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The Song's Memory (Engineering Student #2) by eraeyxxi
The Song's Memory (Engineering meadow 🌼
What the mind forgets; the heart remembers. You're always there to lift me up. I don't have a friend, everyone hates me, but you chose to be with me. Kaya hindi ko makak...
Rewrite The Star. Book 2 by annneo6
Rewrite The Star. Book 2by
Five years later, scar and calex meet again. but what could fate have planned for them again? Will scar continue to be hurt by calex or will their relationship be good?
BLIND DATE by 4ursky
BLIND DATEby _bam_haneul_
Elaine Natalie has been blind since birth.She though that she would live alone forever because of her condition,but there is a man who can do everything just for her.
You fooled by what you see. You fooled by your trusted person. Nevertheless, trusting anyone except yourself because in this world you can only trust yourself. Only y...
Learn Korean Words by Raimyeon
Learn Korean Wordsby Levi
Ready na kayo Matuto ng Korean Words? ^_^
The Young Bodyguard  by Aziepink163
The Young Bodyguard by Aziepink163
Livios Martinez, 25 years old. A strong and resilient bodyguard of 30 years old beautiful lady, Tallula Odette Hidalgo. Is age doesn't matter really exist?
Bloody Z(The Unknown Demon) by CherKang
Bloody Z(The Unknown Demon)by Miss C
When you hear 'Z' run,she was your greatest nightmare you've waitin' for.
Open letter to the one who left me {watty's #9} by thescatteredhearts
Open letter to the one who left zane
This is a letter, a open letter, who left. Relate or not feel free to read it. Completed©2016 All rights reserved®
Will you be my gangster Boyfriend by MylaMarcos5
Will you be my gangster Boyfriendby Myla Marcos
A story of one girl fall inlove with a gangster leader♥️
unknown accident by Velvetmae
unknown accidentby velvetmae
A young girl who unknowingly died in a car accident. But is it really a car accident, or something much more than that.
The Zombie Apocalypse ( Virus) by angeeemari
The Zombie Apocalypse ( Virus)by Girlinlove
Sa paaralan g.s.i.s dranhs campus ay may mga kababalaghan Sa silid-aralan na Gardenia ang mga studyante ay Maingay Magulo Mabait Masaya Matalino Nerd pro mabait Magan...
L I L A C by Bangssi
L I L A Cby 𝑩𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒕𝒉
What will you do if the person you love suddenly disappeared? Copyright © 𝑩𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒕𝒉, 2018
Searching My Mr.Right(Ongoing) by Bangtanmaiden
Searching My Mr.Right(Ongoing)by BinibiningCarmela
About a Young lady named Franshin she's a Fangirl and she do everything to Pursue the Man She really love and she have her Bestfriend Hazel but what if The Man that she...
The Hidden Pain (unknown series 1) by uniqueeniv
The Hidden Pain (unknown series 1)by iv
Claim it before it fades, but when it fade never stop until you find it.
But Still You Are The One by Mjanekim15
But Still You Are The Oneby JaneKim.15
Sorry for Inconvenience but i have to change the plot of the story but the characters are still the same so dont worry :) And I will be more active in updating so please...
When I Was Your Man by Abebeloved27
When I Was Your Manby Abebeloved27
Alam mo yung feeling na nagmamahal ka pero bakit laging sila yung nagmamahalan? Ako yong nandito pero bakit wala lang.Alam mo yung feeling na sa t'wing magmamahal ka lag...
Right Time Of Giving Up by Sfayiee
Right Time Of Giving Upby Sofia
I know I love him, I'm sure of it.... I'm the one who's chasing I'm the one who's fighting I'm the one who's trying I'm the one who's loving I know I can wait for him ev...
WHO ARE YOU by kookielotie
WHO ARE YOUby ruth bustamante
Fame Famous Celebrity Star Sikat Kilala Kahit ano paman ang tawag sakanila Bastat kilala sila Kahit ano pa ang Disguise na gawin nila Paniguradoy makikilala sila ng Mga...