck In Mekakucity Actors Fan-ficby crim
Memori No Kogane a 16 year old girl who wishes to be in her favourite anime, Mekakucity Actors. One day, when she was walking home from school the ground crumbled beneat...
Dreams by iridescentjh
Dreamsby prev. @hercndales
My first time writing fanfiction, so I'm starting simple with a short Shintaro x Ayano oneshot from the anime Mekakucity actors. [I don't own the following pictures or c...
Mekakucity Swaps (ships) by feralfauna_
Mekakucity Swaps (ships)by feralfauna_
EVERY CANON SHIP WILL STAR HERE! Basically, the Mekakushi-dan swap powers. And this is the malarkey that comes with it... Do not read if you haven't watched/read Kagerou...
Kagerou Project OTP'S by kitsuhime
Kagerou Project OTP'Sby bambi
These are my old friend's stories... From online so I don't know where she is right now or how to contact her so please support her stories by favoriting and sharing. Th...
+Hide and Seek+(Kuroha x Reader One-Shot) by Smushmallow
+Hide and Seek+(Kuroha x Reader On...by ~Avia~
It all started when you bumped into a green-haired girl. As soon as you looked up, you could see four people behind her, who looked at you with surprised eyes. A guy who...
When She Cries by canyouAyaNOT
When She Criesby Tada
A story about how Shintaro could end up saving Ayano's life when she's suffering from her depression. A SHINAYA. [I kinda changed their personalities to make it really...