Last full moon(Boyxboy)(shaylor)(Magcon Boys)

Last full moon(Boyxboy)(shaylor)(Magcon Boys)

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On the last full Moon of the year every werewolf who has turn 17 years old will be able to find their mates. So what happens when Omega Shawn Mendes finds out that his mate is none other than future alpha Taylor Caniff. Taylor and Shawn are complete opposites one is shy and the other loud. Will Taylor accept Shawn or will he reject him. Then what happens when a new person joins the pack and takes an interest in Shawn what will Taylor do.

Shawn is the bottom of the social class in the pack. He is shy, innocent, and loves to play guitar and sing  even though he won't let people hear him. He has a few friends Matthew Espinosa Chi(Kie), Jack Johnson phi(fie) , and his best friend Cameron Dallas psi(sigh). They are all excited to find their mates but what happens when Shawn finds out his mate is not only a guy but is also the schools bad boy and football jock Taylor Caniff and not to mention that he also is the future alpha of their pack.

Taylor has always had the best life. He is on the school's football team and is also the school's bad boy. Living as the soon to be alpha he doesn't get in too much trouble. Him and his friends are at the highest ranks Jack Gilinsky as future Delta, Carter Reynolds as future Gamma, and his best friend Nash Grier as future Beta. Unlike the low ranks that are born into them the high ranks inherit the rank and must be part of the bloodline. Taylor never wanted a mate because he thought she would only hold him back. He sleeps around with a lot of girls and has had more girlfriends that than there are stars in the sky. So what happens when he meets his mate Shawn who hasn't even had his first kiss.

Okay this is my first story like ever. These are real people but most of the things that happened is made up from my own imagination.I don't own it. Sorry about the grammar and spelling I am not that good. Write your suggestion and ideas in the comment box. I may change their appearance a little bit to go with the story. I hope you like it