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My Single Parents by jennierubysooya
My Single Parentsby jennierubysooya
What happens when a single gay Jennie finds a cute kid outside her door who is claiming to be her child Converted JenSoo fanfic. All credits go to eyelovegg
And We Grow | Jensoo by jenchuukim
And We Grow | Jensooby ‎
"I'm a mess," Jennie says. You're perfect, Jisoo wants to say back. But instead, "No you're not." Jennie looks up then, giving Jisoo a pointed look...
The Bet (Jensoo) by smitchie08
The Bet (Jensoo)by smitchie08
Kim Jisoo lived a very routinary life until one day, her best friend and roommate Rosé dealt with a certain client named Jennie Kim which Jisoo didn't know would change...
The Five Steps | Jensoo by jisoofitoor
The Five Steps | Jensooby 𝓽.
Jennie Kim is flirtatious and impulsive; trying to rebuild her relationship after a recent break up. Kim Jisoo is super shy and socially anxious; an introvert in despera...
Alone | Jensoo by jnsconverts
Alone | Jensooby jensoo converts
Jisoo gains herself a new neighbour.
Unexpectedly (Jennie x Jisoo Blackpink, Jensoo) by inoubliablegr
Unexpectedly (Jennie x Jisoo 그레이스
Jensoo (Jennie X Jisoo Blackpink) ✔️ Bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩 Warning ⚠️ GxG, 18+ "i think you are my serendipity. i wasn't even looking for you and i wasn't even expe...
ADVENTURES OF BLACKPINK HOUSE | Jensoo & Chaelisa  by Adeptarmy11
The girls in Blackpink House. What happens when the cameras are off. Just for fun. No serious plot. [Jensoo & Chaelisa]
One-shots (Jensoo)  by Ppoongg
One-shots (Jensoo) by ;
A single stand-alone stories, or some multi-shots. Maybe angst? Maybe fluff? But surely is full of jensoo!
Falling for You | Jensoo (Badass AU) by Adeptarmy11
Falling for You | Jensoo (Badass L. Seng
The classic story in which the good girl falls for the Bad ass. Jensoo with Bits of Chaelisa. [TopJennie]
The Old and The New by ysjsyaas
The Old and The Newby chichooyoong
When you lost the old; you gain something new. JENSOO x CHAELISA LISOO x CHAENNIE ...
Mondays (Jensoo Convert) by Jensooslaves
Mondays (Jensoo Convert)by Jenchurros
"You smiled to me and I thought: Damn, I'm fucking in love with you" When you hate Mondays but there is a black haired girl to make them better (a converted je...
Jisoo and Jennie were divorced 5 years ago,until they met again in a wedding of a mutual friends.Getting drunk and sleeping together one more time would change their liv...
Miss J | Jensoo by JessLamb
Miss J | Jensooby JessLamb
Jisoo is a heartthrob, the high-profile transfer student who meets Jennie the dance captain in law school. One is a careless flirt, while the other a level-headed pragma...
Drunk On You Pt.2 | Jensoo by Adeptarmy11
Drunk On You Pt.2 | Jensooby L. Seng
This is the sequel to Drunk On You-Jensoo! It's a book about Jennie and Jisoo as a new family as they go through life balancing friends, work, and their new addition(s).
Outline of You | Jensoo by JessLamb
Outline of You | Jensooby JessLamb
An up-and-coming architect Kim Jisoo stumbles upon a high-flying CEO Jennie Kim sobbing alone in heartbreak. This fateful night brings them together on a project to remo...
Artist Love Better | Jensoo by jenchuukim
Artist Love Better | Jensooby ‎
Jisoo is an artist and Jennie, a photographer. After a not so friendly first encounter, they find themselves intrigued with each other. A timid friendship starts to grow...
Arrowed [JENSOO] by ajakim95
Arrowed [JENSOO]by ajakim95
Kim Jisoo the who's in love with his best friend but unfortunately that best friend is in love with someone else. But the god of love suddenly appears and offer to help...
Stop Making Eyes At Me | JENSOO by jensoosubunit
Stop Making Eyes At Me | JENSOOby jensoosubunit
Stop Making Eyes At Me (But I Don't Really Want You To) A JENSOO ENEMIES TO LOVERS SOFTBALL AU This is a Converted Fic All credits go to the original author Originall...
Jensoo | Love at first sight by chickinflvr
Jensoo | Love at first sightby Chicken?!
Jennie is your basic intimidating person. Jisoo is just a girl trying to get by through her depression and self harm. This is my first Jensoo book and it is very rough S...
I Hate Everything About You || Jensoo by xxclosed1316xx
I Hate Everything About You || [D]
Jennie and Jisoo have been married for ten years...things aren't going that put it mildly - Jensoo converted Original story by ©betterlIeftbIank