Jiley A-Z Alphabet One Shots by TNS-PLL
Jiley A-Z Alphabet One Shotsby TNS and PLL lover
Because I'm obsessed with Jiley, I'm doing an a alphabet one shot for them. *My other story has been deleted has I have had writers block now for about two months so ye...
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Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfiction by Dandelion-Girl
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfictionby Nessie M
After James and Beth's kiss what will happen to Jiley? James became Riley's safe heaven, her everything. He helped her gain confidence and overcome her fears. Now she...
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Lost (The Next Step Fanficion) [ONGOING] by TheNextStepJiley
Lost (The Next Step Fanficion) [ON...by ☁ jiley ☁
When an airplane travelling from Australia crashes on a mysterious island, 48 survivors must figure out how to live on the island until they get rescued. Read how the m...
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Forever: A Jily Fanfic by Harry_Potter_Facts
Forever: A Jily Fanficby Harry_Potter_Facts
She was scared to let anyone break down her walls especially the arrogant toerag that is James Potter.
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Under strange circumstances by moonlightpirouette
Under strange circumstancesby moonlightpirouette
It's the marauder's seventh year at Hogwarts, and you know what that means! Scandal, surprise, and a lot of love. Told from the four different perspectives of James, Lil...
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Jealous Vibes {JILY} by Dreams4catching
Jealous Vibes {JILY}by #youwillbefound
Lily Evans and James Potter are in their fourth year. As soon as news of the Yule Ball is out, James rushes to find Lily. Of course he wants to go with her, but Lily s...
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Jily: Stag And Doe by GryffindorGirl89
Jily: Stag And Doeby GryffindorGirl89
Hey! This is a Jily fanfic!! Im the owner of the Instagram account @the_marauderss_ !
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Denial by iamsuchnerd
Denialby caitdodd
This is a story from Lily and James's 6th year to their 7th year. Lily has just lost her best friend and doesn't know where to turn. She misses Severus but can never for...
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Jily One Shots by writteninthesescars
Jily One Shotsby Dylan O'Marry Me
James Potter loves Lily Evans. But she just finds him an arrogant jerk. Will she ever like him back? #jily Follow me on Instagram @ thepotterworldexpress
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I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good by Brie111e
I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Goodby Brielle
A short story featuring everyone's favorite Mauraders. For the sake of the plot I added charecters and changed minor details about pre existing ones. I do not pretend to...
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