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Falling With the Rain by LittleOwl137
Falling With the Rainby LittleOwl
What would happen when an especially wise and gifted she-cat were alive and part of ThunderClan when the kittypet Rusty joined and eventually became Firestar? This Warri...
My Little Fang [Jayfeather x Reader] [DISCONTINUED] by AestheticCats
My Little Fang [Jayfeather x Reade...by ✧✦✧
Fear prickled every hair on [Y/W/N]'s pelt as she stared helplessly at her friend, Willowfang, and she shivered when the cool midnight breeze brushed against her. The cr...
The Mountins (Jayfeather/Half Moon) by NerdyScarlett1120
The Mountins (Jayfeather/Half Moon)by Scarlett Blade
This story takes place in power of three and Omen of the Stars, when their in the mountains, it follows the storyline, but the cats do different stuff. Halfmoon is Broo...
A Fallen Blossom (A Jayfeather x OC Story) by TOTALLY_NOT_H3ATH3R
A Fallen Blossom (A Jayfeather x O...by ↳ HΞΛТHΞЯ・❥・: ̗̀➛
In the heart of the forest, a mysterious cat named Blossom wields ancient powers and harbors a dark secret that will transform the fate of the clans forever. Embrace the...
Dawnpelt's Anger by lionblaze
Dawnpelt's Angerby Lionblaze
Jayfeather is surprised to find that Dawnpelt is still angry at him for Flametail's death. Dawnpelt tries her best to get revenge on Jayfeather, after he accidentally &q...
Jayfeather X Half Moon (Meet me at dawn)  by Kit_KatGamer
Jayfeather X Half Moon (Meet me at...by AestheticSky
(WARNING: Pg-13 rated. Some parts are not available to a regular viewing audience) Based on a true story and rp
Confusing Twists | A Warrior Cats AU  by lThelightshadowl
Confusing Twists | A Warrior Cats...by Lilli
Hollyleaf fails to kill Ashfur, she didn't claw deep enough and Brambleclaw drags Ashfur out of the stream. She reveals what Leafpool and Squirrelflight did. However bec...
Dreamcatcher - A Warrior Cat Fan Fic (Hawkfrost x Ivypool) by NatBadBear1289
Dreamcatcher - A Warrior Cat Fan F...by Nat :)
'The poison is still in your system. It's waiting for the right time. It's just waiting to reach your heart and destroy everything...' After the Great Battle, most cats...
50 Ways to get Kicked out of Jayfeather's Den by Brambleclaw4Ever
50 Ways to get Kicked out of Jayfe...by Bramble
Ambivalence • Jayfeather X Reader • by xxBubbleyTea
Ambivalence • Jayfeather X Reader •by 𝙽𝚒𝚔𝚒
After living her life as a loner, [Y/L/N] isnt fast enough for the dart of a twoleg. Will she be fast enough to keep up with what's ahead of her? Her journey has only be...
Warrior cats memes  by jocelynwalker259
Warrior cats memes by Hello :)
I've seen plenty of meme books on wattpad in the past but I'm bored so I'm making this. Also NONE of the art is mine ,I give credit to the original artists. Anyways enjo...
It's wrong, but she is mine!   (Jayfeather X Female Reader) by SAVAGE_GirlFrags
It's wrong, but she is mine! (Ja...by Warrior_Frags
A fanfiction about a love between you and Jayfeather. I will be trying to follow as much of the original story by Erin Hunter as much as I can, but this is my first sto...
Warrior Cat Randomness by Swiftdapple
Warrior Cat Randomnessby ★.-~ Swift/Swiftdapple ~-. ★
WARNING: This book contains too much laughter (and a rare case of Tigerstar appearing, going crazy and demanding cheese burgers from Burger King o.o) that it's been appr...
Leafpool's Choice by Hollyfeather7528
Leafpool's Choiceby Sam
Highest ranking: Number 4 in #warriorcats Also: #1 in Hollyleaf #1 in Ashfur #2 in Sandstorm #1 in medicinecat #1 in Jayfeather #1 in Squirrelflight #1 in crowfeather W...
The Life And Adventures of Ivyshadow by December_Jones
The Life And Adventures of Ivyshad...by December
COMPLETED Ivykit, the daughter of a traitor and adopted by her cruel aunt, is determined to prove herself. Follow her as she grows from Ivykit to Ivypaw to Ivyshadow and...
Two halves of a whole (Jay x Briar AU) by Mothpoolfan
Two halves of a whole (Jay x Briar...by Layla Evans
Not gonna do a prologue! Check out my other stories! I luv Jay x Briar!
Warrior cats x reader by ohwahwah
Warrior cats x readerby Enjoyer
✨🖤🤍💜✨ It's just one shots with the cats from warriors. I don't own any of the characters. ✨🖤🤍💜✨
The Five Giants - Book 1 by Maple175
The Five Giants - Book 1by MapleLeafe
Generations upon generations after the time of Firestar, a new darkness arises. Well, not exactly. Maple, Heron, Stone, Swift, and Flame are 5 ancient cats, born with on...
Jayfeather & Half Moon/Briarlight by Jayhow
Jayfeather & Half Moon/Briarlightby Jayhow
Jayfeather used to think of Half Moon as his only love... And then he begin to realise, was there someone else? Jayfeather has to choose. Half Moon... Or Briarlight? ~ C...