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That Support Course Kid by PlzLetMeRst
That Support Course Kidby PlzLetMeRst
"Name?" asked the Author "Izuku Midoriya." "Age?" the voice asked again. "Fourteen." "What is your occupation?" "I...
Acaso tu me Conoces??? by AronNora6
Acaso tu me Conoces???by Aron Nora
Izuku x Mei hatsume . Esta es no es una Sinopsis , entren a che-car :3- ..
Mei x Izuku: Experiment by goldenjackson
Mei x Izuku: Experimentby GoldenBlue1412
Mei hatsume x Izuku Midoriya: Experiment is another tale of love with our two favourite characters. Watch as Izuku repays his favours to hatsume in interesting ways by b...
A Book Of Mine That I Didn't Try On  by Apex_dragon08
A Book Of Mine That I Didn't Try O...by Death_dragon08
Izuku and class 1a girls and hatsume are teleported through a portal to another planet and hatsume changed their genes to have mates......all the girls were supposed to...
Izuku, the Mercenary by DevilFunTime
Izuku, the Mercenaryby DevilFunTime
Izuku is born with a quirk that gives him the knowledge, power, speed, abilities, weapons and defence needed to beat whatever enemy he's paid to defeat.
My Mechanical Romance (Izuku Midoriya X Mei Hatsume Fanfic) by TravisBroski
My Mechanical Romance (Izuku Midor...by Travis Broski
This is a one-shot of Izuku X Hatsume. Izuku had time off after the Sports Festival ended, when suddenly he received an unknown text that wanted to meet him someplace, h...
What Could Go Wrong (Deku X Hatsume) by KK_Groover
What Could Go Wrong (Deku X Hatsum...by Kyota Katana
Right before Mei Hatsume is done doing field tests with Izuku Midoriya, she drags him back into the workshop for just one more invention test run. Unlike any of her othe...
Izuku Tempest: The Story by 1jhonyx
Izuku Tempest: The Storyby 1jhonyx
This is the story of Izuku Tempest. The boy who went from quirkless to overseer of the universe. This is the story of how some quirkless garbage showed how even though h...
Heroic Romance (Izuku x Hatsume) by ShonenDump
Heroic Romance (Izuku x Hatsume)by ShonenDump
As the title states, this is a fanficion on Izuku and Hatsume. Now go read it NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME. ALL CREDIT IS GIVEN TO THE AUTHOR OF THE MANGA &quo...