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Young Justice: Nomad by TheCayde
Young Justice: Nomadby TheCayde
Follow the lives of teenage superheroes and sidekicks, namely Red Robin, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis, who are members of a fictional c...
Robin(Dick Grayson) one-shots by Simp_anime_Simp
Robin(Dick Grayson) one-shotsby HexDoll
Reverse! BatBrothers Robin x Red X TeenTitans(03)! Robin Young Justice! Robin Might add something more ! NEW ! Court of Owls! Dick Grayson Robin cantric One shots
Teen Titans One-Shots by sargasso8
Teen Titans One-Shotsby Maraja Sargasso
Short stories about everyone's favorite Jump City heroes. Enjoy reading and don't forget to comment! {Note: This will probably be a Robin-centric book, but I am always...
The Teen with forgotten memories by Order666666
The Teen with forgotten memoriesby Order666666
Collins chase is a teen/guy moving back to his childhood home Townsville with his elder brother and younger sister, but on certain conditions left him have a sever case...
Reader x Teen Titans by Layarlia
Reader x Teen Titansby Layarlia
A young girl is caught between her own mind and reality. Having constantly felt the need to be alone and prevent anyone getting close, she keeps finding herself caught i...
Sick Cycle Carousel by RobStar101
Sick Cycle Carouselby Kori Grayson + Richard Grayson
Their first year of high school was great, and they can't wait to start the new year. The kids of Jump City are going to learn high school isn't always easy. Can they de...
Robin or Red-X? (Teen Titans/Young Justice) by SakuraHimekoHonda
Robin or Red-X? (Teen Titans/ ZeAwsumRik
Robin sacrificied himself to save everyone, but now he is stuck in a different dimension, where another Robin already exist, Robin changes his identity to Red X.
Robins True Allegiance 3 by onlyloveisloyal
Robins True Allegiance 3by Onlyloveisloyal
With Robin's secret not such a secret anymore things become complicated when Slade returns with Raven as his target. And now that one of the teams toughest battles loom...
A raex story by goodiegirl0911
A raex storyby goodiegirl0911
When the Titans think they finally know who Red X is, they send Raven to go undercover to spy on him. But what happens when a surprising romance comes between Raven and...
Luck's Run Out by _lenaxan_
Luck's Run Outby sapphire
Lucky, no last name, no middle name, just Lucky. She's a student of Jump High, in the city, Jump City, neighbour to the notorious Central and Gotham City where all the v...
A raex story 2 by goodiegirl0911
A raex story 2by goodiegirl0911
After a couple of years of running away red x and raven finally went back over to jump city. When the titans finally see raven they seen that she has change a lot. Not o...
Heathens by gotthatbrainrot
Heathensby gotthatbrainrot
After discovering the existence of the Justice League's team of youngsters, the Light decides to respond making their own team of youngsters to combat t...
Evil Angel by razors98
Evil Angelby razors98
Let's see how Blackfire's journey unfolds.
The Star that brightens up the Night by DramaticPoetic
The Star that brightens up the Dying Star
A amazing love story of the man of night (Robin). The Star of the sky (Starfire). The story that the two lovers find out what it takes to be together. As an evil fo...
Young Justice - X Crisis by Ai-Tea
Young Justice - X Crisisby Ai-Tea
Deathstroke summon another Robin from another universe(Teen Titans), brainwashing Robin to work under him. He goes with a name Red X, dealing with Justice League members...
Teen Titans by abbymote
Teen Titansby abbymote
First in series!
The New Suicide Squad by Vanossfan10
The New Suicide Squadby Vanossfan10
Four years since the defeat of Starro and the Suicide Squad destroying The Jotunheim Research Laboratory facility. Amanda Waller has been tasked with preventing a world...
Naruto Son of a Thief  by Doggo-chan-14
Naruto Son of a Thief by ✨Currently Inactive✨
I adopted this from @PinkiePieParty122894 I did not write the first three chapters. Only ones after that.I do not own the cover, nor do I own teen titans or Naruto. In...
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar) by __CardiB__
Kidnapped (Bbrae,Robstar)by
In a battle with A pack of Villains Raven gets kidnapped 3 days later Star tries to go and find her but she gets kidnapped herself but they kidnapped by 3 Villains Red X...
Dancing in the Moonlight (Teen Titans & Httyd Crossover by ZzSkywindZz
Dancing in the Moonlight (Teen DragonRider04
A girl has arrived in a different world, where heroes save the day, and villains causing mayhem for the people. When she is discovered by the Teen Titans, Leora is hunte...