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Green Lightning God: Midori Raiko by NonEuclideanHuman
Green Lightning God: Midori Raikoby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku has a quirk. Green Lightning. I do not own the characters, or My (Boku No) Hero Academia. Word count: 168,351 IF THIS IS NOT ON WATTPAD, THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL S...
Izuku in gravity falls by Tip-top5
Izuku in gravity fallsby
during one of izuku's battles, izuku is accidentally teleported to a different dimension, how will izuku get back home, while he get back home? find outs in this story...
A Powerful Silence by NonEuclideanHuman
A Powerful Silenceby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku Midoriya; the ninth wielder of One For All. Rather was the ninth wielder, before Nezu makes an 'educated guess' of the U.A traitor. The unfortunate result; Midoriy...
Death is coming  by bluefast13
Death is coming by bluefast13
In this Izuku is betrayed by everyone he ever knew and want revenge he has no special ability or ever he will use his own strength and tech to destroy the hero system
The Infamous hero by Mercury_Sol
The Infamous heroby MERCURY SOL
what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. con...
Symbol of Justice - Titan Bond by Largehfanfic
Symbol of Justice - Titan Bondby Largeh
"Izuku Midoriya" "Quirk: Titan Bond" "Calls upon the help of the Titan BT-7274, along with displaying great physical strength due to changes in...
izuku :the king of dragons and successor to the legends by PokemomMaster
izuku :the king of dragons and suc...by Pokemom Master
Izuku Midoriya the once belived traitor to UA high but what if they found out he died while being taken to prison and he fell into a gap between space and time now join...
Izuku uchiha: being remade by Theicemage500
Izuku uchiha: being remadeby Theicemage500
After getting beaten for the first time izuku unlocks the first tomoe sharingan. it matures throughout his life and keeps it a secret. (izuku learned that quirks devolve...
SECRET by SaitamaHeroforfun
SECRETby Saitama - Hero for fun
All of 1A lives in a normal world and they go to normal highschool. In this highschool There is a Girl is who is the most popular girl in school and there is one green h...
Broken minds and shattered hearts by GuiseppeYigoCalunod
Broken minds and shattered heartsby The_deadly_foxy89
Izuku is in ua and everybody in 1a hates him that includes the big 3 and nejire and also allmight aizawa midnight mtlady and one night all teachers all students and all...
A Promise to Keep { Izuku x Nejire } by GlorySanthosh
A Promise to Keep { Izuku x Nejire...by CopyPasteFanfic#27
What if, when Katsuki fell on the river, he and his group of 'friends' left Izuku behind? What if, when trying to find the group, Izuku found someone else and made a pro...
Izuku the blacksmith/support hero by Theicemage500
Izuku the blacksmith/support heroby Theicemage500
izuku's quirk allows him to enhance weapons he creates with an element. but it is stronger if he uses it. he was bullied because it was thought of as a weak quirk only b...
MHA: Forsaken (DISCONTINUED) by SaishoReads
MHA: Forsaken (DISCONTINUED)by Sonya
During the Bakugo rescue, what if the rest of 1A went to stop them, by force? This is the story of how that would go down.
The Big Book Of Stories(All Stories Inside Up For Adoption) by Alexander_Halsen
The Big Book Of Stories(All Storie...by Alexander Halsen
It is how I will release new stories and continue my other ones.
Izuku: The fist of Khonshu by AvenLostaunau
Izuku: The fist of Khonshuby Aven Lostaunau
Hisashi Midoriya is dead but his son with DID is the Avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu. Hisashi also had split personalities. But what will happen when evil strikes.
Predict Everything:Emperor Eye by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Predict Everything:Emperor Eyeby FDWCOLLADO
Been bullied and neglected for so long he forgot what when it all started the last thing he remembers was his childhoodfriend gave him advise to kill himself in that mom...
The Lucky Hero: Snake Eyes by SpringTrap212332
The Lucky Hero: Snake Eyesby SpringTrap
Izuku was born with a Quirk he never noticed and was never discovered due to how odd it is. He can manipulate the Luck of everyone around him between 0-100.