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Protecting Queen Elsa by SamanthaChicoine
Protecting Queen Elsaby Samantha Chicoine
Jack Frost, the one that no one could see, has been reassigned to protect Queen Elsa from harm. But can Jack keep his feelings at bay for the Queen when the time comes t...
Girls Like You by KittyKat060412
Girls Like Youby Kitty Kat
Elsa Moon is known as the Ice Queen since she moved go Japan a year ago. But really it's just an act to help out with her family and to keep her heart safe. She also wor...
Jelsa: Love will bring us back by baemax123
Jelsa: Love will bring us backby mino
Elsa Menzel, Was a huge succesful actress. Many people loved her for being such a kind, caring and pretty woman. Jackson Pine, Was also a huge succesful actor. People lo...
NCIS: Arendale by inactive_jelsa
NCIS: Arendaleby Brit
Elsa Arens, is the queen of Arendale. But no one knows what she looks like, or what her real name is. One day she decides to join the NCIS team undercover. To solve case...
Somebody To You (A Jelsa Story) by KittyKat060412
Somebody To You (A Jelsa Story)by Kitty Kat
Welcome to another Jelsa Story! When Elsa and Anna move into their new home with their Aunt and Uncle after their parent die, Elsa thinks that it might be a good start...
When Doves Cry (Jelsa Story) by KittyKat060412
When Doves Cry (Jelsa Story)by Kitty Kat
Two Kingdoms, alike in dignity. From an ancient grudge break the kingdoms apart. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. Where we meet a pair of star-crossed lovers...
Sleepy Hollow (Jelsa)  by KittyKat060412
Sleepy Hollow (Jelsa) by Kitty Kat
"My plan? My plan is when I call you, you will come. You will become my rider. You are cursed for all eternity to haunt down the one person you love." Jack Ri...
Frost and Snow by KittyKat060412
Frost and Snowby Kitty Kat
The first thing Jack remembers is Master Pitch, the man who saved him and gave him his frost powers. He served Master Pitch for years till the day come when Master Pitch...
Heart of Stone (Jelsa) by KittyKat060412
Heart of Stone (Jelsa)by Kitty Kat
Elsa Hart is a waitress with a secret, her father is a billionaire who would do anything to keep his daughter safe no matter what. Jack Frost is a bodyguard whose only...
Frozen Hearts by KittyKat060412
Frozen Heartsby Kitty Kat
A Jelsa fanfic with a different twist. For years Jack Frost has been immortal cursed to live his life everyday the same way, till he meets Elsa. Elsa has lived her life...
Amnesia (Jelsa Fanfic Story) by KittyKat060412
Amnesia (Jelsa Fanfic Story)by Kitty Kat
After waking up after a car crash and not remember anything from her past, only to learn that her name is Elsa Summer. Elsa starts to have strange dreams, terrifying nig...
Love will thaw a frozen heart by xXxjelsaxXx
Love will thaw a frozen heartby xXxjelsaxXx
This is a jelsa story, nothing but jelsa, it involves the big five however. <3 my Instagram account is x.jelsa.x
"POST IT GIRL" by ItsBaterr
"POST IT GIRL"by Baterr
Adopted from the story of: Fated to Love you. In our generation some people fall in the word 'DESTINY' this story will teaches you what is destiny is. Let's see the jour...
The Big Six in High School by JellyMuffinPancake
The Big Six in High Schoolby Jaaayyyy✌️
Anna has a huge secret she if keeping from Elsa. When Elsa finds out, will it end their relationship? When Elsa has to go away from her home in Arendelle, with her siste...
Crossed Paths by jelsa-cruiseship
Crossed Pathsby plus ultra bitch
Elsa and Jack are in a special school for gifted kids. Elsa is the popular girl in school because her powers are great. Jack is in the rebel school ... because he doesn'...
Meet Me in the Moonlight by TheSirenAuthor
Meet Me in the Moonlightby Esmeralda Siren
Jackson Overland Frost has been a dear friend of Elsa since childhood. But one day she stopped coming out of the castle to see him. Why? Years pass by and once Jackson g...
There's Just Something About You|| Jelsa FanFiction by AuthorOfAmazingBooks
There's Just Something About You|| AuthorOfAmazingBooks
Elsa waits lonely and nervous on her balcony in her gown and mask for her masquerade ball. At the ball she meets a special someone who also happens to be her cousins boy...
Unbelievable ~ A Rise of The Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons story by Snowflake43
Unbelievable ~ A Rise of The The Big Six
There were once eight teenagers who went to college. A special college. For special people. They will make a pact to stick together no matter what the circumstances. The...