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Unmask Me || Mystogan x Reader by FanfictionXR
Unmask Me || Mystogan x Readerby Jeanne
Being the daughter of one of the Ten Wizards Saints means you've been training your whole life. After turning eighteen-years-old, your father allows you to start your ow...
The Ring Master | Jellal Fernandes [1] ON HOLD by sparksofsage
The Ring Master | Jellal 𝑆𝐴𝐺𝐸
"Where there is anger, pain is always underneath." [Jellal x OC] [Fairy Tail series] [Based on the anime] Highest Ranking: #16 in Fairy Tail #1 in Jellal Fern...
OUR FUTURE CHILDREN?!?! by RoyalTKingdom223
OUR FUTURE CHILDREN?!?!by ✵☾tay ☾✵
It was a ordinary day in the Fairy Tail guild, until the middle of the guild is filled with purple smoke. Once the smoke disappears children appear in the middle of the...
Symphony by chi-sse
Symphonyby faith
(Y/n) Fernandes, a notable figure in the infamous Fairy Tail guild, who has the title of the Songstress of Fairy Tail. She is gifted and talented in the art of music com...
Fairy Tail Boyfriend Scenarios  by taeranno
Fairy Tail Boyfriend Scenarios by dia
× just some scenarios
Worthy of Love (Sting Eucliffe x Reader) by AverageOtakuTrainee
Worthy of Love (Sting Eucliffe x Alex
«Sting x F!Reader» Your twin brother was the youngest of the Ten Wizard Saints and the Magic Council before he was expelled and arrested for criminal behavior, so you we...
until i reach your star | natsu x reader by SABERT00TH
until i reach your star | natsu s
"Wait for me, until I find my way to you. So our stars won't ever miss each other again. Wait just a little, until I reach your star." Y/n Fernandes is the...
Magic Of The Stars by Mrs_Dragneel1203
Magic Of The Starsby Hime-sama
Lucy feels that she's weak because she lost both her battles in the Grand Magic Games and allowed her future self to die. She feels even worse when Natsu doesn't let her...
louder | natsu x reader by SABERT00TH
louder | natsu x readerby s
y/n is the ice dragon slayer of fairy tail. natsu is the fire dragon slayer of fairy tail. before sting and rogue rose to fame, y/n and natsu were known as the original...
Strength Thy Name Is Power by Victoria_Nightshade
Strength Thy Name Is Powerby V. N
Lucy is wrecked after Tartaros. Utterly and truly wrecked. She's drowing with no one to save her. Especially since Fairy Tail no longer remembers how the war truely ende...
Scarlet-sama🥀•Boruto and Fairy Tail crossover by Royal_WongKunhang
Scarlet-sama🥀•Boruto and Fairy Moonchild🌙
After the news of Boruto's death, and Code's attack on the village, Mitsuki offers Sarada to train together with him with his parent so they can get stronger. And after...
Half a Heart Without You  - Gruvia by FroCheney
Half a Heart Without You - Gruviaby Fro♡
Gray leaves on a job to the Phoenix Mountains with Team Natsu leaving Juvia behind with nothing to do at the guild but wait for his return. Mirajane encourages Juvia to...
When Worlds Collide  by BlueBelle16
When Worlds Collide by BlueBelle16
In a time of war... A street urchin and a princess feel trapped. A prince and a mermaid feel alone. A woman must fight for peace. And a girl must take her rightful pl...
The Firefly Effect |  jerza by TheFairyHunter
The Firefly Effect | jerzaby ten
❝You'll never understand until it happens to you.❞ college au | fairy tail | jerza @ANIME FEATURED STORY
Sailing Ships (Nalu Fanfic) by posh_sea_goat
Sailing Ships (Nalu Fanfic)by Jei (they/them)
After completing the 100-year quest, Natsu and the others return to Magnolia. They are greeted by the cheerful welcomes of citizens, and a huge party waiting for them at...
The Tale of Tales by Fantasyandromance516
The Tale of Talesby Fantasyandromance516
Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm. But no one knows the true story behind the three maidens and if you...
Fairy Tail Boyfriend scenarios by KitKatSnowFox
Fairy Tail Boyfriend scenariosby kitkatsnowfox
Just a few boyfriend scenarios, and later on I'll up a request board for oneshots. You can request scenarios once I get the hang of this. This is my first book, so pleas...
Fairy Tail X Reader One Shots (smut/lemon) by MaeWolfie
Fairy Tail X Reader One Shots ( Maeve Wolf
I am taking requests!!! These are oneshots featuring your favorite fairy tail characters and yourself that are lemon/smut. WARNING: Incase you don't know what a lemon is...
𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘𝚡𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 | 𝙵𝚊𝚒𝚛𝚢 𝚃𝚊𝚒𝚕 - 𝙶𝚛𝚞𝚟𝚒𝚊 by Lily_May2105
𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘𝚡𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 | Lily Blossom
Juvia Lockser is the Princess of Aquatia, who is soon to become Queen. Gray Fullbuster, the Ice Demon Prince, is known and feared throughout Ishgar. One day Tarturus inv...
The children of evil  by SunshineCj9
The children of evil by SunshineCj9
This story is going to change the entire story of fairy tail that we all know. It's going to be my take of fairy tail.