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lost love {j.b. & m.s.} by bettawerkmez
lost love {j.b. & m.s.}by kim
Hey, my name is Jase. To be clear, this is the story about a love that I lost, because I can't help to miss how things used to be. Not every person is lucky enough to g...
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  • love
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Where are they  by xtrittany_
Where are they by xtrittany_
Emily and hunter have went missing and it's up to Riley and James to find them
  • fangirl
  • jileyfanfiction
  • thenextstep
Jiley: Maybe I Was Wrong by topmebieber
Jiley: Maybe I Was Wrongby anonymous
Justin is lost in the world he once knew. His worst nightmare has become his reality. Him being stuck in a love triangle or so he thought. But the fact of the matter is...
  • jileyoverboard
  • jileyfanfiction
  • justinbieberfanfiction
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justin + miley (discontinued) by xoange
justin + miley (discontinued)by ange
justin, i'm telling you our story
  • jiley
  • mileycyrus
  • justin
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The Life Of Our Family's Dog by JeffLafavilla
The Life Of Our Family's Dogby Jeff Lafavilla
  • jiley
  • jily
  • jillvalentine
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Jiley's Story by NadineTordjman
Jiley's Storyby NadineTordjman
Jiley were great, they were awesome but then... a girl called Beth came in and Caused conflict between them, but that didn't seperate them. Later on a guy called Alfie j...
  • toronto-canada
  • intrest
  • thenextstep
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Another Side Of Fame by biebsss87
Another Side Of Fameby biebsss87
popstar miley cyrus meets justin bieber . what happens when they get together and relize that they're tired of living up too everybodys expections and just wanna have fu...
  • fights
  • abuse
  • partying
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Ain't No Cinderella(Jiley Series) by LovatoLuv95
Ain't No Cinderella(Jiley Series)by CBelle Luv
Miley Cyrus has spent her entire life fighting to raise herself with an evil step-mother and two stupid step-sister. With this life training, she has learned to only to...
  • jiley
  • mileycyrus
  • jileyfanfiction
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Canopic Jars (Jily AU: Archaeologists) by andwhisperstalesofmk
Canopic Jars (Jily AU: Archaeologi...by andwhisperstalesofmk
Lily Evans and James Potter are archaeology students who have been selected to partake in a dig in Egypt. James can't keep his eyes off of Lily, and Lily sees something...
  • lilypotter
  • harrypotterfanfiction
  • jily
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Soulmates - Jiley & Tritanny One-Shots by Dandelion-Girl
Soulmates - Jiley & Tritanny One-S...by Nessie M
Basically Jiley and Trittany one-shots about all the seasons and some in a AU. Some may have more than 1 part, according to how I feel Hope you enjoy!
  • jiley
  • tns
  • trittany
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Book Recommendations  by Maddieemi123
Book Recommendations by Maddieemi123
Just some recommended books/authors for different fandoms. Enjoy!
  • percabeth
  • books
  • percabethfanfiction
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The Silencer by ohsobiebah
The Silencerby Heather
they say you become what you practice...and I guess that means that one day I'll be Silenced.
  • lies
  • mileycyrus
  • justinandmiley
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Numb Hearts by daturtlesaurus
Numb Heartsby daturtlesaurus
Two different worlds. Two different backgrounds. Two different people. Will cold hearts be melted? And lives be changed? Or, will life be as it is and forever be the sam...
  • fiction
  • jileyfanfiction
  • life
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Jily//A Journey to Remember by HarrysWriters
Jily//A Journey to Rememberby Harry Potter
Lily Evans is a smart, sassy red head, she's the poster girl for goodness, but what happens when she starts to spend more time with bad boy James Potter? It's defiantly...
  • snape
  • marlene
  • frank
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The Chosen Love by WritingWordsAMinute
The Chosen Loveby Aimee D
I don't normally write fanfiction, but when I do, the characters matter A LOT to me... So, I have compiled together my own personal canon of short stories based on JK Ro...
  • backstory
  • jilyfanfiction
  • potterheads
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