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Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
Levi is determined to find a mermaid who can heal his leg, as mermaid's tears are rumored to heal any wound. When Eren gets captured by Levi and his crew, he refuses to...
Love Me or Leave Me [Ereri/Riren AU] by iStygianEmpress
Love Me or Leave Me [Ereri/Riren Levi Yeager
Levi Ackerman fell in love with a certain turquoise-eyed brunet since the first time he laid his eyes. For a year, he's just loving him from afar. But one day, this brun...
The Encounter (ErenxLevi) by Cherrychiptek
The Encounter (ErenxLevi)by Cherrychiptek
Eren has been requested to deliver documents to his Captain, Levi. Upon entering his room, his eyes are met by his partly unbuttoned shirt, exposing his muscular chest. ...
Eren x Levi  Nightmares  {ATTACK ON TITAN} (COMPLETE) by Grungy420Hippie
Eren x Levi Nightmares {ATTACK Melody
Eren x Levi . Eren finds himself awake late at night, he runs into Levi's room to find comfort. After that one night, it had changed what the two think of eachother. Af...
Ereri Oneshots  by Wolkun
Ereri Oneshots by Wolkun
Similar to my other book but for one shots.
Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction) by aspecialdeath
Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// aspecialdeath
Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibl...
I Finally Caught You (OmegaVerse: Alpha Levi x Omega Eren) (COMPLETED)  by x_omegalevi
I Finally Caught You ( Kore 🌸
OmegaVerse AU! Prince Levi x Servant Eren. Levi Ackerman one of the strongest and most adored in his kingdom. His Uncle declares that Levi needs to find a mate, so they...
Suicidal Thoughts | Ereri/ Riren|Depressed!Eren x Teacher!Levi by Demmola123
Suicidal Thoughts | Ereri/ Riren| I’m trash :D
Eren Jaeger lost his mother since he was 5. Ever since that day, Eren's father, Grisha Jaeger, has been abusing him. He lost everyone. His mother, his best friend, and h...
Let Me In (Au) - An Ereri Story by tiffleigh94
Let Me In (Au) - An Ereri Storyby Tiffany-Leigh
Modern day AU. Eren Jaeger is fresh out of school and is looking for a job to keep him on his feet until he goes to college. Levi Ackerman is a CEO of a modeling agency...
I Need You... [Eren X Levi] by crxshed_
I Need You... [Eren X Levi]by Stephan BH
⚠TRIGGER WARNING⚠ 🔞CONTAINS 18+ CONTENT🔞 ❕BOY X BOY (ERENXLEVI)❕ Eren Jaeger has been going through some tough times lately. After a rough night, he gets the once in a...
Riren/Ereri One Shots! by Fandomz_Are_Life
Riren/Ereri One Shots!by Ace
Angst and fluff! Sadly I didn't get the time to write smut. I apologize. (This book is discontinued. I still will be keeping it up..) Thank you for reading!
A Second Glance by zerozaki_Zen
A Second Glanceby zerozaki_Zen
After refusing his father to work on the same hospital in the city, Eren chosen his own path as he set his foot on the train's platform. And that path leads him in the m...
(ERERI/COMPLETED) Levi bullies Eren every day, but it's not because he hates him. It's a little deeper than that. *Some mature language*
Sugar On Top//ERENxLEVI [smut] by welpx4
Sugar On Top//ERENxLEVI [smut]by K
[SUGAR DADDY!LEVI] - Eren was poor, let's just leave it at that. He really had nothing and no one except Mikasa and Armin to get him through his rough patches. Levi, on...
Knowing Him by UhHiThere
Knowing Himby Oh.
Levi's life was normal. He went to school, went home, cleaned, then went to sleep. Until one day, he decides to stop by a certain coffee shop on the way home. A myster...
Why? (Our Child 2) ||COMPLETED|| by Mango_Corgi
Why? (Our Child 2) ||COMPLETED||by Mango_Corgi
Note: this is the a continuing part of 'Our Child' Eren thought everything was fine, a newborn son, and a loving husband. But nothing can last forever.... "Momma?&q...
levi x eren ~ smut and fluff by Lil_Victoria4545
levi x eren ~ smut and fluffby Lil_Victoria4545
just a bunch of Levi x eren fluff and smut books. cover for book not mine
Same, but Different by Recycled_Ereri
Same, but Differentby Recycled Ereri
-Same- Two single fathers in their twenties both had a child with their childhood sweetheart and thought their happy endings had finally come... -But- They were wrong. T...
Levi x Eren Oneshots (Ereri/Riren) by koramisu
Levi x Eren Oneshots (Ereri/Riren)by Lucy H.
Just a group of Levi x Eren Oneshots Most will be smut, but I may throw in a few fluffy and angst here and their