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Living with a Stranger ❥ jensoo by ThePurpleEyedHime
Living with a Stranger ❥ jensooby ❥Purple
Kim Jisoo ❥ A girl who is so full of herself. An arrogant bisexual selfish bitch that plays with everyone's feelings. A girl who thinks she has all what she wants in her...
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) ✨ [COMPLETED] by BuggyBunny_
Lies - Truth (JenLisa FanFic) ✨ [ BuggyBunny
"You're my one and only." "He's Kai, my friend." "I love you, Lisa." Lies. 'What does it take to make you tell me the Truth, Jennie?' WARNI...
Unfaithful | Jenlisa by Nerdy_Frozen
Unfaithful | Jenlisaby 雪
"I knows she's unfaithful and it's killing me inside to know she's happy with some other guy." - Lalisa Manoban Based off from Rihanna's song 'Unfaithful' Wher...
One-shots (Jensoo)  by Ppoongg
One-shots (Jensoo) by ;
A single stand-alone stories, or some multi-shots. Maybe angst? Maybe fluff? But surely is full of jensoo!
Stuck in the Moment (Jenlisa)  by jenlisa_jaurello
Stuck in the Moment (Jenlisa) by angel ✨
What if life gives you another chance? What would you do? Lisa Manoban, one of the most influential photographers of the 21st century, discovers something, or rather, s...
Jensoo | Love at first sight by chickinflvr
Jensoo | Love at first sightby Chicken?!
Jennie is your basic intimidating person. Jisoo is just a girl trying to get by through her depression and self harm. This is my first Jensoo book and it is very rough S...
I Hate Everything About You || Jensoo by xxclosed1316xx
I Hate Everything About You || [D]
Jennie and Jisoo have been married for ten years...things aren't going that put it mildly - Jensoo converted Original story by ©betterlIeftbIank
The Battle of the Last Clans (Jennie x Reader) by MrBlackHair
The Battle of the Last Clans ( Hopie
You and Jennie unexpectedly fall in love, but you are of two different kinds. Jennie a vampire and you a werewolf. What will happen when the last two clans find out you...
✅ SS Artemis ♤ Jennie x Fem!Reader by Ya_Girl_17
✅ SS Artemis ♤ Jennie x Fem!Readerby let-them-read-fics
Late springtime, 1913. Following an invitation from her father overseas, heiress and socialite Jennie Kim is tasked with sailing across the North Atlantic with her mothe...
Our Continuity (Jensoo) by Ppoongg
Our Continuity (Jensoo)by ;
Jennie and jisoo continues the love they started 8 years ago, having a new fresh start but there's one tiny problem. Distance, long distance. ‼️BOOK 2 OF 'THE STORY OF...
The Lovesick Truth || BLACKPINK x BTS by Wh4dd4H3ckUnn13
The Lovesick Truth || BLACKPINK Amber_KWK
11 friends met together by chance, by fate and had the best of times with each other. However unbeknownst to them, they met at the wrong time, and will be killed by fat...
 [COMPLETED] Shadow | Kim Jisoo X Male Reader--Blackpink fanfic  by jendeukieka
[COMPLETED] Shadow | Kim Jisoo Jenjen
[COMPLETED] Back in the day, there were sunny days.. There were flashing lights.. I was always by your side.. I was there.. Cause I'm shadow..
HIDEOUT. ✔︎ by luvminusone
HIDEOUT. ✔︎by 8
It had taken Jennie so long to finally get over Taehyung, but one accidental awkward meet-up changes everything. taennie. ©️LUVMINUSONE
BANGPINK ~ Incorrect Quotes ✨ by jinnie_blxsh
BANGPINK ~ Incorrect Quotes ✨by .A.
~just a bunch of BangPink incorrect quotes full of sarcasm and humour🤪 🦋incorrect quotes from : pinterest, twitter, instagram, google, tumblr started : 11-04-2021 ong...
before i go. ✓ by cozysoo
before i go. ✓by ً
in which jennie found letters from her first love when she visited her house. a jensoo short story. © cozysoo 2021
Mrs.Kim by leshyaann
Mrs.Kimby leshaa
collection, dropping when boredom's hitting.
Jinda Queens || BLACKPINK x BTS by Wh4dd4H3ckUnn13
Jinda Queens || BLACKPINK x BTSby Amber_KWK
Y/N is a student who just transferred to Jinda High School, one of the most prestigious school in Korea. With a new school comes a new class, new lessons, and new friend...
Jennie Kim's  Sisters by naaliapadilla
Jennie Kim's Sistersby Cheska Ice
Jennie's life with her little sisters, Come and join as we will see how she will handle her sisters and some chaos, lots of chaos.
Dis | Jenlisa by Nerdy_Frozen
Dis | Jenlisaby 雪
"I am the goddess of the underworld and queen of the dead, I eat souls for breakfast and I bathe under the deads' blood. I want nothing more but destruction and cha...